Agony of Chioma Episode 39


Bullets were flying all over the atmosphere sporadically as everyone was running helter skelter. Nana and I looked through the window and saw blood splash and flow , the pool was now deserted and the entrance to the main hotel building locked. We saw the gun men all in black entering the disco hall
‘’oh emeka’’ I said out loud

‘’do you have someone in that hall??’’ nana asked caring less about her body guard

‘’yes my brother, he is in there’’

‘’ohh, wait do you mean emeka??’’

‘’yes emeka’’

‘’I know him, pray nothing happens to him’’

‘’what about your guard???’’ I asked as my heart beat rapidly

‘’he would take care of himself am sure of that’’ she said making some calls

Everyone was praying to God for protection, I could hear some people saying in igbo language that it was cult people who attacked here and they must have killed lot of people in that hall. I didn’t doubt them because with the way the hotel compound was looking was like blood on the street..

‘’craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa craaaaaaaaaaaa’’ we heard sporadic shooting inside the disco hall while the whole building was vibrating and at the same time reasonating

About twenty minutes later, everywhere in the hotel was silent as a grave yard and most of the light had gone off as everywhere was dark. Despite the fact that the gun men had gone everyone was still in their hiding place, the only thing that brought us out of our hiding place was the siren of police vehicle.

As usual you all know Nigerian police system, they would come to the place of scene after the invaders had gone. Nana and I came out of the main hotel building and walked straight to the disco hall where people were already gathered , what we saw was unbelievable

The whole disco hall was filled with blood and bodies lying dead or will I say unconscious. I was really disturbed, I used my eyes to search for emeka but I couldn’t find him.

‘’where is your brother??”’ nana asked

‘’I cant find him, I hope nothing happens to him’’

Soon the police force surrounded the scene as they chased us away. Nana escorted me to my vehicle, she noticed that I was depressed and worried.

‘’why don’t you try calling his number’’ nana suggested

‘’oh that’s true, it escaped my mind’’
I quickly dialed emeka’S number and it rang but no one was picking, I tried for over twenty times before someone picked the call

‘’nigerian police department’’ a voice said

‘’pls I want to speak with emeka’’ I said as the speaker went silent, after few seconds of silence the call was ended. I tried calling again but it was now switched off

‘’any news??’’ nana asked

‘’no, an officer just picked the call and ended it again and now the phone is switched off’’

‘’oh, you just have to relax, maybe he is somewhere and probably save’’

‘’you are not concerned about your guard’’

‘’[smiles] I told you he is save’’ she said smiling

‘’oh here he is’’ I said pointing at the guard who wasn’t hurt in anyway’’

‘’kuame where have you been??’’ nana asked

‘’I have been in the vehicle observing the scenerio’’ he said smiling broadly

‘’I told you he is save’’

‘’wow nice…. Nana I have to be on my way to my hostel right now, I really need to catch some rest’’

‘’why don’t we just go to my house, you know I haven’t told why I came here looking for you’’

‘’you have a house??, ok but its not really proper like I just knew you and am following you to your house’’

‘’oh I understand, no offenses … this is my card you can give me a call’’ nana said giving a card which was her business card ceo of alvoid constructing company Ghana/Nigeria

‘’oh I see wow, I will give you a call bye’’

‘’bye dear’’ she said smiling

I entered my Honda pilot and zoomed off straight to my hostel. Immediately I got to our room emeka wasn’t there so I just laid down and slept off. The next day was a Friday and emeka came back that morning looking rough and tired. I hugged him while he narrated to me how he jumped the fence when the gun men came. He later told me what really caused the gun men massacre , the red beret had troubles and fight with the air lords. Becca being one of the representative member of red beret had her birthday party so they decided to strike.

‘’guy God really saved me ooo many died, many were injured but I managed to escape’’

‘’hmm God truly saved you but how did it happen , I mean how did you escape??’’

‘’after dancing with that girl you saw me with, so I decided to checkout those rooms at the back of the hall on the process I heard the first gun shot and I knew there was danger so I scaled through the fence to the next compound where I hid till morning’’

‘’sharp guy . thank God you used your brain’’

‘’yes ooo as if I knew what was going to happen my instinct told me to scale the fence’’

‘’nice , me I was inside the main hotel building with a lady who told me that she came to the party because of me so she was about telling me before they stroked’’

‘’hmmm inside with a lady??’’

‘’ hahahahaha we weren’t doing anything, we were at the reception talking in a platonic level’’

‘’ohh I see’’

Paulo came looking for me while the both of us left for school leaving emeka behind. We got to school and everywhere was looking crowdy as everyone was just talking about the incident that happened last night . the class was very boring as people weren’t concentrating that much.

The situation at hand was very critical that the school was busy with the matter, the authorities had to call becca and with the look of thing she will definitely be expelled.

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Classes were over so I went straight home since I was still feeling sleepy, emeka wasn’t back so I laid down on our soft bed put on the air condition , put on the sound system which was blasting sia music. In no time I had drifted to wonder land ..

I woke up past five pm but emeka wasn’t anywhere in the room tho he had come back from school because his bag and books were on the reading table. I hurried went downstairs to the hostel bathroom to bath before returning to my room where I changed clothes and looked refreshed before sitting on the bed with the business card nana gave me

‘’do I really need to be calling a girl??’’ I asked myself, I placed a call to nana, after several time of ringing she finally picked the call

‘’hello may I know who is on the line???’’


‘’oh jake , how are you doing??’’

‘’am cool and you??’’

‘’am alright’’

‘’nice I just called to ask the reason why you came to the party because of me’’

‘’ok can you come to my house?’’

‘’nana do I really need to come to your house??’’

‘’jake you are sounding to harsh can you please be friendly’’

‘’am not sounding harsh, I just want to know’’

‘’are you coming or not??’’

‘’hmmm ok I will, just send me your address’’

‘’ok dear I will do that immediately’’ she said and hanged up

Hmm its seems she likes me well she is beautiful and rich, lets see how it works I said to myself. Not up to two minutes later my phone made a pop sound which indicates a message and it was from nana. I locked the room and quickly when down the hostel, located my Honda pilot and drove away.

I arrived the address she gave me and called to let her know that I was in front of her house. Soon a huge man came out of the compound and instructed me drive inside the compound which I did. I alighted from my vehicle, nana was waiting for me few distance away while I went to met her.

‘’welcome jake’’ she said giving me a warm hug

‘’thanks nana’’ i said

‘’welcome to my home, feel free this is also your home’’ she said showing me around but her words kind of confused me

‘’wow, you mean you live alone in this big house’’

‘’yea, any problem??’’

‘’no your house is really beautiful’’

‘’thanks dear…. Lets go to the bar and have a nice time.

She took me to her bar which looked like that of a very rich man just like that of my dad where she popped don moris for me and introduced it to two glass which she handed one over to me.

‘’thanks’’ I muttered

‘’don’t mention jake I really like you’’ she said looking at me

‘’you are such a very rich woman’’

‘’[laughing]you are really funny jake ok I haven’t introduced myself to you. Am the only daughter of governor ashrah budambi in Ghana and a very influential business man’’

‘’what?? Did you just say ashrah budambi’’

‘’yea my father any problem with that???’’

‘’no no you must be joking, are you for real oh my God’’ jake exclaimed



“copied” Anita said dropping her device

“so this is what has been going on behind me nice I have tracked her call, Jake want to have her for the last time before she travels right. Chinrokin hotel here I come happy death day to all of us, I will kill the two both in the hotel and kill my self. Yes afterall even if I spare Jake I can’t enjoy him because I will definitely go to jail so we will all die” Anita said firming drinking from her red label while she loaded a pistol with bullets

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To be continued….