“Adzo” (The Untamed) season 1 Episode 10


Suddenly, He pushed away Baaba. This was supposed to be a night before his wedding. He quickly got out of the car only to find Ruby’s father standing behind Baaba’s car watching him.

Fred was very nervous at this time. He didn’t know how to react; Ruby’s father on the other hand just kept watching him. Suddenly, Ruby came out of the house and joined them.

Baaba who was by then still in her vehicle drove off quickly at the sight of Ruby.

“Is there something wrong Dad?” Ruby asked. She sensed something fishy from the way her Dad looked at Fred.

“I will be in my room” He said without answering Ruby. He left them both and went back to the house.

Fred’s conscience was not at rest. He didn’t know whether Ruby’s Dad had seen him kissing Baaba or not. He was restless and this began to show in his actions.

“Fred, what is going on, did you have any misunderstanding with my Dad?”  Ruby asked.

“No Ruby, I will be on my way. We have a big day tomorrow.” Fred said. He gave Ruby a hug and went back into the house.

Ruby knew something had definitely  happened in her absence between Fred and her Dad.  The look her father gave Fred was no different from the look he gave Ruby any time she did something wrong.

Fred never mentioned Baaba to Ruby when they began dating, however Ruby without the knowledge of Fred, did her own background check. She knew the relationship that existed between Fred and Baaba. She was just waiting for the day that Fred will come clean and tell her about his past.

But now that Baaba was back in the scene, maybe this was just the perfect time for Fred to spill it out. Perhaps, tonight was not the best time but whatever the case may be, she still wanted to hear it from Fred.

It was late now and everyone had already slept. Fred had gone to lodge in a hotel in preparation for his wedding. Adzo was having a sleepless night, she was finding it difficult to adapt with her new environment. The fan that kept blowing air, the bed she was sleeping on and everything in her room was so not familiar with her.

She kept tossing on the bed and finally decided to sleep on the tiled floor. After a while, she was not feeling comfortable anymore. She stood up and got out of her room.

The whole place was quiet. Everyone was asleep. She slowly walked to the kitchen and got herself a cup of water.  Suddenly she heard footsteps.

“Who could that be? She said to herself.

Before she could make any move. Ruby’s father who was also having a sleepless night also came to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

“Young girl, are you ok? What are you doing up at this hour of the night” Ruby’s Father asked.

“Master, I came to take in some water, I should be on my way” Adzo said.

“No, wait. Sit with me” Ruby’s Father said.

Adzo was nervous; she was not expecting that from the man of the house.

“Master, have I done something wrong? Adzo asked.

Ruby’s Father laughed from the way Adzo asked the question. She looked too innocent and sober.

“No my dear, just sit down  with me. I’m really finding it hard to sleep. You can keep me company for a while.” Ruby’s father said.

Ruby’s father was the type that always wanted people around him. He hated to be alone. He thought that this could be the perfect opportunity for him to interact with Adzo and get to know her better.

“Master, is there any problem. I know of a good remedy that can make you sleep” Adzo said.

“Interesting. What do you have in mind? He asked.

“Back from where I come, we usually mix pure garlic with water and drink. It really helps and improve our sleep” Adzo said.

“I see. I hope you can make some for me? Ruby’s father asked.

“Why not master. I will.” Adzo said “But first, you drink this glass of water.”   She continued and gave him a glass of water.

With the warm reception Adzo gave Ruby’s father, he felt comfortable around her. He wanted to confide in her about something.

“Can I ask you a question, my daughter” He asked.

“Master go ahead? She said.

“What will you do when you want to protect someone you love so much from involving herself with someone who is not worth but you are scared you might hurt her feelings knowing very well she is deeply in love with this person” Ruby’s father asked.

“Master I see this has to do with your daughter” Adzo said.  “But what I think is that, you should do your part as a father by telling her what you think. But the decision still lies in her hands”

To Ruby’s father, that was very laudable but in any case, he felt it was too late. However He intended to use his own way in protecting his only daughter from being hurt by Fred.

After a while, Ruby’s father left Adzo and went to sleep. Adzo on the other hand did the same.

The much anticipated wedding came and everyone was at the church waiting for the bride to come. Fred, the groom, had already walked down the aisle and was standing right in front of the altar.

The church was full to the maximum with a lot of dignitaries and invited guest. Adzo and all the other maids were beatifully dressed and as usual Adzo was growing beautiful and beautiful day by day.

The organist started playing the famous wedding tune and all those present stood up as they welcomed the bridegroom, Ruby accompanied by her father who was well dressed in a traditional Kente cloth.

They slowly walked down the aisle as all the guests watched them.

Just a few inches away from the alter, Ruby’s father felt a sharp pain in his heart. This made him miss his step and eventually fell down. Ruby tried holding him up but He was too heavy. Everyone rushed in to give a helping hand including Ruby’s mother.  To their amazement, Ruby’s father was lying down motionless. In fact he had given his life away that very moment.

To Be Continued Tomorrow.