For our first post on relationship tips, we are going to share with you what to do or how to react when he makes you mad.


There’s no point in denying it, no matter how in love you are, there are days that your man makes you so mad. It’s really funny when you talk about this with a friend you probably say “ guess what that idiot or dumbass did this time “ lolz, and yet deep inside the love is still there.

In a relationship there should be compromise, whether you like it or not, it’s one of the most important rules if you want to have a happy relationship. Now, how do you know when to let go and when to confront him?It’s a very confusing thing when your man makes you mad and you really want to express your anger, but you are terrified it might push him away.

Ok, so why don’t you just let it go, after all, it’s safer and it keeps you together right? Nope, sorry, bottling up your anger is actually the worst reaction, it’s dangerous. Why? Because when you bottle up the anger, it piles up and sometime to come, when you can’t bear it anymore, maybe over something very trivial, you say all you want to say and end up adding very hurtful things that cannot be taken back.

When it comes to your Relationship, the best way to deal with ANGER is to:

Take a deep breath, allow yourself to breathe no matter how mad you are

Think of what he did; is it terrible or is it very trivial? Is it something you have to talk about or is it something you can easily let go? if you can, let it go if not……

Choose the right time, and the right mood,  that has a very big effect on how he reacts.

Talk to him, let him know how you feel about what he did. Don’t attack him; don’t tell him what he did was very bad. For you he might have done something terrible. Maybe for him, he doesn’t think he did anything wrong. So the best approach is to let him know how you feel about whatever he did; that way you avoid problems and there’s respect.

If he apologizes let it go, don’t hold on to it and he’ll appreciate your maturity and your ability to handle issues.


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