Baby And Me Episode 21


♡♡Jude Howard♡♡♡

I arrived at the office still in a good mood, Yoona may have laid down the law with me but I was adamant about making the other side of things work in my favor. She didnt talk about moving out so that meant she liked living with Reign and I, and if she liked that so much then it meant she liked having me around and it was only a matter of time before the Howard charisma finally hit home and we could possibly be together.

It was no joke that I was falling for the girl especially now that I knew all these things about her. She may act tough and look even tougher but she was still a human being who had a tough childhood, who dealt with harsh disappointment and therefore she needed a little loving, nurturing and care, I was going to provide all those things for her.

Anyway, Jin Ho hyung was already in but I didnt see Suh Joon, his younger brother

Me “hyung”

JinHo “and finally he decides to show up”

Me “dont act like you need me to be here 24/7, I just needed a breather thats why I left the house”

JinHo “a little suffocating living with the chaebol huh?”

Me “she has a name”

JinHo “whaaa! You’re really a lost cause arent you? You’ve already fallen for this girl right?”

Me “I dont want to talk about this”

JinHo “why? She giving you problems already? I told you she’d be nothing but trouble”

Me “aahhh JinHo, really? Can we please talk about something else? Preferably work related.

JinHo “fine….oh, ya….I got a call from Chase the other day”

Me “what did he want?”

JinHo “he told me that he fixed up everything for you and you’d be going back home soon. Is that true?” I exhaled

Me “Chase sure is getting ahead of himself these days” I mumbled to myself

JinHo “ya…are you leaving or not!”

Me “I dont think so, I mean I didnt tell him that I’ll be going back”

JinHo “dude, dont think….its either you’re going to leave or stay in Hangul” I looked at him

Me “I’m staying” his face broke into a smile

JinHo “good! I was worried about losing you…you’re the best in the business American boy!” I laughed

Me “and dont you forget it!”

I stayed at the office for half the day then went out, I would have gone straight home but I didnt want to, it had been a while since I even left the house, my life revolved around Reignie and Yoona, I needed some time to myself. So instead of driving home, I made a detour to this really stylish gentleman’s club Jin Ho hyung always took me to when I first got here.

I parked my car and went in, I found a nice hidden table in the corner and sat down. A pretty lady came to take my order, I ordered myself a glass of their best scotch along with a nice juicy steak, the meal would go down easy with the English football game that was playing on the large screen.

As I waited for my order, my phone buzzed violently on the table, I checked and it was an American number, I rolled my eyes with disdain…aich! Now that the Americans knew I was still alive, I just couldnt catch a break!

Me “what”

Jase “is that the way you answer phones in Korea?”

Me “hey Jason”

Jase “it feels so weird talking to you, I honestly thought you were dead”

Me “well I’m alive”

Jase “you could have at least called me”

Me “I had to let everyone believe I was dead”

Jase “I could have pulled that off! You know I’m a great actor” I chuckled

Me “of course you are and I’m sorry man, I just did what I had to do, to protect my daughter”

Jase “I understand man, yo…Leila bro!” I sighed out of irritation

Me “what about her?”

Jase “she is back….do you know how much she cried when she heard that you died? Along with the baby? She keeps talking about how she wishes she could have gotten a second chance, mistakes and all that. The universe really gave her a beatdown, apparently that Connor guy, left her for some other rich b**** and she’s been struggling ever since”

Me “oh” I didnt know what to say when it came to Leila, she hurt me and she abandoned her child, I felt nothing towards her not even sympathy…second chances my ass

Jase “you should come back man, we all want to see you especially Leila…she needs to know you’re still alive and so is her daughter” the lady who took my order came back with my drink then told me my meal would be a few minutes, all this was being said in Korean but I could understand her. I thanked her in Korean too then she turned to leave

Me “Jay, I cant come back right now”

Jase “why not? Are you like part of the Koreans now? You even speak their language….dude dont you miss your home?”

Me “home?”

Jase “yes, your home country, to be amongst your people…Us! I know you hate Leila….”

Me “I dont hate her”

Jase “okay good, look man, I think that Leila coming back is a sign”

Me “a sign?”

Jase “yes, Chase told me that you already made friends there and thats great but this is a sign, a chance for you to raise Reign with both her parents and what child doesnt want that in her life? She needs her mother, a female influence in her life and who better than her own mom? Leila is falling apart man and it doesnt sit well with me to see her like this, I am a well functioning human being so it doesnt feel good to see an old friend down and out like that. So please just come back and put things in the places they’re meant to be”

Me “look Jase, I would love to come back home but I cant just hop onto the next plane to the States okay? I have responsibilities here…dont forget that my life in America ended the day I faked my death, I have a life here and I cant just up and leave. I feel for Leila and though it would be nice for Reign to grow up with her mom and I’d love to see you and Chase, I’m just not in a good position right now to just leave this place”

Jase “okay…I guess I can understand that, are you serious about the Leila thing? About her being in Reign’s life?”

Me “sure” I was only saying that because I wanted the conversation to end, I felt nothing towards Leila and my daughter had more than enough female influences in her life…there was Mrs Park, Yoo Hye Jung and Seo Yoona, all good strong independant women that she could learn a lot from. Leila was basically a non factor. No matter how much she cried or how badly her life was falling apart or how much she regretted the dumb decisions she made, it still did not erase the fact that, she cheated on me, lied about being pregnant with my child then left her on my doorstep with nothing and ran off into the sunset with her boyfriend

Me “Jay, I have to go”

Jase “how are the Korean women?” I chuckled

Me “they’re great man! Talk later” I dropped the call as the steak I ordered was placed in front of me, I smiled at the waitress and she gave me a bow, I inhaled the intensely delicious smell then dug in

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♡♡♡Seo Yoona♡♡♡

I arrived back at the house around 4pm and Blair wasnt home yet, I let Mrs Park go then went to put Brec down for her nap. I looked at her sleeping peacefully and played back what my father had said to me. Was he telling the truth? Was Blair Taylor really Jude Howard?

Me “if thats true then what’s your real name angel?” I asked myself while still looking at Brec. She was so beautiful and there was no doubt that I was attached to her, deeply attached, I loved having her in my life, she made me feel like an actual human being, I didnt have to pretend around her, I could be myself and just love her with no expectations. I felt the same way about Blair Taylor, I didnt have to pretend around him, he didnt make me feel uneasy or make me want to put up defenses even though I did. The only thing about Blair Taylor was that, I didnt want him to pity me and thats why I acted the way I did with him, I didnt want him to see me as some broken little girl who needed fixing, I wanted him to see me as a woman who had full capabalities but every time I looked into his eyes, I saw pity….the need for him to fix me and I hated that.

I left her room and walked to the kitchen, I opened the fridge checking for what I could put together and present a decent meal for Blair Taylor. I wanted to do something nice for him just as a thank you for being such a good friend and taking care of a complete stranger who did nothing but push him away. I hadnt touched the pots since the day I set foot in that house, he always cooked, from making breakfast to dinner and all I did was eat and wash the dishes of course! I am not that useless

I started by chopping some vegetables, I was going to make him a simple Korean meal that the ahjumma I lived with the time I was “exiled” to China by my dad after stabbing Seo Tae Ho used to make for me because I loved it so much. The time hit 5pm and he still wasnt home, some of the pots were now boiling on the stove and I was making side dishes to go along with the meal. I was about to call him when he finally walked in through the front door

Blair “something smells amazing” he was looking at me with a surprised smile

Me “dinner will be ready in an hour or so, would you like a glass of wine?” I went over to take his jacket and bag

Blair *surprised* “Uh…yes…”

Me “have a seat and I will bring it to you”

Blair “thank you” he went to sit down while I went to pour him his wine then gave it to him

Me “enjoy!”

Blair “where’s Reign?” I looked at him, who the **** was Reign now?!

Me “Reign?” His eyes widened as soon as he realised that he made a mistake and called his daughter by her real name, what my father told me earlier was confirmed in an instant. Blair Taylor was in fact Jude Howard and baby Brec, was actually Reign huh!

Blair “I meant Brec! Sorry, some times I call her by her second name” I smiled, he looked so cute

Me “aahhh so her name is Brec Reign Taylor?” He nodded quickly, I could see him perspirating under his shirt “she’s sleeping”

Blair “oh”

Me “I like the name Reign, maybe I’ll start calling her that too”

Blair “No!” He almost screamed at me, I gave him a confused look “please just carry on using Brec” I nodded, understanding why and because I wasnt ready to deal with why he faked his death and ran to Korea, I wasnt going to tell him what I knew and I ask those nagging question

Me “okay! Brec it is then ” he laughed awkwardly then sipped on his wine

I went back to the kitchen and proceeded with my cooking

Me “how was work? You came in really late today” I made small talk because I could see he was freaking out over the whole mis naming thing. He answered me and we had some light conversation and he slowly forgot about his mistake. In an hour and a half I was done cooking

Me “supper is ready!” I announced as he walked in carrying Brec after washing up

Blair “wow! Everything looks so mouth is watering”

Me “you like it?”

Blair “it looks great”

Me “then lets eat, I am starving…give her to me” I took Brec and put her in her seat, her father sat down and started eating

Blair “oh my God this is amazing! What is this?”

Me “just a little something I used to love back when I was a teen. It was my feel good binge meal”

Blair “I understand why” I beamed at him and he smiled back, making my heart flutter

Me “and you little Brec, I made something special for you too baby girl” I tickled her and she laughed

Blair “thank you” I looked at him

Me “no Blair Taylor…this is my way of saying thank you”

Blair “lets watch some movies tonight, its been a while since we all hung out”

Me “ooh! I like that idea” and I liked it a lot…with Blair and Brec, I felt like I was part of a family but this time, I was the mom, Blair the dad and Brec our little girl. I know it was a little too foward for me to think like that but…those were the kind of thoughts harboured in my heart

To be continued…