Agony of Chioma Episode 41


it was getting dark but Jake wasn’t back to the hostel. It was very unlike him, Paulo was getting worried but on remembering Nana he relaxed a bit

“is Jake still with Nana up to this time, doesn’t he know he has a lot to cover tonight” Paulo thought looking at the wall clock in their room which read fifteen minutes past nine pm .

He took his phone and dialed Jakes phone which was ringing without picking. He attempted for ten more times before giving up.

The room attendance walked to room 025 to inform the user that her three hours duration had exhausted long ago probably she should renew it or evacuate the room. She knocked on the door rhythmically for over five minutes without getting a response so she decided to open the door gently but unfortunately she got the disgust of her life

“Jesus Christ!!!!!!! arhhhhhhh arhhhhhhh” she screamed before running out of the room

Oma the young room attendance ran straight to the managers office, panting seriously.

“have you lost your mind, how dare you barge into my office without knocking,?””

“am sorry manager, I just saw something awful in room 025” she said panting

“yes what is it??? Because am about going home”

“blood everywhere and scattered body part”

“what? In this hotel let’s get going” the manager said as he and Oma left the office heading to room025.

The manager opened the door and met what he never expected

“holy s–t” he gasped

Meanwhile the scream Oma did earlier had already started attracting people around coupled with what the manager said.

“everyone stay clear, we have to involve the police in this, Oma lock up this room” the manager instructed leaving the premises

In no time police surrounded the whole premises of the hotel, they got to room 025 and chased everyone around there away..

“oh my God this is a serious suicide case, they all killed themselves” inspector wole said making some calls

“this is a female and her head was blown up” segun one of the inspector boys said

“boys take out this bodies to our van we are going straight to the police mortuary where they will be kept before we start carrying out our investigations by tomorrow morning”

“yes sir” chinedu shuned before moving with his fellow officers to carry the bodies.

They carried Anita first, while the remaining two body carried Jake. The boys returned with a polythene cover which they used to wrap Anita and carried her downstairs where their van was kept. They dropped Anita in the van as everyone around the hotel was looking, feeling pity for the young teenagers who just wasted their life . Officer segun was about to lock up the van when Jake jerked spilling out blood from his mouth…

“Ahh oga e be like say one still dey alive oo” he said in amazement shining his torchlight properly

On hearing that everyone was amazed, the other police officer jumped down from the van and headed for the back of the van where they saw Jake hand moving..

“yes he is still alive”

“get a cab and take him to the hospital” someone said from the people who were watching the scene.

The inspector made another call and in less than 12 minutes, another police van arrived which took Jake and rushed him to the hospital….

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Jake was rushed into the emergency ward and was attended to immediately since it was a viral police case. He was examined and was sent to scan after which they discovered that a bullet was stacked in his pulmonary artery and he needed to be Operated in order to save his life since his death was near. They prepared Jake and took him to the theatre where the surgery started.

Exactly 11:46pm the operation was over and was partially successful while he was taken to another ward…..

Paulo on the other hand had forgotten about Jake since he wasn’t picking his phone after several attempts. He also called Nana who said she hasn’t seen Jake throughout that day…

“maybe he is into his games again” Paulo said switching off his reading lamp and laid on the bed

I opened my eyes slowing with lots of noise around me, and saw my self lying in a hospital bed. I tried moving my right hand but it was cuffed to the hospital bed.

I tried lifting myself up “arhhhhhhh” I felt pain along my chest cavity. “Oh where am i” I thought raising my shirt with my left hand where I saw a plastered portion along my upper abdomen.

The door of the room opened while some medical attendance came in with some police officers

“oh he is awake now” a man on white coat said

“good morning young man how are you doing” a police officer asked

“what am I doing here arhhhhhhh” Jake groaned “why am I tied up, am not a criminal” he said faintly lying back to the bed”

“well young man you need to relax and talk to us, doctor has he eaten anything”

“oh no, I don’t think he should eat now, cmon have you belch or passed gas” the doctor asked jake

“no, am kinda hungry may I get some food”

“you can’t eat now, your body system is not yet in order”

“what’s your name?” an officer asked


“Now Jake can you remember what happened last night??”

“happened last night? Oh oh where is Jane, when is Jane?? Where is Anita am going to kill her” Jake said in anger but the pain from his cut calmed him immediately

“easy Jake who is Jane and Anita” the inspector asked

“remove the cuff , am not a criminal” Jake ordered

“fine remove it” the inspector ordered as it was carried out Immediately.

“OK Jake you will be freed, just tell us who is Jane and Anita”

“Jane is my girlfriend but her sister Anita won’t let us be as she kept disturbing me. On that fateful day Jane invited me to that hotel for us to stay together since she was traveling to Lagos the next day which was today. We were playing when a knock came in and the person said she was a room attendance but it was a lie it was Anita Jane senior sister. She said some words before shooting her sister then me and I probably don’t know what happened to her but she mentioned we will all die. The mystery here is I don’t know how she knew we were in that hotel and she came prepared ”

The inspector looked at the other senior police officer

“just a confirmation of the call decoded serially from his phone”

“what do you mean by that???” Jake asked looking surprised “oh where is my phone?”

“we took your phone last night for some critical investigations where we discovered that your calls with the so called Jane were all tracked by an unknown person which with what you said coupled with our investigations should be Anita her sister”

“s–t she tracked the call??… Pls where is Jane, I really need to see her” Jake instructed

“calm Jake… Forget about them now and let’s face the present”

“Ohhhh don’t tell me it’s what am thinking, where is jane” he said in a low tune

“(sighed) we lost the both sisters”” the office said

“oh oh no oh no Jane why????? Why?????” Jake cried out while he was been consoled…..

For the rest of the day Jake was unstable and was in a state of mental difficulties. The news got to his school and to his room mate Paulo and also his brother Emeka. They all came to the hospital to see Jake including some of his friends but Jake cared less. His condition worsened day by day, his parents had to come down to enugu to see their child.

According to the doctors Jakes needs to be under medical controls for some weeks for him to get back to his normal self.

We just pray that nothing bad happens to Jake …….

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To be continued……..