Afia’s Time Episode 2


It had been scary at first, hovering up there on the ceiling and watching what was happening.

Tony stayed in the bathroom for a long time crying that day, and I felt very sorry for him, and so lost without him. Oh, how I wished I could comfort him and tell him everything would be okay.

He appeared eventually, and he took out a white bedsheet from the wardrobe and draped it over my body. He then went out, and I lost the sense of time as I continued to hover on the ceiling for a long time. Tony went out of the bedroom, and although I wanted to follow him, I was very scared.

I wondered how my son would take the news, and so I waited.

Later on, paramedics and three policemen arrived and fidgeted around the room and my body, and then, eventually, my body was lifted from the bed, put on a stretcher, and borne out of the room. This time I glided across the ceiling, and then I had the next surprise of my life!

I could glide right through walls!

Thankfully, Abram was not in the house, and so I hovered in the air above the ambulance aimlessly to the hospital and followed my body to the mortician’s rooms. Maybe, in a macabre sort of way, I was thinking this still might be a sort of dream and I just might slip back into my body and wake up, but things were getting gradually frantic now.

Tony had come to the hospital, and I heard him instructing the mortician to embalm me and make my corpse beautiful for viewing later in the day by my aged parents.

When the mortician bathed my body in a formaldehyde solution to soften my body parts, I saw how bushy my groin really was! Goodness me, it was a bush down there!

Tony had always preferred me to have hair down there because he always complained my shaved pudenda made him feel as if he were making love to a ‘little’ girl.

Korku had always preferred it shaved, just like me, and of course, making love had been so fulfilling and great with Korku. There had been times I wondered where he was. On a couple of occasions during the time I was about to marry Tony, I had wanted to see Korku and tell him I had forgiven him finally but I was moving on, and so I had visited his hometown.

His parents had informed me he sent money monthly, but they did not know where he was, and he neither called them.

This had worried me a big deal. Of course, I realized I still loved him, but I could not trust him with my heart anymore. That sight of him and Esi in the bathroom had almost killed me.

And so I had moved on with Tony who preferred his ‘meat’ bushy.

Well, when the mortician began to embalm my body by using glue to shut my eyes and then wires to keep my jaws locked and a smile on my face, I finally floated out of the mortuary and hovered outside!

And I was not alone!

I began to see other ghostly figures hovering around, just like me! Men, women, children, young, old, all sorts!

But our spirits acted as if we were complete strangers that could not see each other. I guess that in a way we all had big issues on our plates, and we could not be bothered about what someone else was feeling.

But there were other spirits around, and these were scary!

They seemed to emit a sort of violent interior, a crackling, sizzling raw energy that seemed to make their souls a bit red-tinged around the edges. They growled when I stared at them, and one even dashed across the room with raised fingers that had formed into claws as if he meant to harm me!

I groaned with terror and fled into the next room where all the freezing compartments were. Eventually, they wheeled my body in. Indeed, my face was looking real surreal and fresh, as I was just taking a nap.

That was when my heart really broke, I guess, and I cried in my heart, full of grief. But being a spirit was different from being a human being, and so my tears did not fall physically, but I felt that great pain.

Eventually, I was put into one of the freezing compartments, and then I floated out of the hospital and glided around town for a while. I made myself go home where I found a lot of people – friends and family members – had gathered, and they were really weeping!

Esi, my best friend, was present with her parents and her sister, Yaa Yaa. Esi was holding Abram, and she was trying her best to console my son as he wept bitterly. I floated down to him and tried to wrap my arms around him, but to no avail! My arms just went right through my son!

I could not stand the pain and all that tragic mourning from my son and yet be unable to console him. It simply broke my heart. Oh, how I wished I could speak to them and tell them everything was alright, but I could not.

I just could not do it!

Feeling so frustrated and extremely weak, I floated out of our house with my heart bursting with great agony.

I really did not know what I was going to do with these five hovering days I had been given. I wished fervently that Angel Stephen had simply taken me away and spared me this unbearable agony of seeing my loved ones in such fractious pain.

It was horrible because I could see them but they definitely could not see me. I could not touch or speak to them, and worse, I could not even touch my son and tell him everything was going to be alright.

So what was the use of being granted five hovering days?

I stayed away for two days, unable to go home and witness the agony of my son, waiting patiently for Angel Stephen to come back to me.

But the days of hovering were cold and lonely, especially when I met another of those belligerent and violent spirits growling and slashing at each other, and behaving as if they could feel the physical pain of each blow.

I floated away from them and came back home.

To a horror story!

First, I saw my son Abram lying on the bare fluffy carpet in the hall without a pillow or cover cloth! He was shivering badly and weeping bitterly!

“Mommy, Mommy, Oh, Mommy!” he was jabbering over and over. “Mommy, where are you?”

It seared through my heart so badly that for a moment I froze on the ceiling!

I floated down to him with anguish, trying to lift him up and carry him to his room, but my hands just went through him!

“Oh, Abram!” I cried with a broken heart. “What is this? What is happening? Where is Tony? Why are you lying on the floor?”

I floated fast to my son’s room, which was next to mine, and horror of horrors, I found a boy of five years lying on my son’s bed!

And yes, I knew that boy…

His name was Akotuah, and he was the son of Yaa Yaa, my best friend’s younger sister!

Dear sweet Lord!

What was Yaa Yaa’s son doing in my son’s bed at this ungodly time of the night, just two days after my death?

What pained me most was the fact that there were about three other guest rooms in the house I had built with my own money! Couldn’t Akotuah had been housed in any of the other rooms? Why my son’s bed? Even if his bed had been given to this stranger, why was Abram lying on the bare floor? Why was he not allowed to use one of the other rooms and covered with a sheet against the cold?

He was just an eleven-year-old boy who had just lost his sweet mother!

Furiously, I glided into the bedroom…

And then I saw them!

Tony and Yaa Yaa, both naked on the bed, making love furiously like two mad dogs!

They were wrapped around each other like some porn gymnasts and groaning and panting in the frenzy of their sexual bliss!

If I had been able to, I would have collapsed!

If I had been able to I would have screamed and torn them to shreds with my bare hands, limb by limb!

Oh, yes, if I had been able to I would have ripped out their eyes and peeled off the skins from their wicked backs!

But I was dead, and just a hovering soul, and I could only feel the unbearable pain and agony as I watched them defiling my bed, my memory and the very core of my existence!

The most painful aspect was that Tony had never appeared to like Yaa Yaa in the least!

He always described her as ‘your friend’s spoilt little brat of a sister!’

Yaa Yaa was dark, lithe and very beautiful, and twenty-three years old, and she had been a sort of constant visitor to our home with her sister Esi. Obedient and a vibrant, vivacious girl, she had always been helpful. Whenever she was home on vacation, she visited us and helped around the house washing, cooking and cleaning.

I liked her a lot, but I had been sceptical of entertaining her for long hours in the house because Tony obviously detested her so! He could not stand the way she dressed, spoke or moved. To him, she was a spoilt child.

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I had made sure on countless occasions, that Yaa Yaa left before Tony came home. They had been times, though, when she had spent the night over, most times with her sister Esi.

When she got pregnant at the age of eighteen, everybody had been disappointed. Esi had tried to get her to abort the baby, but she had not, and had refused vehemently to mention the name of the father. She had only said the father of her child had left Ghana to the United States and might be back.

The father had never shown up.

But the boy had uncannily looked like Tony, and I had even once remarked on the resemblance which had sparked a really horrible and furious reaction from Tony, who had warned me never to make such a joke again!

And so I had believed him!

Outwardly, it had seemed he hated Yaa Yaa so much!

But now it was beginning to make sense, a lot of sense!

If Akotuah was my husband’s son, that meant he began sleeping with Yaa Yaa when she was just eighteen years old, just two years after we got married!

I watched them grinding and groaning, embedded and glued together in bestial ecstasy, and then I began to feel a lot of hate! I watched that man I have lived with for seven years and felt a load of guilt during those years because I had not been able to love him as he should. 

My guilt had stemmed from the fact that no matter how hard I tried, somewhere deep down in my psyched a part of me had been hungering for Korku, wondering where he was, whether he was okay, whether he was living well, and wondering who he was with. I had always felt guilty because every time Korku hit my spot I felt the earth moving.

Korku, a man I still loved!

Yes, I had felt so guilty all my life by simply thinking about Korku sometimes, feeling I was being unfaithful to Tony, my husband who had lost his job and now worked for me.

I gave him a salary, fed him, let him live in the house I built and kept his body warm!

And all along what was he doing?

Having porn sex with a girl almost twice his age and having babies in the process! And this man could not even wait for me to be buried, no! He had the audacity to bring his whore into my house, into my bed which still had the bedsheets I died on, and to screw on it like mad dogs.

Hovering on the ceiling and watching him, I was so appalled that I just wanted to tear him up limb by limb! Here was a guy who in the seven years I was married to him had given me a total of three orgasms, or maybe less, but I was a woman who believed in making things work, and so I had stuck to that marriage and never once acted on my urge to track down Korku!

After marriage to Tony, I had no longer welcomed Korku’s phone calls to inquire about his son, and eventually, he had stopped, and the gulf had widened between us.

Now he was gone, lost somewhere out there in the wild, sacrificed so that I could make my life with Tony a working one. But this bastard just did not give a damn about loyalty and had gone on his way to have a long-lasting relationship with this bimbo, had a son with her, and was now defiling my bed whilst my son was lying on the bare carpet shivering and weeping!

With a roar, I flashed down from the ceiling and started slashing furiously at them whilst screaming with pain. Yaa Yaa’s legs were now across his shoulders and he was hammering through her like a foolish moron. I slashed at his back with my fingers whilst screaming in anguish, but of course, he did not feel anything.

But Yaa Yaa stopped moaning suddenly and stared up at Tony’s face with a sudden shock. Tony stopped thrusting and looked down at her, and he had an uneasy look on his face.

“Did you feel it?” Yaa Yaa whispered suddenly. “I feel cold…strangely cold!”

Tony slowly disengaged himself from her and looked around him with an anxious expression.

“I heard…I thought I heard a whisper!” he said tremulously.

And just then the door opened, and Abram stood in the doorway.

Both of them screamed, but when they saw it was him Yaa Yaa screamed and pulled a cloth around herself whilst Tony dropped down behind the side of the bed to hide his nakedness.

“Hey, get the hell out of here!” Tony screamed at my son.

There were tears in Abram’s eyes as he looked at this man who had until my death been such a loving father to him.

“I’m hungry, Daddy,” he said pitifully. “Can I make a little chocolate?”

“You fucking bastard!” Tony shouted as he drew his towel from the floor, draped it around his waist, and then he bore down on the little boy with fury on his face.

“Tony, don’t you dare!” I screamed as my horror intensified, horror mixed with pain. “Don’t you hit him, Tony! Don’t you dare hit my son!”

And Tony slapped Abram so horribly that the little boy crashed to the floor and curled into the foetal position as his tears fell.

My husband – now a beast I could not recognize – leaned down and grabbed Abram’s arm and dragged him out of the room, down the corridor as the boy screamed, and hurled him cruelly through the doorway and down on the floor of the living-room.

“Stay there and sleep!” Tony growled angrily.

I was shrieking and hitting out at him, so furiously and with such pain that even though my hands went right through him, the lights in the hall dimmed fractionally and rapidly for about three times, and Tony spun around sharply as if he had heard my voice.

He raised his foot as if to stamp down on Abram, who moaned and raised his arm to cover his face. I knew that if that foot came down on Abram, he would be hurt badly. But I was not so much taken aback by Tony’s violent behaviour than the look on his face!

His expression was one of raw hate and pure undiluted malice!

It dawned on me suddenly…

Tony had never loved my son, no!

It had all been a pretence!

I screamed in anguish and blasted around him so furiously that the lights blinked rapidly again, and the huge clock on the wall came slamming down the glass splintering!

Tony took a step back, and now his eyes darted around the room with sudden apprehension, and then he turned with a savage grunt and went back down the corridor toward the bedroom.

I floated around my son, trying to help him up, but I simply could not hold him. He crawled tearfully to the rug, lay down, curled up, and began to weep heartbreakingly.

“Mommy, Mommy, where are you?” my son wept and jabbered.

And in torture I crawled around him, trying to comfort him.

‘I’m here, A.B, my darling, Mommy is here,” I groaned in anguish.

But I could neither hold my son nor comfort him!

This was a mother’s most painful hour, and if I could, I would have shed tears of blood!

And suddenly I knew that there was a monster in my house, a vicious stranger who had kept his angel clothes on, and who was a ravenous predator underneath!

Now I understood why I had been given five hovering days before the angel came to me! but what was I going to do? Already I had lost two days just hovering around, unknowingly making my schedule tight!

“Oh, Lord, please help me, please direct me!” I wept as I hovered around my son until he slipped into an uneasy sleep.

To be continued