Agony of Chioma Episode 19


jakes phone was ringing………

I looked at the caller and it was an unknown number, I wanted to ignore it but I changed my mind and picked it


‘’jake or whatever they call you what have you done to my sister, I warned her about you, I knew you were fake , and evil but I promise you that God must punish you’’ she fired

I knew it was no other person than Amaka chioma’s sister====

‘’I can explain, I didn’t mean to do that pls help me beg chioma, I am coming to explain everything to her’’

‘’shut up , jake why are you this wicked and heartless mind you I don’t want to see your face near our compound’’

‘’pls don’t get me wrong, I can explain everything how it happened’’

‘’keep that to yourself and stay off my sister’’ amaka said and hanged up

‘’oh God what have I gotten myself into’’ I lamented

I didn’t eat anything that day nor talk to anyone and my grand ma was worried. That same night I logged into facebook and saw several pictures of the incident that happened in school with several comments and reactions and the worst part was that I was tagged to all the pictures and you know what that means my mum,sister,dad,friends will see that. That night I felt like dying but I didn’t.

The next day was our school party but I didn’t attend it, emeka was set and ready to go, kimkom was even waiting outside but I told him I am not attending the party, he understood my condition and consoled me but on the long run when mama heard I wasn’t going , she asked me why and I told her I wasn’t feeling too well that am going to go later in the day…..

At exactly 3pm I got prepared, boarded a bike straight to school. When I got there the party was still going on but almost about to finish as they were giving out award. I went to the first library where I could see everything that was going on in the party


‘’we have less time and this should be done very fast meanwhile our graduating students should also get prepared for their award and graduation’’ a teacher annouced

‘’now for the ss2 we are giving out eight awards and there is no time so we gonna make it snappy. As soon as you hear your name just come immediately’’

‘’I call on mr obiano to help me with the presentation. The first award goes to the best student in mathematics louis chinedu’’

They kept on calling different awards in different science subject till it got to an award meant for the neatest student in the school, I was surprised to hear my name, yea I merited the award but I wasn’t in the party so emeka had to collect it for me. After the party we went to our class while our teacher joined us to distribute our results and party parkage…..

‘’jake why didn’t you attend the party’’ he asked

‘’sir I wasn’t feeling too fine’’

‘’hope you are better now’’

‘’yes sir’’

‘’see me before you go’’

I saw the reaction in most of my class mate face , some of them even avoided. I heard some gossiping why I was given the neatest….

‘’don’t mind him, he is neat outside but cruel and dirty inside’’ ada whispered to gloria while I sighed

I tried getting chioma’s attention but all my plans and moves were abortive. I felt like an outcast because everyone avoided except anita who was following me all about like a house fly.

Finally I collected my result and I came 3rd position in health science , chioma was 2nd , louis 1st ,the crazy anita 11th imagine… the school was getting scanty and emeka was set to leave while I quickly went to meet Mr johnson our class teacher

‘’sir am about leaving so I decided to come and see you quickly’’

;’’wow cool I just want to tell you few things before you leave… jake I see potentials in you, you are bright, hardworking but don’t allow female issues to put you down, its not as if I don’t know whats going on or trending in this class but I must warn you stay off girls’’

‘’thank you Mr johnson I appreciate and I must work towards your advise’’

‘’good safe journey back to lagos’’

‘’oh thanks have a nice holiday’’

‘’your welcome’’

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I later joined emeka with kimkom and we went home. About twenty five hours later I found myself in my fathers house in lagos, for the first time I felt happy for quite some days. Home is really fun with all my family members, cindy on the other hand had to take responsibility of blocking that post I was tagged on from my parent account to save me from trouble….


‘’so how is this your chioma and tell me what really happening in that picture’’ cindy asked sipping from her fruit juice

‘’hmmmm well the relationship has fallen apart, a girl has been pestering my life in enugu that she had to send some evil boys to treaten my life’’

‘’what?? How’’

‘’she loves me but I don’t love her and those evil boys gave me 24 hours to propose to her in public that’s the origin of that pics you saw’’

{knocking on the gate}

‘’some one is knocking’’ cindy said

‘’adamu check who is at the gate’’ I instructed….


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To be continued………