Adventures Of Fola Season 2 Episode 23



So basically Bello is awake. And the first call we got from the hospital was that; “we need to rush down to the hospital cause Bello has gone bazookas”. Well okay that’s not what they said. What they actually said is, “Bello is awake but some really pretty lady is here. And he’s screaming the hospital down for her to be gone” okay, they didn’t say that too, but it was close to it. And so we all went. Rushing like the president is in the hospital and he’s sharing 5 million Naira each to anyone that comes to see him.

Immediately we got there, we all asked about Bello. But the doctor said that he’s perfectly fine, but that there’s someone he really doesn’t want to see. We all looked at each other wondering who this person is.

“Doctor we can deal with that later, right now we need to see Bello. Can we see him?” asked Michael. He looked utterly eager to see him. Maybe it’s because he sees Bello as his brother. Seeing as they served in the army for years and also, they’ve been working together even after the army. So Bello is family.

“Oh yes of course. Just go right in. he’s awake” said the doctor. And without any further ado, we all marched, ok no. ran as fast as we could to Bello’s room. Cause we were dying to see him.


We walked into Bello’s room when I suddenly yelled,

“Bello!” then I ran to him in his hospital bed, as he sat upright, without any of those horrible wires connected to him, giving him a tight hug. He looked not sick or dead, which is good.

“Thank God you’re okay” I said for his ears aloe. His reply was to rub my back.

“Okay that’s enough sugar. Time for my hug” said Becky as she gently took me away from Bello. Then she gave him her own hug. She said something to him but I didn’t hear what she said and then it was Michael’s turn to hug him and then Ada, followed by Stephen and then finally Kenneth. Yes I said Kenneth.

Kenneth has been around, like constantly around. He always comes back to the house after work along with Becky. You see ba, I think Kenneth likes Becky but Becky doesn’t and Kenneth doesn’t seem like the type of guy that gives up easily and so he follows Becky as much as he can. And Becky hates it.

Meanwhile Ada and Gibson have gotten closer, like really close. Ever since that psycho was stopped and his accomplice confined, they’ve both become really close and honestly, I’m totally stoked about it. Everyone has been wondering when Ada and Gibson will finally come together. And now that they have, everyone and a few other people are stoked.

Apart from them finally being together, they are also planning their wedding. can you imagine? A wedding. This is the second wedding happening in a year. it’s awesome. You see ba, I have been writing all about the happenings in this house. And I might probably turn it into a book. I think it’s something readers will really love to read. I just hope I don’t get into trouble for what I’ve been writing.

“So who is this lady that’s making you scream like a girl?” asked Fola as she rubbed her big tummy. I looked to Bello waiting for his reply, but all he said was.

“I don’t want to talk about it”. His voice sounding rough like he has been screaming for days.

“o.k.” replied Fola, and then she looked at Michael giving him a look like “ whaaattt?” But Michael just shrugged; guess when Bello is ready to speak he’ll speak.


After greeting Bello and letting him know he has spent 1 year in a hospital bed sleeping, we went back to the girl, asking him questions about her. But he refused to speak. So Fola the persistent one decided to get answers through another source. Yes she decided to go and ask the lady in question. And we all followed, not trying to miss anything. And let me just say the girl is a goddess. No seriously the girl is be-u-ti-ful. I mean why would he scream after seeing a girl like that?

“What the ….?” Said Kenneth remembering he isn’t meant to curse.

“You can say that again sugar” replied Becky.

“She is hot!” exclaimed Fola. Then walking up to the girl that looked like she was about to climb the walls because obviously Fola is crazy, and anyone can notice it from a mile away.

“Hi, I’m fola” at the mention of “hi” the lady jerked back in surprise. But Fola didn’t mind. She just went right into her space, stretching out her hand to get a handshake. All that the girl could do was to stare at Fola. I mean anyone would have done the same thing. For me I’ll probably hightail myself to Madagascar. Casue I wouldn’t want my space invaded by a crazy, pregnant, woman.

“ahh….” Stammered the lady, her eyes moved from Fola to us then back to Fola. She was totally lost. Then Fola brought out more of her crazy by firing thousands of questions at the poor, beautiful lady.

“How do you know Bello? Is he your boyfriend? Are you related? Have you been ma….”

“Fola” warned Michael In his deep voice.

“What? I just want to know who she is” replied Fola, like all that she’s doing right now is absolutely innocent. Michael just rolled his eyes and then shook his head. He knew the woman he married. And he knew her questions aren’t innocent.

“Hi, I’m Ada. And you are?” said Ada taking over the conversation.

“Aisha” replied the beautiful lady cause I’m sure she felt safe with Ada seeing as Ada looks safer than Fola, but her voice was cracked. So she cleared it then repeated more firmly.

“Aisha” Every one of us had a “wow” look written on our faces. She’s not only beautiful, she has a beautiful name. Who in the world is she?

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She came back. My gosh she came back. But why, Why did she have to come now? I made it clear that for her to be safe and for me to be safe also is for to stay away, Far away from me. But would she listen? No. same strong headed as ever.

“Hi” I looked away from the window as my last thought about Aisha drifted away. Knowing it wasn’t going too far away, I got my heart and mind prepared for when it would arrive. I faced the voice that spoke and it was Kenneth he looked like he was about to approach a wounded animal. He was walking all slow and careful towards me.

“Kenneth I’m fine” I said to reassure him. Then I smiled, sealing my word.

“Sure? You’re not going to scream or something?” at first I was confused. But then I understood what he meant. Shaking my head, I chuckled. He did the same, then he covered the remaining distance towards me.

“Welcome back” he said

“Thanks” I replied. And I really meant it.

“So do you remember anything? Before or after you went into a coma?” he asked me.’ I looked away from him to my legs covered with the hospital blanket. Then they moved up my body, up to my hands. It was then I realized, I have lost some weight. Wow. Just sleeping alone can actually make one to lose weight, why didn’t I think of it. My eyes went back to him as he dragged a chair to sit by me. As he settled down, I remembered something. It was like a dream. I was standing beside Becky, and she was,….she was…I squeezed my brow as I tried to concentrate in remembrance.

“Bello” called Kenneth; he was worried at my look. “You ok?” he continued.

“Yeah I’m fine. Just….” The images began to flash in my head, so fast I had to hold my head cause it was too much.

“Ahh” I groaned as I held my held. A progressive headache that felt like needles pricking my brain was developing. And it was developing fast.

“Should I call the doctor?” asked Kenneth worriedly, I groaned my reply, then I heard Kenneth’s seat fall back to the ground as he rushed out of room saying, “ I’ll get the doctor” that was the last thing I heard before I blacked out.

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We saw Kenneth rushing towards us as Fola continued to try and question Aisha. He looked like someone had died. And when did he leave us, he was here with us just a minute ago.

“What’s wrong?” asked Becky.

“Bello needs the doctor, he needs the doctor now” he then started to look around like she’ll magically appear. Some of us started to do the same, but then Gibson spoke.

“What’s wrong with Bello?” Oh, we didn’t even ask what was wrong with him. I looked to Kenneth waiting for his reply; Stephen was walking to the nurse’s station to ask for the doctor.

“I asked him if he remembered anything before or after the coma. He looked like he was thinking about it, but then he held his head like it was about to explode. He was In serious pain. So I rushed out to come and get the doctor” We all looked at each wondering what was wrong with Bello.

“lemme see him please” begged Aisha.

“But he doesn’t want to see you” replied Ada.

“And he has a headache, or probably something worse. Do you think your presence will help?”Asked Fola. Aisha’s face came down in sadness, Ada and Fola were totally right. She’s not the one Bello needs right now. Suddenly Fola began to waddle her way to Bello’s room, placing one hand on her waist.

“Me I am going to be with him, we can’t just stay here talking about what’s wrong with him when the person in question is in pain, our presence alone can cure him” We watched her for a second as she waddled her way to Bello’s room and then as a team, we moved faster than lightening ahead of her to his room, leaving her behind. She didn’t mind, she continued to waddle forth. But obviously her dear sweet husband didn’t leave her, he turned around to walk with her.

“No,no,no, don’t mind me. I’m pregnant not invalid. I’ll eventually make it to his room, just go. I’ll catch up”

“Babe” was Michael’s short reply.

“Go, I’m fine” replied Fola more firmly. That was when the doctor walked past them in a rush. They both watched her as she hurried to Bello’s room. Then Michael once again looked to his wife.

“Go” she said more quietly, and then she smiled. Michael smiled back. Kissed her on her forehead, and went after the doctor. Fola hoped her friend was going to be okay.

2 weeks later.

I was in one of the guest rooms sitting upright with a pillow behind me on the headboard in the smith’s residence, when I heard a knock on my door.

“Come in” I called in my answer. Ada walked in, carrying a tray of fruits.

“This is for you; you are to eat every single one of them. No remnants” she said, as she smiled and placed the tray of fruits on my thighs. The tray was full of oranges all sliced up neatly into 6 pieces with the middle cut off, strawberries and pineapples also cut into tiny pieces and banana’s.

“This is too much Ada” I said to her as I stared at the bowl of fruits on my thighs.

“No its not, you’ll be done with it in 5 minutes and even ask for more” My eyes moved from the bowl of fruits to her,

“are you serious? This can be eaten by two giants, i…”

“And you are a giant” she finished for me, even if that’s not what I wanted to say. Then her eyes moved up my body, “even if you aren’t anymore at the moment, but eventually you’ll get there. We’ll get you back into shape”. I stared at her then I stared some more.

“Common chop chop. The food won’t get into your tummy by magic. You gotta put it in there yourself” Well seeing as she is very determined to make me eat, I guess I have to eat. But there’s no way I’ll be able to finish these fruits. So little by little I ate. And Ada ended up sitting by my bed on a seat she dragged towards my bed in order to keep me company.

She filled me up on the months I’ve missed with them. Telling me about Kenneth and Becky and how Kenneth is persistent towards Becky but Becky is having none of it. She wants to have nothing with him. I smiled knowing Kenneth is kinda’a like us. When we want something we get it, especially if we know how important that thing is. And if Becky is really important to him, nothing will stop him from getting her. Becky is done for.


I watched the love between my brother and Fola and I smiled knowing it is true, pure and unconditional. I really hope I find someone who will truly love and respect me. Even after Fola told Michael to leave her, Michael refused. Deciding to walk with her. the way I see it. Fola is his priority. And i’m glad she is. My brother needs this, he really does. And I know i’m going to get mine,not now but soon enough .

For some bizarre reason, Nancy’s face popped into my head. Now why in the freaking world did that happen?

To be continued