Afia’s Time Episode 1



The most painful experience I ever had was the afternoon I found my husband and my best friend’s sister making love on the bed I shared with him just two days after my death.

I died on that bed on a Sunday dawn, and two days later they came to the same bed and disrespected my memory in a way that shattered me!

It was a really powerful moment of pain for me because I simply could not get my mind around the fact that my body was still stowed away in a mortuary at the General Hospital, and here was my husband of seven years sleeping with another woman on that same bed.

I had been hovering on that bed for quite some time now, actually.

The fact was, I remembered my death pretty clearly. I had been quite sick for some time, and it intensified a couple of weeks ago. Our family doctor, Osei Danso, had admitted me in his clinic for a week and then discharged me. He wanted me to have a lot of bed rest and take my medication.

I had been feeling less pain, actually, after my discharge, so I had assumed everything would be alright. The ailment had been this chronic pain in my stomach that got worse with time, but that final week had been a bit peaceful to me.

The Saturday night prior to that fateful Sunday dawn had been quite fulfilling for me. My son, Abram, who was eleven years old, had spent a beautiful time with me reading from his picture Bible. We had prayed together, and then I had asked him to go to bed.

My husband, Tony Wusu, had not returned from the office yet. He had taken over the running of my Transport Company when I fell sick. He had been a purchasing officer of a manufacturing company, but he had been laid off the previous year following a bad deal he had been found guilty of, together with four other top-ranking officers.

Of course, he had denied vehemently that he was a part of the deal, and claimed he had been framed and set-up because Management wanted him out.

I had believed him.

He was my husband, and had been a wonderful husband in the seven years we had been together. My transport company was quite huge and profitable, and I had always insisted he came to run it with me, but he was one of those guys who was sensitive about being seen as not ‘man’ enough, so he had stuck to his job.

Now, jobless, he came in to be my partner.

I loved Tony because he had always been honest, truthful and committed. Unfortunately, we had not been able to have kids. Abram was my son from my former marriage. His father, Korku Dogbe, had been my first love. He was the man I really love, and although my parents had resisted our marriage because he was an Ewe, I had really persisted.

I got pregnant for him, and my parents finally agreed to make him perform the customary rites, but no wedding. Abram was born, and two years later I caught Korku in our bathroom with my best friend, Esi.

We were childhood friends, more like sisters. She used to come in sometimes to babysit Abram for me whilst I attended to pertinent issues. That particular day, Korku had been home, purportedly sick. I had left them together but needed some documents for a client which I forgot in the file cabinet at home.

I rushed home and heard Esi screaming from the bathroom. Rushing in, I saw both of them naked, and Korku obviously struggling with her in the bath. Esi had been devastated, telling me Korku told her he was coming over to be with me in the office, so she had decided to take a bath.

My husband had come back suddenly, found her in the bathroom naked, and had decided to have his way with her. He had denied it of course, but what else did he have to say?

I had neither believed nor forgiven him.

Devastated and heartbroken by that betrayal, I divorced him immediately, unable to accept his apologies. We had then started the transport business, and he left town as a result.

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Two years later I met Tony Wusu, got married to him, and stayed seven years with him before I fell sick.

And, on that Saturday night, Tony came in around eleven o’clock, took a shower and came to lie down beside me. I had missed him so much and wanted to make love to him, but he had kissed me tenderly with his sweet smile and promised me any kind of lovemaking I would want once the doctor had given me a clear pass.

“I love you, Afia,” he had whispered sweetly.

“Oh, Tony, I love you more,” had been my choked response.

We had laughed tenderly, chatted sweetly, and then drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

And then Sunday dawn.

I had first been aware of bright light all around me, and then had come the most horrible sight of my life!

I could see my body on the bed, wrapped in Tony’s arms as he wept bitterly. It was as if my sight was from the ceiling and I was looking down at the spectacle!

That was scary!

At first, I thought I was having a sort of nightmare. Out of body experiences had been stories I had heard before, so I thought later this might be one of them, and that I would wake up soon and find myself back in my body.

But when I saw Tony rushing to the bathroom, and leaving me on the bed, and I could see my immovable body, it dawned on me suddenly that something really terrible had occurred.

And then a kind gentle voice had spoken beside me.


I turned my head slowly and saw this bright light on my right, the kind of light that had no source, and the voice had come from within that light!

“Who are you?” I asked, and found out that I was not really scared, just kind of confused and disoriented.

“I am Stephen, your guardian angel,” the voice said gently. “And I will keep your dear soul until the appointed Judgement Day.”

“I’m dead, ain’t I?” I asked, and now I was beginning to get really scared.

“I’m afraid so, dear,” the gentle angel said. “But you have no fear, my dear. You have lived a good life, and been faithful to God, and been a good Christian, so there is a good place for you.”

“Oh!” I whispered, and my heart was really broken now. “But…but I didn’t say goodbye to my son! My parents! My husband…oh, no!”

“Don’t worry, my dear,” the angel said kindly. “Everything will work out just fine because you have found justification.”

“And what do we do now?” I asked with fear. “Do we leave now?”

“Well, under normal circumstances, I would have taken you away a long time ago. But sometimes, like this instance, the God Lord allows the soul to linger for a while. We call it the Hovering Time, and it comes with definite time frames. So, I was waiting for you to get oriented to what has happened, and to inform you that you will have five days Hovering Time. After five days, I will see you again, and I will take you to a better place.”

And then the light suddenly disappeared, and I knew Angel Stephen was gone.

But, as it turned out, my least fears were my sudden death and my inability to say goodbye to my husband, son and parents…

My real fears and my real pain began when I saw Tony making love to my best friend’s sister on our bed just two days after my death!

To be continued


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