Agony of Chioma Episode 36



Immediately I got home, I went straight to my room without even talking to anyone. I sat on my bed and started thinking of my life, I felt pity for chioma and a part of me felt like calling her while another said no. my thinking drifted to anita and I remembered how our adventure started and how it ended and I smiled to my satisfaction.

On the other hand was jane the girl I have always loved I was really happy that anita was out of the way now I can have full adventure with jane but I haven’t accomplished the tigers instruction on chioma do you think am going to do that…

I pick up my small y2 that I was managing and dial janes number but it wasn’t picked, I kept my phone and slept off. About two hours later I felt someone tapping me on my leg and I woke up to see it was emeka..

‘’my guy how far na’’ emeka said

‘’[in a sleepy manner] how far’’ I said looking at the window and it was already dark

‘’you just dey come back?? How was your adventure??’’

‘’guy messed up, you no see say I wear another cloth’’

‘’ahn ahn what happened’’

‘’I didn’t know when you left but I sha saw Kelly dancing with another guy, as soon as I was done dancing with chelly I noticed she was kinda high so I asked if there was any room we could have fun and we were giving but on the process when I wanted to bang the hell out of her, she threw up more than half bottle of vodka on me and it really stinks. I later took her home where I successfully banged her and she was back to consciousness though I bought a new top on the way’’ emeka narrated

‘’mtcheeeeww mr banging back to consciousness welcome back’’ jake said and rested back on his bed


Life went on,I was conversant with jane on phone and still her sister doesn’t still know. Emeka and I had gone down to the village for our graduation and still came back to lagos to complete our neco exams. While in the village I visited chioma though she was mad on seeing me but we still reconciled but another person was already in her life and that was the church drummer.

The guy was already in Malaysia working and promised to get married to chioma as soon as he was back. Chioma was really shining day by day[Malaysia money na] and truly she has a good God like her name says…

I felt like turning back the hand of time to correct my mistakes and mischief but it was already too late, I even tried to plead with her but she turned me down saying she cant leave the guy presently in her life.

Anita on the other hand was just looking for my attention and asking for forgiveness but I replied her saying another wonderful woman has taken that attention and she can never get it again ‘’no more tigers , no more oppression’’ I teased .

Six months in lagos isn’t easy,lots of troubles, problems and scandals. I must say emeka is a bad company, despite the fact that we had a lesson teacher coaching us for jamb exams which was in two months time, we were still unserious with our studies and been serious with girls matters.

Where I decided to leave emeka and face my books was when I saw my jamb slip and the course I want to study in a highly competitive school . medicine and surgery in the university of Nigeria [UNN] not so easy.


‘’chelly emeka is really taking care of you ooo cant you see how big you are getting’’ Kelly said applying cortex to her neatly fixed nails in their garden

‘’[smiling] yea there is no doubt, he is really taking good care of me’’

‘’its obvious , wish I could have a guy like him’’

‘’ohh why don’t you try jake’’

‘’what?? Who the hell is jake’’

‘’his cousin of course’’

‘’s–t !!!! I hate that guy, did you know that……’’ before Kelly could complete her statement, chelly jerked standing up and ran to a close by corner and started throwing up

‘’chelly , chelly are you ok??’’ Kelly asked going to meet her

‘’I think am ok, just having a little runny stomach’’ chelly said turning back to go to her former position where she was sitting , when she jerked again and threw up immediately

‘’chelly are you alright ???’’

‘’I think I need to visit the pharmacy, am not feeling too fine’’

‘’Sis, I think you are pregnant’’ Kelly said shaking her head

‘’pregnant???, it cant be but I saw my flow a mon……. what?? Am I pregnant’’

‘’noo ask me again but we really need to confirm this’’

‘’should we go to the hospital or what??’’



I was in the sitting room downstairs watching telemundo when my phone started ringing , I looked at the corner and it was chelly and I smiled, my angel was calling

‘’baby girl whatsup??’’

‘’emeka, am not fine at all’’

‘’tell me whats the problem, nothing needs to bother you’’

‘’emeka, I am pregnant’’

‘’what??? How did it happen’’

‘’you are asking me, pls come to glocery bazzer lekki and meet me since am closer to your place’’

‘’ok ok I will be there soon’’ I said hanging up

‘’what sort of trouble is this’’ I said hurrying upstairs

‘’jake there is fire on the mountain’’ emeka said opening the ward rope to get clothes

‘’what sort of fire;?’’ jake asked

‘’chelly is pregnant’’

‘’what?? Hahhahahahahahaha, I thought you were a master in this game anyway that’s nice papa chinedu’’

‘’is that all you could say, by the way who is papa chinedu??”’ emeka asked putting on a short

‘’you of course, expectant father’’

‘’mtcheew rubbish’’ i said leaving the room

I got outside the gate, and mounted a bike immediately to glocery bazzer. Minutes later the bike dropped me exactly were I wanted and I came down, paid him and headed towards the supermarket….

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‘’chelly what am I hearing’’

‘’my sister and I just came back from the hospital some hours ago and I was confirmed two weeks pregnant for you’’

‘’for me, ok what do we do now’’

‘’am not ready to be a dropout or a young mother beside if my father hears this am dead same as you so I think abortion is the option’’

‘’’yea yea yea abortion is a good idea, so when and where do we have this abortion’’

‘’I know of a good hospital, a friend directed me’’

‘’I think we should get going earlier the better’’

‘’ok if you say so lets go the hospital is at ikoyi’’ chelly replied

After lots of traffic jam we finally arrived the hospital an hour and half later,,.


We entered the hospital which seems big, located our way to the reception where we met some nurses

‘’good day nurses’’ I said giving chelly signs to talk

‘’please we are looking for doctor dencie;;’’

‘’oh I think she is busy now in the theatre but you can wait for her, she will be out soon’’

‘’ok no problems’’’ we said going to have a seat

‘’do you have a card here’’ one of the nurses asked

‘’hmmm no we don’t’’

‘’you have to buy a card, are you guys related so you could just get a family card for 12,000’’

‘’oh we aren’t related and she is actually the one to see the doctor’’

‘’ok you can get a single card for 6,000’’

‘’ok no problems, here is the money’’ I stood up and gave the nurse the money

‘’whats your name’’ a nurse said referring to chelly

‘’eze chelly’’

‘’ok card number 904’’

‘’oh doctor dencie is here… doctor you have an awaiting patient’’

‘’are you the ones waiting’’ the doctor asked

‘’yes doctor’’

‘’ok come with me’’


‘’so whats the problem???’’

‘’doctor I was directed here by a friend, I want to have an abortion’’

‘’abortion?? Wow…. Have you gone for a test??’’

‘’yes doctor this is the test result’’ chelly said giving her the result

‘’’hmmm interesting, you are two weeks pregnant, abortion is possible but I must advise you teenagers to stay away from unprotected s3x , try using a protection like condom and the rest of them . if you don’t have money to purchase one, at the entrance of the hospital there is a box there for free condom’’

‘’ok doctor, thank you’’

‘’you are welcome, have this and come to the bed let me examine you properly’’ she said giving us a packet of durex

‘’thanks’’ I muttered

Chelly climbed the examination bed while the doctor examined her. After about ten minutes the doctor spoke out

‘’I don’t think this need a surgery, a pill will do it effectively’’ dr dencie said going back to her table

She wrote some drugs for us to purchase at the pharmacy downstairs and directed chelly on how to take them. Finally we were done, we had made payment and cleared our bills and now free to go home. I gave chelly five thousand naira and boarded a taxi for her to go home.

‘’take care of yourself’’ I muttered as the taxi drove away…………………….


‘’you people should thank your stars that despite my rank in the army , am still a gentle man. I will leave chelly here for you to take care of her but where am going to deal with this family is if anything happens to my daughter. Guys lets go’’ he instructed as they all matched to the hilux parked outside the compound.

Unfortunately my dad was just coming back , he quickly made way for the armies to pass while he got down from the car heading inside the compound

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