Agony of Chioma Episode 40


“Jake Whatsup do you know him??” Nana asked curiously

“wow ashrah budambi is one of my dad’s business partners”

“are you serious, what’s the name of your dads company”

“EK madu’s building materials company”

“oh my God you are the son of chief madu”

“exactly that’s my father” I said with a broad smile

“nice, it’s really good meeting you” she said happily

“same here Nana”

“your dad is a nice man, I think he is a titled man too”

“yea, the omeluora one of itolu ”

“impressive. So concerning the discussion, I actually came to the party because of you, I wanted to tell you my feelings towards you”

“feelings?? As in how”

“Jake stop behaving like a kid, ok I love you and I would like us to date” she said coldly holding my hands

“like seriously is this actually happening I mean a governors daughter proposing to me”

“forget about that, it’s nothing if a girl tells a boy her feelings..”

“(sighed) hmm well I have no problem with that, my only fear is you being the governors daughter hope am save? ”

“Hahahaha you are a very funny boy, you don’t have anything to fear about”

“OK fine” I said smiling in happiness, as if I just won a Jack port. A governor daughter wants to date me “wow”

“cmon give me a hug” we hugged each other intimately for close to 2 minutes before we disengaged and she started into my eyes with a sexy look. I love this kind of scene I said inwardly and wanted to spice it up.

I tried kissing her but she tricked me, she also came closer to kiss me but removed her mouth and laughed loud

“hmm you want me to get it by force”

“aww how professional are you?? ” she teased

I pulled her face and started kissing her just like the way dey do kiss in Mexican movies. In no time we left the bar to the couch where I laid her down…

“Jake you really need to stop this, am not that cheap” she said pulling away and forming serious

“oh forgive my manners” I muttered

Nana and I started our relationship, the relationship was superb, yes she was older than me so I was like the sugar boy and she bombarded me with money and optimum love. Despite our relationship I still had my secret affairs with Jane, I couldn’t stay off Jane she was just like a magnet to me while I am the metal. Jane was really good at everything and I just wish to settle down with her but I don’t think that can be possible because I had already dated anita her sister and we didn’t separate well. But I was just hoping that things turn out well meanwhile I had forgotten about chioma and moved on with my life.

It’s now my second year in school which happened to be my toughest year in school as we were moved to the college of medicine where we started the real medical study and I saw hell…

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A guy on dreadlocks was seen standing by a car with his dark sunshade glasses looking around and checking his wrist watch. Few minutes later Anita showed up and tapped the guy from behind..

“hey!!!” he said frightened “oh Anita what kept you so long, you have been wasting my precious time here”

“oh am sorry Bob, I was a kind of busy with a lecturer in my department ”

“oh save that for yourself” Bob said angrily

“so how sure are you about all this information you have been giving me??”

“see Anita do you really love this guy??”

“of course I love Jake with all my heart and am ready to do anything to have him alone”

“good now am telling you he has been doing some underground works with your sister jane’”

“Hmmm Bob this is hard to believe, Jane can’t do such a thing I know my sister”” Anita said with full confidence

“OK it seems like you don’t really know your sister but you can check out this” Bob said handing a brown file bag to her

Anita opened the brown file bag a brought out some pictures which she could not believe..

“”what? Oh my God so this true oh Jane you are a d–n betrayer. So this has been happening my own sister”” Anita lamented as tears ran down her cheeks

“oh I told you long time ago but you wouldn’t believe, and from my investigations this has been going on since you were still in secondary school”

“Ahh so Jane my own blood sister can do this to me, Hmmm then she should wait for the beast in me”” Anita said and walked away with the picture leaving Bob stuned with her words….

“just don’t do anything silly” Bob shouted and also walked away too…

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I was doing my physiology assignment in my new room where I stayed with Paulo and exams was fast approaching. My test so far had been poor since I came into the college of health science due to I never had time for my books, always from one girl issue to the other or from one club to the other with Emeka the worst brother someone can have.

My phone started ringing and the caller was Jane. I quickly picked the call

“hello dear”

“Jake darling how are you”

“your boy is not doing good at all, am d–n stressed up in the college of medicine”

“oo oo OK I understand sorry dear more strength. I just called to inform you that I will be traveling to Lagos to stay with my aunty and also help her she just delivered and it’s urgent am leaving tomorrow”

“what?? Oh just like that, Jane am going to miss you I mean how do I cope without you” Jake lamented

“Jake dear that’s the way I saw it, I don’t have any choice but I promise to come back soon and keep myself for you, guess what I want to give you myself before Leaving so meet me chinrokin hotel am on my way” Jane said

” that’s my baby girl, I just can’t wait, am on my way” Jake said and hanged up. Packed his books and got dressed to go see jane


“copied” Anita said dropping her device

“so this is what has been going on behind me nice I have tracked her call, Jake want to have her for the last time before she travels right. Chinrokin hotel here I come happy death day to all of us, I will kill the two both in the hotel and kill my self. Yes afterall even if I spare Jake I can’t enjoy him because I will definitely go to jail so we will all die” Anita said firming drinking from her red label while she loaded a pistol with bullets

“hello Jane where are you??” Jake asked

“just come to room 025 I already checked in”

“am already in the hotel, am coming” Jake said and ended the call.

He got to room 025 and knocked while Jane opened and quickly jumped on him…

“[sober voice] oh Jane I am going to miss you, miss you so much dear”

“am also not happy going but I don’t have a choice” Jane replied as Jake kept her on the bed

“I understand but the phone is still there for us to communicate like whatsapp video call”

“yes that’s true” Jane said smiling

“”OK you know I don’t have much time, my exams is starting next week and I really need to read””

“oh that’s true, you have all of me””

= they were still in their immoral foreplay when they heard a soft knock at the door

“”ooo who is there” Jake asked angrily

“room service, it’s actually urgent”

Jake wore his short and headed to the door, opened it as a gun stroke his head which made him lose balance as he fell down while Anita walked into the room

“so this is it actually” Anita said rolling her gun as Jane was extremely surprised same as Jake who was already bleeding on the head

“Anita Pls I can explain, it’s not really what you think” Jane pleaded

“shut your trap, I already know what I want to know, I don’t need an explanations from anybody” Anita said angrily

“but please put the gun away, we Can resolve issues” Jane pleaded

“it’s so unfortunate that my own sister could betray me and it’s also unfortunate that our lives is going to end here” she said cocking the gun

“please please Anita don’t do this remember we are blood sisters and…… ” before she could finish her statement

“poooow pooow, pooow” Anita shot Jane on her fore head and her chest and also gave Jake a bullet in his chest


“ahhhhh” Jake shouted lying down as his eyes closed slowly, Jane didn’t even move as She was lying lifeless on the bed with blood coming out of her head

“finally I have completed my plans but my mission isn’t complete yet, Jake, Jane, we shall all meet in hell” Anita said and pointed the gun on her side head

“pooooow” she pulled the trigger while her brain scattered all over the room


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