Agony of Chioma Episode 25


I walked towards jane on the narrow street

‘’hi’’ I said coldly

‘’are you alright, you don’t look bright’’

‘’its nothing just wanna be in this mood’’

‘’cmon you know I don’t like you being in this mood’’ jane said

‘’what did you call me for ??’’

‘’jake there is something special I want to tell you hope you wont get angry’’

‘’something special??? No I wont ‘’

‘’ok jake I love you, can you be my boyfriend’’ jane ask making jake to shiver in fear

‘’pls don’t start I cant tell you anything here pls’’ jake said running away

‘’jake where are you running to, I mean no harm’’

Whats wrong with this jake, cant he stand a girl , oh he don’t like me probably anita is better than I am no problem ..’’ jane said walking away

Jake kept on running till he saw kimkom fast approaching as kimkom step on the break with force

‘’hey guy whatsup wetin dey chase you??;’’

‘’nothing lets just go home’’

‘’what about emeka’’

‘’[panting] I think he went to someone’s house’’ jake said entering the car

Kimkom made a sharp revise and drove home. Emeka later came back by 6pm that day and noticed how moody his brother was, according to the maids he hasn’t eaten anything since he came back from school which was unlike jake…..

‘’bro whatsup whats disturbing you’’

‘’[after some minutes of silence] hmmm guy I don’t think you can solve the problems I have now am really tired of myself’’

‘’haaa don’t say that, am always there for you just tell me I promise to bring a solution’’ emeka said

‘’fine ok today in class I was intimidated , insulted and a subject to a joke to my class mates. Later around break time chioma came to console me then anita saw the both of us again and gave me some scoding and instructions never to move with chioma again, she even treatened that anyday she sees me with chioma again publicly or privately she will involve the tigers to teach her some lessons and that lesson could be probably killing her , I don’t trust anita. The question now is how do I stay away completely from chioma that I love so much . as if that wasn’t enough jane anita sister told me during closing that she is in love with me’’ jake lamented

‘hahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahaha jake honestly you are funny , unwise and foolish in nature so its this foolish display that is giving you problem. Bro share up, you have emeka so you don’t have a problem I will make everything easy for you trust me’’

‘’are you serious , like I have no problems you will help me sort out things’’

‘’of course this is a little problem to me’’

‘’ok now how do we tackle this my little problem as you say’’

‘’ok now the plan is anita is really making your liife misrable and you really need to make her own life misrable too. Now I want you to pretend and abide by the rule that you are truly inlove with her then we would find a way to tell chioma whats on ground so she too can understand that you are not running away from her. Concerning jane you will date her secretly that’s your number one way of punishing her then with time I will chip in other ways of making her life misrable’’

‘’haa this your plan is not so secure what if she gets to know am dating her sister????’’

‘’leave that to me , don’t be afraid am at your back and mind I will still be coaching you on other things to do’’

‘’ok thanks bro you have really relieved me somehow, anitA is getting on my nerves with those her tiger threat’’

‘’how did that girl even have connections with those tiger boys’’

‘’am suppose to ask you’’

We gisted about other things till it was night before we ate prayed and went to bed in preparation for tomorrow which was a school day

I held my pillow tightly on my bed as I thought of jake my one and only love, I was touched by what he suffered in class today and I knew my class mates were protecting me. Ever since I became grown no boy had looked at me or told me he likes or love me only jake has done that, at a time I thought I was ugly or unattractive. I need to do anything to keep jake and prevent him from falling for that s–t of a girl. From the book I read this evening corncerning how to keep a boy I think I should practise exactly what that book said… after some minutes of thinking about my life I slept off..

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Playing soft music to ease my burden was really a great thing especially the music of my best artiste Sia. I was flowing the rthyme of house on fire and rowing on my bed when the song suddenly stopped and my phone started ringing. Looking at the caller it was an unknown number calling, I slid the green portion and placed the phone on my left ear

‘’hello who is this pls’’

‘’handsome, how are you doing dear’’

‘’whoo is this?????’’


‘’jane ? how did you get my number??’’ i asked furiously

‘’there is no need for that at least I have your number now’’

‘’ok so why are you calling me??””

‘’so jake how about what I told you’’ jane asked

‘’yea I have thought about that but you know am dating your sister, dating you is another war’’

‘’I understand but you know am no more a little girl , I know how to handle things like this trust me, I love you’’

‘’hmm are you serious about this ????’’

‘’am very serious’’

‘’ok lets see tomorrow where we saw today so we could talk further’’

‘’ok dear, good night sweet dreams’’

‘’good night’’ I said and hanged up

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Wait a minute, are you sure this two girls arent trying to set me up in anyway’’ I thought . I quickly informed emeka on the latest update and he told me to fear not and go ahead with my plans.


Everyone in the class respected him or herself , no one insulted me nor mocked me again. We had about four classes that day and I tried isolating myself but some of them came to sit with me probably anita had spoken with some of them or chioma did. During closing about five of my classmates came to apologise to me two boys and three girls, I told them I had nothing in mind so we made peace and hugged each other. I was about living the school when chioma ran to me and grab my hand and I quickly disengaged ..

‘’did I do anything wrong’’ she asked looking surprised

‘’no no not at all just that you somehow took me unaware’’ I said moving away from her

‘’ok let me help you carry your bag’’ she offered surprising me

‘’thanks I don’t want to stress you’’ faking a smile

‘’do you mind escorting me home??’’ she asked with happiness written all over her as I looked around to know if anita was somewhere looking at us

‘’erm no you know what I may come to your house today I just remember that my dad sent me somewhere and am already late’’ I said running away

‘’what is wrong with this guy’’ she said raising her sholders up in conclusion before walking away

I quickly ran away to prevent unforseen circumstance, I paused for a while looked around beforee snecking gently into the narrow pathway…….

‘’hi…you kept me waiting’’ jane said on sighting me

‘’am so sorry dear how are you’’ I said and quickly peaked her

‘’oh jake you are so romantic’’ she said closing her eyes while I smiled

‘’so whats your plan now??’’ I asked

‘’see we can be dating secretly, my sister wont know. You wont come to my house to visit me ooo so its her you will always come to visit but I can sneak to your house’’

‘’oh no my granny don’t like people coming to our house, you know what we would be meeting at a place I will send you the address later then communicate through text messages and whatsapp mind you I will give you my second number and pls don’t save it with jake’’

‘’ahn ahn do you think am still a kid, I know how to handle that’’

‘’sharp girl, I don’t like your sister she is just forcing herself to me but the very first day I saw you I loved you completely’’

‘’oh dear same to me I love you so much….. my sister is just after your influence and wealth nothing more’’

‘’really are you sure of this??’’

‘’yea very sure but pls don’t tell her I said so’’

‘’ am not a kid dear’’ I said and gave her a quick kiss ‘’I have to be on my way now’’ I told her turning to leave while she drew me back and we started kissing…..

It was my phone that brought us back to senses ‘’oops kimkom Is calling I have to go dear’’ I said and walked away………………………………

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