Agony of Chioma Episode 20



Cindy and Jake watched Hannah entering the compound, with the expression on her face she looked so mean and determined. Jake wanted to pick to his hills but was stopped by cindy who held his shirt.

‘’there is no need running, I wont waste much of your time’’ hannah said slowly moving towards them

‘’hey whatsapp hannah’’ cindy greeted

‘’am doing good dear’’ she said ‘’jake this is the necklace you gave me the night we came together, have it back’’ hannah said giving the necklace to jake

‘’hannah it hasn’t gotten to this na, you can keep the necklace, I still love you;’’

‘’what did you just say??? Love ?? jake you love me and you were having affair with those village things, I even saw the photos… pls don’t provoke me, take the and let me leave’’ she shouted in a loud tune

‘’whats happening here??’’ my mum asked from behind

‘’erm erm mum its nothing, we are just trying to sort some issues’’ jake answered quickly

‘’hannah dear why are you crying???’’ jake mum asked

‘’its nothing ma, am just telling jake something’’ she said wiping her tears

‘’what is going on here that you guys arent telling me jake, cindy’’

‘’mum we are just talking, about some sort of things that concerns us’’

Jakes mother starred at them all in confusion and suspense

‘’ you all should come in’’ she murttered


‘’hannah are you pregnant for jake??’’

‘’oh no ma how can I be, that not the problem here ma’’

‘’ok so whats the problem here’’

‘’ok mum let me open up the frog, jake and hannah has been dating for sometimes now, you know we are close family friends but since jake went to the village he dumped her, chasing after some sort of village girls. Hannah only came to give him back their relationship necklace’’ cindy said

‘’taaaaaahhhh’’’ MRs madu gave jake a dirty slap that pushed him backward


‘’you deserve more than that, fine am not offended with your relationship but for the fact that you left her for some village hopeless people, do you want to spoil our reputation’’ jakes mother said

Jake was too annoyed that he left the sitting room while his mother cuddled and pleaded with hannah but she refused, saying that she cant continue with jake but that does not mean anything to the both families realationship…..

Throughout that day I didn’t eat nor talk to anyone, why will my mum have to slap me because of hannah , so she value family relationship than her son…. The next day as soon as my dad left for work I also left to see my old friends and have fun .
Michael’s house====

‘’jake longest time no see how you dey na’’

‘’ michael na so I see am ooo you know say my papa carry me go villa’’

‘’yea cindy and hannah told me so how was your stay in the village’’

‘’guy very hectic ‘’

‘’I dey feel your parol, I even see some pictures for fb’’

‘’oh guy don’t mind those pics we were just acting??’’

‘’acting?? That stuff no look like acting, the comment there are somehow’’

‘’ok forget na, so where are you heading to before I came’’

‘’I going to fandrozz, some of our class mates are coming there too we wanna swim’’

‘’wow fandrozz, am going with you… lets get going.. wait a minutes you can now drive’’

‘’its not new now…I can drive but only little vehicles like this’’ michael said pointing at his mini vehicle [don’t really know the name]

I hopped in while he drove out of the compound. In less than forty minutes we arrived at fandross hotel and suite lekki, time check was 11;45 but the place was already booming and lively, michael and I entered into the hotel and found about two of my ex female class mates……

‘’jezz who am I seeing’’ cosy asked

‘’jake is this you or your spirit>???’’ maria asked

‘’[smiles] my spirit, that is what you are seeing’’ I said

‘’jake when did you come back??’’asked maria

‘’two days ago ,how are you girls doing??? Its been a while now’’

‘’you just left us without any notifications’’ cosy said

‘’it was really not my fault you know’’

‘’hmmm cosy didn’t cindy tell you???’’

‘’haba maria at least lets hear from the horse mouth’’

‘’ hahaha I really missed you guys’’ I said pulling a chair to join them in the table….

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chioma’s view of the story

Its been two days now since jake left the village, a part of me was missing him but I really need to move on. Since jake could do that to me easily, then he could do other things to me easily though according to my sister he didn’t do that intensional but I don’t care… I was trying to check out the plants in the compound when I saw emeka coming into the compound..

‘’’hey what are you doing here’’ I asked forming anger

‘’chioma you really need to calm down , I came in peace’’ he said with his hands raised up

‘’so what do you want???’’

‘’jake said I should check on you and also I have something important to tell you’’

‘’[laughing in grief] jake asked you to check on me as in am a child or what’’

‘’not at all, just let me in or you can give me a seat, stop behaving this way’’

‘’find lets sit outside’’ she said and saw on a cemented floor close to the balcony

‘’so you have the mind to leave your inlaw outside’’

She looked at emeka with an evil eyes and hissed before looking away……….

‘’ok no problem we can stay here. See chioma I want you to understand that what jake did to you in school wasn’t intentional’’

‘’so its was this useless discussion you came to discuss with me???’’

‘’no no, I just came to tell you how it all started’’

‘’ok am listening’’

‘’about few days ago some guys attacked jake , treatened him to propose to anita in the public else they would kill him in three days’’

‘’are you trying to convince me with this cheap lies of yours’’

‘’Am not lying, anita hired those guy and they are not ordinary guys, I thought you have heard of tigers those boys that murdered chike in the community field they are the one’’

‘’is this story true, but why didn’t jake involve his father’’

‘’they warned him not to do such else he would loss something precious, they also cautioned that where ever he runs to in order to dodge they will find him’’

‘’hmmm no wonder I saw with tears the day that incident happened but why didn’t he tell me the big task ahead’’

‘’I don’t really know maybe he didn’t have the mind to do that’’

‘’well am feeling pity for me but I don’t think this relationship can really work out again he will be coming back in the next three weeks before resumption, I think you guys can have time to talk well’’

‘’ok I have heard , you can leave now’’

‘’are you chasing me away its no problem but am leaving already’’



I was really having a good time with my ex classmates , we were gisting, only me was drinking since I wasn’t going to swim with them. All of a sudden my phone started ringing, it was an unknown number so I decided to excuse myself to take the call

‘’guys excuse me, I will be back’’

‘’hello who is on the line’’ I said immediately I stepped out of the hotel

‘’don’t tell me you can recognized your lovers voice again’’


‘’jake how are you doing, hope you slept well’’

‘’that’s non of your business, don’t call me again when I get back if we have issue we would sort that out’’

‘’jake I hate the way you behave , arent we lovers now’’

‘’f u c k yo…’’ jake didn’t complete his sentence when he saw the most shocking thing of his life

‘’what!!!!!’’ he shouted


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To be continued……..