Agony of Chioma Episode 18



Jake’s point of view====

I walked majestically with chioma to canteen 2 where anita and about five of her friends was. I observed my heart beat as it was beating rhythmically. I held chioma hand till we got to the exact point anita was…

‘’what are you guys doing here’’ anita stood up and fired immediately

‘’hey calm down’’ I said gently

‘’jake what are we doing here???’’ chioma asked without getting a reply from me

I knelt down before anita in shame and disgrace, suddenly almost all our classmates were just coming out from no where ‘oh am finished’’ I said inwardly…. I wanted to end the show but I remembered the tigers instruction and cursed my dad for sending me to the village to school. I could see the happy smiley mood in anita and the surprise face in chioma …..

‘’erm erm erm anita am sorry for everything , am really sorry for the pain I have caused you, pls forgive me’’

‘’yeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhh’’ the little crowd shouted

‘’and anita can you be my girlfriend?????’’
The whole crowd went silent and looked at us in silent

‘’ohh my jake are you serious’’ anita said blushing

I felt like killing her at that moment ‘’thunder fire your papa’’ I cursed inwardly

‘’taaaaaahh’’ I received hot slap from chioma while she bursted

‘’ jake I hate you, I hate you, you are a betrayal , so this was your plan, I hate the hell out of you’’ she shouted

‘’coward’’ most of my class mate cursed me

Chioma quickly rushed at me and started beating me as if that was not enough she bit me on my hand until blood oozed vigorously from my hand, thank God for the people who dragged her away to avoid further violence….Anita made to attack her but some people also held her…….

‘’daughter of a b—h’’ anita cursed chioma

‘’oh yes jake is finally mine, he is mine and mine alone’’ anita sang as she and her useless friends escorted me to the sick bay…….

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‘’Guys I think say this jake get sense ooo I know no say na otobo him be’’

‘’the thing just weak me ooo after everything with chioma’’

‘’see guys I am thinking that anita is now using spiritual powers or voodoo’’

‘’I think you have a point because this cant be ordinary, even in the public’’

‘’there is more to this sha lets keep watching’’
chioma view of the story

‘’how will jake do this to me’’ she cried out in a high tune

‘’chioma don’t kill yourself over a mere boy’’ ije advised

‘’chioma remember we are presenting tomorrow, don’t spoil your mood now’’ ada said

‘’pls take heart jake is just like his brother birds of same feathers’’
I was really sad and depressed, if not for grace I would have fainted, jake is just a dog, he had his ways and now dumped me, I swear jake wont see good I promise, I felt like throwing up at that moment jake is just a disappointment to my life.

I went to my class fetch my bag and left the school immediately, I was so ashamed of my self the worst was how junior student were looking at me. As soon as I got home I took the two rose, clothes and some jewelry jake bought for me and set them ablaze. ‘’from today hence forth denounce jake as lover’’ I said with tears ………….

After series of interrogation and questioning from the school nurse, she later treated me before I went back to my class to rest. On getting to my class I received several insult AND CURSES from my class pals ,
some told me I wont go scot free, some said I should go for prayers that I am influenced with juju, some said I was mad and useless, coward and the rest of them, but I didn’t care only if they knew what was on ground.

I took my bag and was about leaving the school when I noticed anita was still following me

‘’anita whats your problem??’’ I shouted

‘’ my love, you have to be calm with me you know’’ she said seductively but that wasn’t getting me

‘’anita you are a beast , monster, enemy of progress … why do you have to do that’’

‘’cmon jake lets forget about that , you are mine now and mine alone’’

‘’anita I hate you, stay away from me’’

I paused and kept staring at her until she gave me an irritating kiss, I scoffed before leaving her presence.

I wanted to go to chiomas house to explain things to her but I know she must be very angry now and might harm me so I stayed off and walked home. I was almost home when my iphone started ringing

‘’who could be calling’’

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To be continued……