“Adzo” (The Untamed) Season 2 – Episode 9


She ignored him and went straight to her mother’s room only to find Mr. Abdul comfortably sitting on her mother’s matrimonial bed, holding hands with her.

An angry girl who was looking for answers right after the death of her father meets her mother whom she trusted so much with a total stranger sitting right on her mother’s matrimonial bed.

Ruby was in the state of dilemma, she didn’t know what to do when she saw them. She was made to believe that her mother didn’t know Mr. Abdul from anywhere but what she just saw suggested something else.

“Mum, what is this man doing in here? He was here for business isnt it Mum” Ruby asked.

She looked so confused and very nervous when Ruby asked her that question however Mr. Abdul just stood up and went out of the room leaving Ruby with her mother.

Ruby obviously looked at him with an angry face as he walked pass her.

“Mum, what was he here for” Ruby kept on asking.

Ruby’s mother looked for a good reason to tell Ruby in order to avert any suspicions on her part.

“hmm, I couldn’t handle It when he was telling me about the relationship that existed between him and your dad, apparently they were very close, I actually came here to give him the family album” Ruby’s mother said.

Ruby was too smart to know her mother was lying to her but that was not her concern. She came here for a different purpose.

“Mum, why do you even have to lie to me? what are you hiding from me? She asked.

“What are you insinuating my daughter, that I have something doing with that man? Ruby’s mother asked back.

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Her guilty conscience almost exposed her with the question she asked.

“I’m not referring to that. Mum, I met Adzo today” Ruby said.

Her Mum’s face changed the more and she got very nervous. She knew how her daughter was when she gets angry. She knew that with little provocation, Ruby may end up taking matters into her own hands and no one will be able to handle her.

Meanwhile while Adzo was waiting patiently for Ruby’s return, she got the attention of Nana with how she was able within a short time engage Nhyira into playing and having fun with her.
No one had ever embraced and treated Nhyira like that. Nana felt very impressed as he watched on. He began to see Adzo in a different way.

Adzo noticed it and questioned him. “Is there something wrong?” Adzo asked.

“Oh no, just like the way Nhyira has grown fond of you” Nana said.

“Well I’m glad, my unborn child will have a big sister to play with” Adzo said.

Nana immediately got stunned with what Adzo said, he somehow felt disappointed for a reason best known to himself.

“Are you pregnant? Nana asked.

“Yeah” Adzo said while she was still playing with Nhyira. Nana got heartbroken which was a surprising thing.

It was amazing how Nana felt after Adzo had told him about her pregnancy, he just left the scene went into his room. Adzo immediately knew something was wrong somewhere.

Efe was still bargiaining with Fred over the amount she was demanding before she proceeds with the termination of the pregnancy. He finally had to settle on 1800ghc as at now, Efe still had the upper hand.

They both agreed on a meeting time and venue after which Fred left the kitchen in search of Ruby. From the hallway, Fred could actually hear Ruby’s voice in her mother’s room.

Meanwhile, Adzo was still having a good time with Nhyira until something tragic happened.  Nana was still in his room when he heard a loud shout from Adzo. He came to find his daughter lying flat on the floor looking very rigid. Apparently, while Adzo was still playing with Nhyira, the little girl got hold of a faulty electrical socket which eventually electrocuted her. Adzo however didn’t know the danger the child was exposed to until the incident happened. She was still ignorant of this whole city life living.

To be continued




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