Agony of Chioma Episode 32


Jake was on top of a bike which was at a high velocity ,running towards the national stadium road. About ten minutes later he arrived the national stadium, paid the bike man a sum of 500 hundred naira before making his way into the stadium. He called anita’s number but it was switched off making him more nervous. In no time he figured out the way to the back of the stadium and finally he was at the back of the stadium.

The place was a kind of quiet and deserted , he looked around and sighted an unpainted one story building. ‘’this could be the abandoned building’’ he thought and walked towards it with full fear. He got to the building and started scanning it with his eye if he could see anyone, suddenly he heard a voice beside him..

‘’welcome, I guess you are jake’’ the person said

‘’where is…..;’’ before he could complete his words a punch from the guy knocked him down
‘’guys lets go’’ the leader of the tigers group said as soon as unconscious jake was kept in the car
A honda pilot was seen approaching the national stadium with full speed but quickly came to a halt

‘’kim I think the car is safe here, lets quickly go to the back of the stadium’’ emeka said

‘’yea, lets go’’

They quickly found their way to the back of the stadium where emeka recognized the uncompleted building. They went to the back of the building but found no one there, kimkom did some observation and saw the traces of a vehicle’s tire

‘’emeka I think they had left with jake’’

‘’are you sure about this??’’

‘’look at the vehicle traces, they just left’’

‘’oh s–t to where???, I told jake not to go anywhere but his stubbornness wont let him hear’’

‘’what do we do now,???’’ kimkom asked

‘’try calling his number maybe he would pick and you quickly track the location of the call, hope you still have the app’’ kimkom suggested

‘’yea I still have the app’’

Emeka did as kimkom said and called jake praying for him to pick
‘’hmm hmm hmm hmm hmmm hmmm’’ phone vibrating

The vibration of jakes iphone brought him back to consciousness but was not noticed by the tigers. Gradually he remembered what happened to him and quickly slid the green icon but immediately he was caught he was knocked out again and his phone switched off…


‘’any progress??’’ asked kimkom who was very concerned

‘’not yet, the phone got switched off’’

‘’d–n it, I hope jake is save’’

‘’kim should we involve the police, what do you think’’

‘’involving the police is just like complicating the whole issue, what do we tell them, are you ready for questioning??? Lets just go home and pray for jake to come back safely’’

‘’kimkom you said go home, what do I tell granny or jakes father if he calls me probably because his son’s number is switched off’’

‘’emeka I know you, you are good in this game what do you want us to do?? Let just go home’’ kimkom said igniting the engine

‘’Please you guys shouldn’t do this to me, remember how we do things together. Did I do anything wrong by coming to meet you guys how to change the money’’ Anita lamented as her two hands was hanged to a hook, she was brutally beaten with swollen face and little knife cuts on her hand.

‘’shut your trap,do things as in how?? Its only a fool that will engage in a business with you and thinks he is in safe hands’’ Eze the gang leader said releasing a puff of smoke into the air ‘’now tell me how did you get the dollars??’’

‘’like I said earlier I stole it from a chief who tried sleeping with me thinking I was a s–t’’

‘’hahhahahahahahahaha thinking you are were a s–t, ofcourse you know you are a s–t, its so unfortunate that jake the innocent foolish boy is enjoying expired product or probably you are using us to scare him and he is behaving like a dummy. Secondly, after what you did you still had the guts to come show me dollar to change. Now where is my balance on the assassination of terry, the guy who first messed your life up and go about saying it and posting lot of nude pics from you’’

‘’Eze pls give me time, I will pay you up pls or I don’t mind if you s3x me everyday or be your girlfriend’’

‘’shut up, shut up, how dare you??? Chike enlighten her’’

Chike dashed three hot slaps on anita’s face before inserting a pen knife on her sore

‘’ahhhhhh ahhhhh’’ she screamed

‘’nice enough chike, lets get back to business. Where is the hundred dollar and a box of gold you said you will give when you sent me and my boys to the mission of raping chioma countless of time and injecting her with poison so even if she survives the poison she will be left with pregnancy without knowing the exact father of the child why??? Because you don’t want her around jake or being the leader in school activities. I didn’t know what came over me that day but I pitied her without harming her but told her to stay away from troubles’’

‘’[teary eyes] am sorry, ok I have the dollar for the gold box I will give it to you’’

‘’which dollar?? By the way how much is the dollar’’

‘’420 dollars’’

‘’wow you stole 420 dollars from a chief nice earn, maybe you should join my team. Anyway I think you are no more indebted yea, boys devour her as you wish john follow me’’ eze instructed while he left the room

‘’don’t touch me’’ she manage to say

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Jake slowly regained his consciousness and found himself tied up in a bad looking room, he tried shouting but was too weak to shout. He looked close to him and saw an empty used syringe while his heart skipped, looking out of the window the sky was getting dark. Suddenly the door opened and the imaged walked into the room with a florescence lamp.

‘’hello jake, hope you are feeling cool??’’ a voice asked keeping the lamp in a stable position as jake clearly saw his face

‘’release me now, its getting late’’ jake spoke weakly

‘’cool down bro , let us talk’’


‘’emeka ke ebe jake no [where is jake], i told you people to stop moving about the village, evil people everywhere now to eight jake anoro na ulo [is not at home]’’ granny lamented

‘’mama jake will soon come back,I told you he went to see a friend’’

‘’a friend a friend, by this time’’

Emeka and granny was still arguing about jake and mama was very afraid because her grand son hasn’t stay out till this time. A knock landed on their gate and emeka quickly ran to open the door thinking it was jake but to his surprise he saw his principal and jane who was knocking.

‘’is anita here’’ jane quickly asked as soon as emeka allowed them in


‘’erm mama its our principal ,she is in search of her daughter ‘’

‘’good evening mama ‘’ principal greeted granny

‘’evening, are you looking for somebody???’’

‘’yes, am looking for my daughter anita, amam mo biara eba[don’t know if she came here]’’

‘’nooo she didn’t come here today ooo, we are even looking for jake’’

‘’anita missing, jake missing’’ jane said

‘’emeka have you tried calling jake’’’ the principal asked

‘’his number is switched off’’

‘’jesus what do we do now???’’


‘’what do you want to talk about’’

‘’calm down boy, I know anita has been threatening you with us, giving you all sort of warnings and instruction but I want to let you know that from today hence fought I want you to behave like a man, anita is a beast and I want you to deal with her like a man and stop being a dummy’’

‘’are you serious??, thanks God .. anita has been a thorn in my flesh’’

‘’I know that, she took your chioma away from you. She also sent us on a mission to kill her through rape and poisoning’’

‘’oh thank you so much , you just relieved me of a heavy burden’’

‘’now am giving you an assignment , be man enough maybe I should give you some stuff to make you man enough ‘’ Eze said bringing out a sachet of weed

‘’I don’t need that to be man enough, thanks bro’’

‘’shut up who is your bro?? my brother cant be a dummy like you’’

‘’ am so sorry’’

‘’I must advice you, go back to chioma and make peace with her, that girl is a good person’’

‘’nice …pls its late can I go now’’

‘’lastly , we want to take a permission from you as the boss, anita is in our custody should we kill her or leave her alive???

‘’don’t kill her at all, I still have to take my revenge’’

‘’nice… so anything for the boys??’’

‘’guy I don’t have any money here’’

‘’ok no problem, you are free to go but mind you, you haven’t seen this place before,you dnt even know here and you didn’t see anything do you understand’’

‘’100% sir, am I mad I didn’t even see you guys’’

‘’good now run,run ,run , run’’ Eze shouted


I ran out of the ugly looking building , not knowing my way as every where was bushy.. I saw a pathway which I followed till I burst out of a tiny lonely road and I became more scared. I decided to call emeka to come help me out, I searched my pocket and got the surprise of my life my iphone was missing. I quickly search my back pocket for my three thousand naira and also couldn’t find it, my pockets were very empty….

‘’oh my God’’

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