Agony of Chioma Episode 35


I was still angry with what happened earlier, if I had known I wouldn’t have introduced emeka to the girls, but there is no way they wont still recognize him. Imagine that Kelly telling me if its necessary to have my number because of emeka what do I do now>??.

I was still thinking on what to do to make those girls, chelly in particular to fall for me when something suddenly popped in my head , I remembered how I fought with emeka over anita and jane, and the later end was a disaster for me. I don’t want any more troubles again I said. Emeka came into the room with a plate of sliced orange while I frowned and laid on the bed…

‘’my guy you still dey vex???’’ emeka asked while jake didn’t reply him

‘’ok bro you know you cant blame the girls, ok what of you that did same to chioma, she was loving you while you were lusting after another person’’

‘’but you know that was on condition na’’ jake finally spoke up

‘’this is also a condition na, I know them before you, beside she was my girlfriend’’

‘’mtccheeew’’jake hissed

‘’but guy o have a plan for you’’ emeka said

‘what plan again hope it’s a profitable one and not a back fire’’

‘’bro you too dey fear, its not a backfire, now this is the plan. Am in lagos now and I really want to rock chelly so I think you should go after Kelly. I know Kelly verywell, just gain her attention and make her like you that’s all’’

Jake looked at emeka for about three minutes with an angry face

‘’why looking at me like that??’’

‘’must you always take the once I like, emeka I will murder you one day’’

‘’hahahaha lol, jake murder me??? Na dream abi lol see Kelly is good too’’

‘’hmmmm let me give her a try I pray my luck shines’’

‘’correct bro. it must shine. So you are following me to their house tomorrow’’

‘’yea, I will follow you but pls try assisting me’’

‘’you don’t have a problem bro’’ emeka said going out of the room with his empty plate


Saturday morning came swiftly , we had a family exercise , did some laundry and ate before everyone faced what they had for the day. Emeka and I had already prepared for our outing , suddenly mr johnsky showed up. Emeka suggested we should attend the lesson before going and I supported.

Luckily for us, not up to an hour he received and urgent call and left immediately and we were so happy. In a jiffy we arrived apapa, emeka made a call and we were directed to an estate . after lot of walking about we finally located their house…

‘’ding dong’’ emeka pressed the bell

The door was opened by chelly and she quickly hugged emeka ‘’sorry for putting you through the stress of finding here;’’ she muttered

‘’oh its nothing, at least I had a better view of the estate’’ emeka said as we went inside

‘’jake how are you???’’chelly asked as we sat on a sofa in their spacious sitting room

‘’am cool ,how are you doing??”’

‘’as you can see am great’’ she said heading to the kitchen

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In few minutes Kelly entered the sitting room with a weird smile

‘’hi’’ she said

‘’kelly how are you??’’ jake asked

‘’am fine emeka whatsup’’ she said looking straight to the tv

‘’am doing good dear’’ emeka replied

Chelly came out of the kitchen with some soft drinks and digestive biscuit for emeka and i. we thanked her before eating the food. As soon as we were through, the house was looking boring so emeka suggested we go out to a hotel or a place to have fun and I was happy with his plan because that is going to be a good place for me to talk to Kelly…

’that’s a nice idea’’ chelly said

‘’yea so where do you have in mind to go??’’ jake asked

‘’jimmys , I think there is the perfect place to have fun’’ chelly said

‘’jimmys…ok lets get going’’ emeka added

Being a guy who want to impress a girl, I had to board a taxi from their estate to the so called jimmy which wasn’t that far anyway. We got to jimmys and it was wow, a small place but very beautiful but I hated the fact that smokers and tout were all around. We located a table of four were we sat, monitored the place before placing an order.

I asked the bartender if he has vodka and he said yes, so I ordered for two bottles and a bottle of mac dowel ….

‘’place your orders, all load on me’’ I said forming boss

‘’so what will you like to have again’’ the bartender asked

‘’cow tail’’ chelly said

‘’assorted pepper soup’’ Kelly ordered

‘’a plate of dried meat very dry one’’ emeka said

‘’don’t you need drinks or do you take vodka’’ jake asked

‘’yea lets manage the vodka I don’t think they will have champagne’’ chelly said while jake swallowed hard

The bartender brought their request and the merriment began. Emeka opened the first vodka and distributed it to the everyone cup while dey started drinking. Emeka was struggling with his dried meat coupled with vodka , chelly on the other hand with disintegrating the cow tail like a pro same as Kelly.

Jake wasn’t eating anything , he was only drinking from his cup as many things ran through his mind. He saw chelly feeding emeka , and emeka was also doing same so he didn’t hesitate to try his luck. He took his glass of vodka and tried feeding Kelly but she rejected and gave him the most weirded look ever so he maintained and continue drinking.

The second bottle was popped by chelly ,in a twinkle of an eyes she had consumed it to the half level. I watched her closely till I started seeing signs that she was drunk, suddenly she stood up and dragged emeka to the dance floor as the both of them started dancing. Immediately the dj saw them he changed the song to tonight by wizkid and r2bees while chelly rocked the song.

I smiled to myself , this is the right time to meet Kelly I said and moved from my seat to chelly’s seat which was beside Kelly’s seat…. I held her hand and looked straight into her eyes which was my major magic for girls…

‘’jake what do you want??’’ she asked withdrawing her hand

‘’kelly I love you, I mean can you be my girlfriend’’

‘’hahahahahahaha you are very stupid, don’t waste your time I cant date you’’ she said and stood up going to meet a guy on dread some distance from us

‘’do you mind dancing with me???’’ Kelly asked the guy who quickly nodded his head

‘’yes I mind cmon baby’’ he stood holding Kelly by the waist

‘’oh my God is this really happening’’ jake asked looking at both of them as they got to the dance floor and the guy started rocking her asss while Kelly smiled to jake…

I was really heartbroken and bitter seeing a guy from no where enjoying the girl I loved so much, I wanted to act but remembered what happened at fandrozz. Immediately I felt the pain chioma felt when I was pally around with anita….

‘’God help me’’ I muttered stood up and left the place


‘’hmmmm jane like seriously jake hasn’t come to visit me, or even call me since he left’’ anita said to jane

‘’oh you still expect him to call you, you must be a fool’’ jane said bubbling her chewing gum to the air

‘’what are you insinuating ???’’ anita asked in anger

‘’sis just forget about jake , he cant be yours or I don’t think he is yours again’’ jane said

‘’then who because I am ready to bring down the person , jake is mine and mine forever’’ anita shouted in anger despite the bandage in her hand




‘’[smiling] yea there is no doubt, he is really taking good care of me’’

‘’its obvious , wish I could have a guy like him’’

‘’ohh why don’t you try jake’’

‘’what?? Who the hell is jake’’

‘’his cousin of course’’

‘’s–t !!!! I hate that guy, did you know that……’’ before Kelly could complete her statement, chelly jerked standing up and ran to a close by corner and started throwing up

‘’chelly , chelly are you ok??’’ Kelly asked going to meet her

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