Adventures Of Fola Season 2 Final Episode 24


A month later.

Nancy I walked to the pool area to see the family gathered. We were celebrating Bello’s return back from the hospital. He recovered so quickly. It took him a few weeks to be able to use his legs again and to do things by himself. Seeing as he spent a year not doing anything. He’s all good now sha.

As I stood with Becky, I noticed Fola from my peripheral view getting up from her seat really slowly then she hooked standing straight. She then began to keep standing straight but she was slow doing so. I then watched as she walked to Michael who was chatting with Bello, Gibson, and Kenneth at the other side of the pool. They were all holding a glass of sparkling white wine in their wine glasses. Fola was drinking a cup of tea. She then held Michael’s forearm and he had to bend double towards her cause she’s short in order to hear what she wanted to tell him. The next thing that happened was like watching looney tunes come to life.

Michael’s wine glass slipped from his fingers and fell to the ground. Bello, Kenneth and Gibson jumped back to avoid the glass causing any damage to their feet. Michael on the other hand stood still like a statue not moving at all. I’m not even sure he was breathing. Fola was smiling, and her smile was weird like she knew a dirty secret or something.

Bello , Gibson and Kenneth tried to ask Michael what was wrong but they didn’t have to because Michael suddenly yelled.

“the baby is coming!” and then he ran towards the house entrance. We all watched him go. Then we all watched him turn back around to get the person that is meant to bring this baby. Meanwhile the person having the baby was sipping her cup of tea like she has no care in the world.

“what the hell are you doing? The baby is coming and you’re still drinking your tea?” yelled Michael when he got to Fola.

“well of course yes. Will the tea finish itself? And by the way the baby is coming, which the baby is on its way. So chill okay. I’m the one that’s going to be pushing out a human being out of my va-jay-jay, not you. So please ,let me finish this tea before I do that ehn?” And then she continued to drink her tea. Her comment or rather their comment/ argument didn’t register until like 2 seconds. And that’s when we all went into a frenzy. Ada yelled

“ get her things from her room” to no one then snatched the tea from her hand and passed it to one of the maids. Fola yelled an,

“ ahn ahn na. I’m not done yet” But ada wasn’t listening, she was already leading Fola away. At the same time throwing out instructions to anyone listening and this included all of us. And so we all got into action.

Ten minutes later, we were all in 3 different cars, zooming off to the hospital. Leaving the maids behind as they laughed at Michael’s hilarity. But as we left, we didn’t notice Edgar was smiling for the first time in years as he watched Michael experience the craziness of becoming a father.

Some months later.


It’s been 3 months now and Fola has a baby girl. That girl is the princess of the house. She is absolutely beautiful. Everyone wants to hold her, or play with her. she is just too adorable. Apart from it being a few months after Fola giving birth, it is also a few months of being free from the disease called sleep. In medical terms a coma.

After that horrible, terrible pain I had in my head, I began to remember what I was doing during the times I was asleep. One of them is, I remember going to my parent’s house. Yes I have parents. Parents that think I’m dead. You see I faked my own death, and I did this for none other than Aisha. My reason? I’ll tell you. But first let me tell you who Aisha is.

Aisha as you all know is exceptionally beautiful. She’s a half cast, her dad is Nigerian while her mum is from Egypt. She’s got beautiful, long, dark hair and she is tall. I got to know Aisha when I was 20 years old. But her dad for some reason didn’t like us being together. Probably because he doesn’t like the fact that I got converted to Christianity and he wants his daughter to get married or rather to date a Muslim. So he couldn’t stand us being together.

For some time I preached to her, letting her know that being for Christ is the best way to go. She wanted to be for Christ but she was more scared of her dad. On one blessed day, I was in my house. Reading my bible, when my parents stormed in. oh and by the way, my parents hated me too cause obviously they didn’t want their son to be a Muslim.

They stormed in looking really pissed and the first thing my dad said was.

“How could you?” Now I was confused because I had no idea what I had done. I closed my bible to face them, then I asked in Hausa.

“Abin da na yi?” “Me ka yi?” asked my dad. Looking at me like I know what I did but I don’t want to admit it. I nodded my head at him then I looked to my mum, she looked totally disappointed.

“kana tambayar ni” I looked back at my dad when he spoke.

“Baba, ban sani ba abin da ake yi muku magana game da” Immediately I said I had no idea about what he was saying, he thundered out at me of which surprised the hell out of me to the point that I jumped out of my seat out of fear(because I was reading my bible on my reading table) .

“Ka yi jima’i da alhaji ‘yar. Wanda ka so!” he yelled I stood stunned. What does he mean by I had sex with Alhaji’s daughter? The only Alhaji I know is Aisha’s dad. He can’t be talking about her now can he?

“Alhaji is on his way. He is coming with the police” he said In English and then continued in Hausa.’ “Kuma ka fi samun mai kyau dalilin” before concluding in English “as to why you slept with his daughter” then back to Hausa, “ka mai kyau ga kome wawa” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I stood staring at him and my mum, my mum was crying her eyes out. How do I explain this? I have nothing to explain sef. I didn’t sleep with her. But even if I explain they wouldn’t believe me. I’m not really their son anymore because of who I have become.

“Baba” I called my dad as he turned to leave my room. But he didn’t answer. “Baba!” I yelled out But he worked out. And so Alhaji arrived with the police. Aisha did not come with him; of course she didn’t because she knows what she said is a lie.

“My daughter said you had sex with her and that she is pregnant with your baby” said Alhaji My mouth dropped open, and so did my mums. “You are going to pay for touching her you useless boy, and you will never see that child of yours” I was already shaking my head before he finished talking. Aisha pregnant? But I never slept with her…

“I never slept with her” I said to Alhaji. His reply was to slap me. I held my cheek as I felt it sting from the impact of his palm.

“Shut up” he yelled out. Spit flying out of his mouth. “You’re also going to deny it too? Well of course seeing as you are very irresponsible. You didn’t only bring your family to shame by converting to Christianity you also had to impregnate my daughter you useless boy. You are going to pay dearly for it” Then he looked to the police men and commanded, “Take him away. Let him enjoy a cell for e few days” And so I was taken away.

A few days turned to weeks. A few weeks turned to months Then a few months turned to 2 years. A few days before I got released for good behavior, Aisha came to visit me. At first I was pissed to see her, but she begged saying it’s really important that she sees me. I agreed, and I’m glad I did. But my agreement put her life in danger, in which she had to run away from home and from me. I told her to do so if not she would have lived in a prison of her own, or she might have ended up being dead. So that’s the story.

Now you can understand why I was adamant about me not seeing her. Now that she’s here there’s no telling how long she has to live, we’ll need an army to protect her. And I’m not sure the smith’s security is big enough to protect her, but I know who is. God.

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“Stephen have you seen my sneakers?” asked Nancy. I was in my room on my bed, sitting up with my back relaxed on the headboard reading a book when she walked in. I took my eyes away from the book to look at her.

“Are you seriously asking me?” I asked her. I mean how in the world will I see her shoe?

“Well yeah, I am. Abi is that a bad thing? To ask if you’ve seen my sneakers” I put the book face down on the bed to give her my full attention.

“Yes Nancy, it is. I mean what will I be doing with your shoes?”

“I’m just asking to see if you’ve seen it anywhere na haba” she replied feeling offended. I said nothing as I looked at her. Then I picked up my book and continued to read, ignoring her.

“Stephen” she called. I continued to ignore her.

“Stephen” she called again and still I ignored her.

“That’s how it is ba? Okay, no problem. Be having fun ignoring me” I didn’t see her leave, but I felt her leave and her absence felt like I had just put a bridge between us. Hope I’m wrong. Hope I’m not being stupid and childish.


I hate mirrors. Mirrors remind me of my brother, the psycho. When I see my face I feel I am my brother and it drives me crazy. It’s no wonder Becky wants nothing to do with me. My brother caused so much pain to the people she loves. She doesn’t want to be reminded of it each time she sees me. But that’s going to change, I’m going to let her know that I and my brother are two totally different people. And then hopefully she will get to see the real me. To know that I might look like my brother but I am not my brother.

Nancy My gosh Stephen, Stephen, why do you annoy me so much? You used to be nice and sweet to me. But now you’re just plain annoying. I just asked if you’ve seen my sneakers and you’re there telling me rubbish. Kai! What na, ehn?

“Nancy, are you okay?” I spun around in my seat by the pool to look at Becky. She was a few feet away from me looking at me like I’ve gone loko.

“Yeah I’m fine, just thinking out loud” I replied her, feeling embarrassed for talking to myself out loud.

“Is It Stephen again?” she asked as she took a seat to sit beside me” My reply was to nod my head. She smiled at me. “Nancy, you both are teenagers, you still have no idea what life is about. It takes time to know someone and you guys have enough to do that. So just take it slow. Learn what ticks him off, and try your best to not do those things to him. You should also let him know what ticks you off and if he is smart he will try his best to stay away from doing those things also. Okay”

Wow. Wise advice from Becky. What a surprise. I didn’t even have to tell her what’s wrong for her to know. She just knew.

“I’ve been a teenager before, so I know” My mouth dropped open as I thought, “she reads minds too” Becky laughed, throwing her head back as she did so, when her laughter turned to cute chuckles, she said,

“ I don’t read minds sugar just know you, that’s all” Then she got up, kissed me on my head, and walked into the house. All I could say when my mouth was finally able to move was. WOW.

A month later.


It’s my wedding day!.

“Oh my gosh I’m going to be sick” I said as I used a palm to cover my mouth.

“No!” yelled Fola and Becky at the same time. Fola was trying to zip my wedding gown up while Becky was arranging her makeup bag. Becky was my makeup artist, cause well….she’s good at it

I was ready. Ready to become Mrs. Jackson. Yep, Gibson’s surname is Jackson. Cool right? Anyway my excitement has died down a little and right now I want to throw up.

“Don’t even think of ruining that dress with vomit” said Fola as she stepped in front of me glowering. I looked at her as I tried to swallow back the toast and coffee that was hanging in my chest, about to spill out of my mouth.

“Oh sugar you do look sick” said Becky. My eyes moved to Becky, then I nodded my head. She rubbed my back with her hand as she looked at me pitifully. Then she said quite sternly, changing from sweet to off the scale scary,

“swallow it back sugar, you are getting married today in this beautiful dress of yours and not even a common nausea will stop you. Get it?” Well that did it. The food went back like a rat running away from a cat. I mean even Hitler will obey Becky at this moment.

“You’ll be just fine. Just take deep breaths okay” said Fola. At least she wasn’t commanding me like a sergeant.

“Is this how it was for you?” I asked her as I deep breathed She nodded at me and smiled, rubbing my back.

“How did you…how did you?…” I didn’t have to finish my sentence, she already knew what I wanted to ask. So she replied without letting me finish.

“I love him” Well. That says it all then.


Standing with my friends as I watched the love of my life laugh and smile with her friends on the dance floor of our reception, I thought to myself.

“So she is really mine” It’s amazing to know that a girl like Ada will be with a guy like me. I am one lucky man.


I was sitting watching everyone dance when suddenly I heard Becky shriek.

“You b—–d!” And then I literary heard everyone gasp as Kenneth carried Becky In a fireman’s hold out of the reception and towards the parking lot. I moved wide eyes to Fola, Fola’s eyes were also wide, but she felt me looking at her. So she moved hers to me. And then for no apparent reason, we busted out laughing.

Guess Becky is next.


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