Agony of Chioma Episode 31


Days flew,weeks flew, months flew, we wrote our first term examination successfully. I still continued my parole with anita and jane but was very cautious this time around. I didn’t go back to lagos for the holiday because my family joined me in the village for Christmas holiday while we moved to our family house with emeka and our granny.

The holiday was very interesting and filled with paroles , lots of outing and shopping . finally the holiday was over,time for school works, not just school work but preparation for the upcoming ssce examination by april, our highly experienced teachers had coach us extremely with lots of extra moral classes and we are really good to go for the exams. Second term was coming to an end, while other lower classes were preparing for their exams, we were preparing for our mock exam……


Our school was given a letter to participate in the upcoming science fair and eight students are expected to represent the school in four different subject maths,physics,chemistry and biology. The principal of the school after having a meeting with the teaching staffs they decided to pick the best students from ss3 and screen them properly….

General hall 3===

‘’good day great students of ss3’’

‘’good day ma’’ we all chorused

‘’am very sure you have heard of the upcoming science fair in two weeks time and am here to pick twelve students who will be tested and only eight will qualify for the competition’’

‘’[she continues] on my list are chioma, oluchi, chukka, jake, chinedu, emeka , obinna, linus, ifeoma, anita, ekene and chizzy’’

We all came out with pride, emeka was on the list and its not surprising, he worth it, he can read for Africa. We arranged our self horizontally while a teacher whispered to the principal ‘’all this students are good’’ and the principal replied ‘’I know how to handle this’’

‘’meet me at the chemistry lab after school hours. You can go back to your seats’’ said the principal and left the class

Immediately it was closing time, we all evaporated and condensed in the chemistry laboratory where we met other subject teachers and the principal

‘’welcome student’’ the chemistry teacher said

‘’thank you sir’’ we said in unison

‘’we are dividing you guys into three groups and four members with a team leader’’

‘’ chioma, emeka and chizzy come forward, you are the leaders of your team . chioma’s team include jake, chukka and ifeoma, emeka’s team include chinedu linus and anita while chizzy’s team include ekene , obinna and oluchi

‘’now the rule is that we would throw questions to each group and we would see how fast and accurate they are. Is that understood??’’

‘’yes sir!!!’’

Different teacher gave us evil questions based on the subject we are to compete on. About forty minutes later when not less than five questions has been given to each group…

‘’ pick out the weakest in your teams’’ the principal instructed

Before any one could say something

‘’jake’’ chioma shouted

‘’anita’’ said emeka

‘’ekene’’ chizzy said

‘’step aside immediately’’ mr okafor instructed

Everyone in the group knew that ifeoma was the weakest but chioma quickly shouted my name while everyone looked at her in surprise. Wow it was time for pay back, I bit my lips in anger and cursed her inwardly ‘’so this witch of a girl no want make I go for this science fair ok na we go see’’ I said .

Another forty minutes later the team leaders were asked to remove again




‘’wow now the remaining ten of you will be tested individually’’

The testing took about thirty five minutes and they were confirmed to be ok. The six remaining people who were disqualified from the group were tested randomly for the best two that was were devil caught me. The three questions I was asked, I failed them all making me have less chances . at the end of the day, I didn’t qualify only linus and oluchi qualified while I saw smiles on chioma’s face. A special lesson was going to be given to those who qualified in preparation for the competition. I was sadness personificated , felt like killing chioma but I later consoled myself made up my mind to prepare extra ordinarily for my mock.

‘’chai what chioma did to you wasn’t matured at all’’ emeka said as we ate on the dining table from same plate of rice

‘’kudos to her, that’s the highest she can do but I promise to deal with her’’

‘’guy easy, don’t use anger to spoil things just cool down’’ emeka pleaded with me…

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Finally our mock exams came and I wrote well, the science fair student came out 5th in enugu. A week later when our mock results were out I was the best student with an outstanding result 6A1 2b’s and a c5 in economics , I was awarded and encouraged to do same in my real exams. School finally vacate but the ss3 student didn’t as we continued coming for classes. I had less time for anita nor jane as I was busy with my studies, jane understood but anita wouldn’t despite she was in the same class with me. In less than two months waec came and went, everyone was now free but some were preparing for neco especially emeka and I who will move down to lagos for the neco exam.

On a sunny afternoon, I just came back from my ogene practice, emeka didn’t go with me because he said he was sick in the morning. I entered our house and met emeka with a girl, I quickly flashed back and recognized her as the girl that just moved to our street two weeks ago. She is from a rich home and she was very beautiful and light skinned…

‘’emeka how far’’ I greeted

‘’jake whatsup’’

‘’hey whatsup pls remind me your name’’ I said giving out my hand for a shake

‘’Nuella’’ she answered with a smile shaking my hand

‘’nice name, hope you are comfortable??’’

‘’yea yea am ok’’ she said in a British assent

Suddenly my phone started ringing and distracted our discussion ,looking at the caller it was jane

‘’jane whatsupp’’

‘’am in kimkoms house now all alone’’

‘’oh sorry pardon me I almost forgot, I will be on my way now’’ I said hanging up

‘’guys I have something important to attend to emeka take care of nuella ‘’

‘’bye’’ nuella said while I dashed out of the house . I quickly checked my pocket to be sure that I was with my game box[condom] as we usually call it. I stopped a bike and mounted immediately

In less than ten minutes I arrived kimkoms house, paid the bike man and went straight to his apartment…

‘’soft knocks’’ ‘’door opens’’ and I saw jane putting up a sad face

‘’cmon why are you like this??’’

‘’you told me to come here about two hours ago and you kept me waiting’’

‘’am so sorry dear I had something important to do’’

‘’really and you didn’t inform me, am going its obvious you don’t care about me’’ she said picking her hand bag and turned to leave when I held her back..

‘’am sorry jane, ok I will make it up to you, you know I love you’’

‘’hmmm more than anita’’

‘’hahahaha even a blind man knows that I love you more than her’’ I said while she blushed

‘’’prove that to me’’’ she said pushing me swiftly

‘’really, lets get down to business’’ I said and raised her up throwing her on the bed
We were too busy in the game, she was doing the shouting and I was doing the pounding actually for the second round when suddenly my phone started ringing. We ignored the call and continued but the call was getting much despite it was on vibration so jane asked me to withdraw and pick my call. I looked at the caller, anita was calling….

‘’who is that ‘’ jane asked sitting upright


‘’what did she want??’’

‘’I don’t know lemme call her’’

I dialed the number and anita picked at once

‘’how far’’

‘’jake pls I need you now am in serious trouble and I may lose my life’’

‘’what happened ???’’

‘’the tigers, my dollars, am in real s–t, emeka jake pls come’’

‘’I don’t understand you??? Dollar,tigers emeka?? Ok where are you now???’’

‘’behind the abandoned building at the back of the national stadium’’ she said and the phone went off immediately

‘’whats happening??’’ jane asked looking worried

‘’your sister is in big s–t, she was mentioning the tigers, dollar and told me to come immediately’’

‘’what about emeka?? Didn’t she mention his name’’

‘’oh yea, whats happening’’

‘’jake pls I don’t want you to risk your life for nothing, I love you and wouldn’t like to lose you’’

‘’girl I need to go help her what if I don’t show up and the tigers come after me’’

‘’jake you are being too stupid , my sister is up to something’’

‘’I know and I will be cautious let me call emeka first to know whats going on’’

I called emeka who said he was still at home with nuella , I explained everything anitA told me to him and he told me it was a set up that I shouldn’t go anywhere

‘’ok emeka what if its true that she is in serious danger, what if she get killed and those tiger people come after me’’

‘’ok jake seems you want to embark on this dangerous journey no problem, the highest I can do for you now Is to call kimkom then we will start coming there’’

‘’now you are talking, my mind is telling me that there is more to this am expecting you bro’’ I said and hanged up

‘’so you really want to do this???’’ jane asked coldly

‘’trust me dear I will be back’’ I gave her a peck and quickly handed her five thousand naira, locked the house and boarded a bike for her before boarding mine……..


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To be continued…….