Magdalena pressures Aaron to tell her where her daughter is and now he explains all about why he faked his death just to free himself from all the debt he owed but before that, he made sure to allow some rich people adopt their daughter Veronica so she will have a good life and Magdalena’s heart jumped in surprise and asks Aaron if he is telling her the truth.

Magdalene then asks him to tell her the name of the family who adopted her daughter but he tells her to calm down since he is going to tell her later because he is only revealing the truth to her not because he is interested in her again as his wife but only wants to derive money from her and she gives him money and right from there he goes to gamble with it with his brother Clement. He then tells Clement that they are going to do everything possible to kidnap Magdalene to also derive money from Botel also.

Pablo’s mother arrives and she begins to complement him to Crescencio and his household that her son is a great and truthful guy and therefore if he is going to give him the chance to be with his granddaughter, he is going to take very good care of her and also be a good husband to her. Crescencio then becomes convinced and tells the gathering that, if he had some doubts about Pablo, it’s been cleared by his mother and therefore he gives his consent and agrees to give Ana to him. Pablo finally proposes to his future wife by asking for Crescencio’s blessings and after, sealed it with a ring.

During the ceremony, Martin reveals to Veronica that, the final documents of they being partners have arrived and it  means that, Veronica now owns 50% shares of the mine and that makes them partners and because he wants her to own a part of everything he has and she tells him there was no point in doing that. 
Veronica then suggests to him that if that is so then she wishes to work at the mine and feel part of the workers.

Emiliano continues to fall for the game of Virginia as she continues to cry her eyes out and he pledges to marry her after seeing how she’s suffered for him only to see him on his feet as a man again.

Mariana discloses to Virginia that she has decided to go to mina Escondida to look for Pablo since everything she’s done to get in touch with him has fallen apart but Virginia tells her not to go so not to attract any Malaria and also Pablo will never fall in love with any one there as the women in mina Escondida are nothing compared to her (Mariana) but still she insists on going since their engagement isn’t broken and their wedding is also just at the corner.


As they enjoy at the engagement ceremony between Ana and Pablo, Manuel arrives to cause commotion for not inviting him and he pulls out his knife as usual but with the help of Martin, he is able to take it from him and Crescencio asks him out of the house and whiles he leaves, he tells his grandfather that Pablo is going to make a fool out of Ana and him and also their family and therefore should mark it on the wall since it will surely come to pass.

Nanciyaga goes to speak with Martin that the elders are wrong about her destiny partner since Emiliano is now going to marry Virginia and therefore it means that she still has a chance to be with him and all this saying was in the presence of Veronica and they become very shocked at her sayings and Veronica confronts her to stop saying nonsense because Martin is already a married man and she can’t do anything to separate them no matter what and Nanciyaga tells her that, she isn’t the one going to separate them but it is the secrete boss Martin is hiding from her that will cause their separation. Veronica then enquires from Martin what those secrets are but Martin becomes  speechless and nervous.