Agony of Chioma Episode 24


Emeka made sign to kimkom for him to stop as soon as he saw chioma on her way going to school by foot…

‘’whatsup chioma’’ emeka said

‘’hi good morning am doing good’’ she replied

‘’why don’t you come in lets go to school together’’ emeka offered while she paused for some seconds before accepting the offer

She entered the vehicle and acted a bit weird as soon as she saw I was at the back seat. We sat together but didn’t talk to each other as she stole glances at me but I was too guilty to look her in the eye instead I bowed down my head till we got to school. Kimkom doesn’t want to enter the school compound , he dropped us at the gate before reversing to go back.

Entering the school compound the assembly alarm sounded, we didn’t bother to go drop our bags as we went to the assembly ground straight. The assembly was boring as usual as new rules and regulations were put forward, but the most interesting part of it was when the principal annouced that prefects will be assigned on Wednesday afternoon as all ss3 students were excited. Finally the assembly was over while we all went back to our classes.


‘’YEA yea yea finally ss3 things, na we get this school’’ was just echoing everywhere

I quietly walked to the seat position where I use to stay back in HS2 and sat gently looking at everyone in the class. Suddenly mimi ran to the front of the class and started announcing that we were not going to do anything for the day and everyone was happy and shouting. We were still shouting when our new class teacher came into the class and everywhere went silent….

‘’good morning class’’ mr okafor greeted

‘’gooooood morning sir’’ we responded

‘’how was your holiday????’’ he asked

‘’it was fine sir’’ we responded uniformly

‘’good to hear, as you all know am your new class teacher and I don’t take s–t, as your class teacher I want to see the spirit of murdering waec in you guys and don’t also forget that am your chemistry teacher and my exams wont be funny this term. Now my main reason for coming here is to choose my class prefect main and assistance who will work hand in hand with me’’

‘’sir are we voting or choosing’’ anita asked

‘’its left for you guys to choose’’ he said

‘’sir lets nominate and vote’’ chizzy suggested

‘’yess we want that’’ the class chorused

‘’ok we would nominate 4 students and vote’’

‘’if you would like to be a captain raise your hands’’ anita shouted

almost every one raised there hands up before mr okafor decided to nominate by himself

‘’bobby, jake, anita and chioma stand up’’ he instructed

We all stood up while he asked the class to carefully vote, two voting isnt allowed and no form of sign or signal should be made by the nominees

‘’if you want bobby to be the class prefect put your right hand up’’ mr okafor said , after some seconds people started putting up their hands gradually

‘’wow bobby has 12 votes that’s good’’ he said writing it down on the white board

‘’if you want chioma to be the class captain put your hands up’’
Chioma had about 7 votes

Anita had 8 votes

‘’finally if you want jake to be the class prefect put your hands up’’ mr okafor said looking around. After a minute only 2 hands were up, mr okafor was very surprised as jake bowed down his head and almost half of the whole class were laughing

‘’that’s enough , so bobby and anita are our class captains with anita being the assistance’’ mr okafor said as sound of claps covered the whole class

‘’nice so the two of you should see me during break for other information’’ he said referring to anita and bobby

Almost The whole class kept laughing at me as some of them came to the front of the class and started using my name to play

‘’class abeg e get one boy I dey look for but I no remember his name but the guy na woman wrapper sha, I think he be that guy wey betray him girlfriend in the presence of her enemy’’

‘hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I think him name start from j sha’’ chuka said

‘’abi something like jeki no jakee’’ obinna said laughing

The play was getting out of hand until anita became angry and intervened

‘’hey everyone go back to your seat now’’ she commanded

‘’yehhh who this one epp’’

‘’as the assistant class prefect I command you guys to go back to your seat else am going to fine you all’’ she said authoritatively while they went back to their seat one after the other

‘’boyfriend snatcher’’ chuka yabbed on getting to his seat

‘’I no know the foolish people wey vote you sef anu ohia[bush meat]’’ stanley insulted

‘’its like you guys have enough money to pay fines’’ anita said

I placed my head on my table and faced the ground as little tears dropped from eyes, they didn’t stop especially people like chuka and obinna as they came to my desk and started shaking it vigorously ,pulling my face upward

‘’jesus the guy dey cry ooooo ahh this guy na coward’’ chuka said

‘’be a man na stop crying na, fresh boy like you’’ obinna whined

Some of the class student kept on laughing and some were sorry for their actions, anita walked to where I was and gave me a hand towel to wipe my tears off, I would have punched her but controlled myself. I saw the way chioma was looking at me In a pity manner before she looked away…..

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Some hours later it was break time , I was alone in the class as everyone had gone for break. I suddenly felt a tap and it was chioma, she looked at me for sometimes before muttering

‘’am sorry’’

‘’you don’t need to be sorry, its not your fault’’ I said gently

‘’see jake that’s enough, I still love and cherish you’’ chioma said holding my life

‘’I love you too’’ I said in a low tone while she hugged me and I kissed her hair’’

Unknowing to us anita has been standing looking at the both of us before she hit a table to notify us of her presence. We disengaged

‘’jake I will see you later’’ chioma said and left the class

‘’what is the meaning of that rubbish I saw you doing????’’

‘’don’t tell me you are this heartless, she was the only person who came to console me, where were you??’’

‘’oh oh jake stop it stop it, I went to see mr okafor’’ she said sitting on my laps..i was moved

‘’hmmm really, pls stand up’’ I said

‘’fine, I know you don’t want troubles but I want you to come to my house on Saturday we have to talk about this our relationship’’

‘’really??? Anita you are not material at all’’

‘’but I said am sorry but mind you I don’t want to see you anywhere near chioma again maybe I should involve the tigers to deal with her’’

‘’no no no don’t do that pls…you know what you wont see me near chioma ever again I promise’’

‘’that’s my boo, also I don’t want you to see her secretly mind you I gat eyes on you any stupid move you make the tigers strike on her’’

‘’trust me, don’t you trust jake again’’ I said with a heavy heart while she gave me a passionate kiss

‘’I love you’’ I said crying inward as she left the class

‘’haaa what do I do now???’’ I thought

I didn’t stay in the class for the rest of the day as I was in the library crying myself up. As soon as it was closing kimkom called me to inform me that he would be 15 minutes late since the vehicle had tire problem. I left the school coldly with lot of things going on in my mind that I don’t think emeka or kimkom can solve. Suddenly I heard my name

‘’jake !! jake!! Jake!!’’

I looked to the direction of the voice and saw jane caliing me from a narrow street leading behind our school

‘’oh God another devil’’ I muttered before going her direction………..I

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