Adventures Of Fola Season 2 Episode 18


“That’s it!” I yelled out, fed up with her attitude. “I’ve had enough of this useless, pitiful, pride of yours” I continued yelling out in anger, then taking her by surprise, I bent my head forward, and took it back quick and hard hitting her right in the nose. Jessica screamed out in pain releasing me in the process, she then dropped the gun carelessly to the ground. So many things happened at the same time. Stephen pulled me away from her, Nancy screamed and jumped back, Gibson yelled my name and I could weirdly hear Becky yell,

“ is the brat dead yet?” With all these activities around me, the one thing my mind decided to be focused on was Becky, I mean when did she get here?

“Becky” I called

“Yeah sugar I’m here”. I looked around Stephen to see her standing right outside the elevator, Bello besides her looking her normal, cute, beautiful self and still wearing heels. She never gets tired of it; I won’t be surprised if she actually tells her grandchildren to bury her with her heels on.

Bello on the other hand looked like he was ready to take down goliath with his own hands. He looked ready to kill.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, once I had gotten around Stephen.

“Well we came to take Nancy home, she escaped if you don’t know” I stared at her for a bit, and then turned my stare to Nancy.

“You escaped?” I asked Nancy, she shrugged. “You escaped” I reiterated. She just stared at me. “Why?” I asked.

“They had guards everywhere, like everywhere. And I had to come and save you guys. So I jumped the fence, called Uber, and came right here” she replied, feeling really proud of herself.

“Nancy, that was dangerous, and the men had it covered. You can see that for yourself right?” I scolded her, gesturing by waving my hand at the men around us. My eyes moved too but something seemed off. Forgetting about Nancy’s dangerous and careless behavior, I focused on what seemed off, if only I knew what it was.


With all the commotion going on, I was able to slip by everyone and take the stairs. Jessica was my best distraction, with her keeping everyone occupied I can go on with my new plan. I’m not going to escape on my own. No, I’ll make sure Ada goes with me.


“Ok guys, we’ll deal with Nancy later, lets wrap this up” I commanded, then I looked around,

“where’s Kingsley?” Everyone looked around. We were so occupied with Jessica’s craziness we totally forgot about Kingsley.

“Ehen! That’s what seems off.” exclaimed Ada. I looked at her.

“Off?” I asked


“What do you mean?” asked Stephen She looked at Stephen

“well I knew we were not doing something complete, like we were missing something apart from Jessica, but when you said Kingsley, it clicked. It was then I realized what we were missing” We stared. She stared back. Then remembering something, she continued,

“oh and Kingsley is in the room, knocked out by Stephen, you can just go in and get him” Once she was done, everyone continued to stared at her like the insane person that she is, but she didn’t care. She’s totally used to it. Then justifying the fact that she is not the only crazy one among us, Becky put the fear of God in us by saying,

“o…k, so now that that’s been cleared, who will be doing the picking up? Is it me or one of you boys cause I really don’t mind going in there to pick him up. It’s just that he might come out incomplete. He probably won’t have the ability to procreate…so…are you going? No?….you?” she asked glancing around and pointing at my men.

Now every man looked like they were in physical pain, I’m sure I look the same. I don’t know maybe because she used the word, “not be able to procreate” so now the worst imagination ever known to the male gender is going on in our heads.

Personally, I don’t blame them. No man wants to have a woman have an idea of them not being able to procreate; so many things can happen to them, harmful things, very painful, harmful things.



My goodness this is so funny, the look on their faces is hilarious. They look like they’ve been hit in the gonads. I shook my head as I tried really hard not to laugh. Becky always has something funny to say. As I smiled at the men at the same time trying really hard not to laugh, I heard a whimper from behind me. I turned around to see Jessica crouched down holding her nose that was bleeding profusely. The smile disappeared from my face. I turned back to face everyone, raising my hand and saying.

“Ah….guys, Jessica is bleeding” then I pointed at her

“Yeah so?” said Becky, looking away from the men to face me.

“We need to help her, she can die” I replied her

“Then let her die, she was willing to kill you a few minutes ago right?”

“No Becky we can’t leave her to die na” I replied, surprised at her choice of words.

“Why the hell not?” replied Becky, her voice rising

“Because we are Christians that’s why” I replied back, my voice rising too

“Well I’m not a Christian today, tomorrow I’ll be a Christian let her die. I’m sure God won’t mind, seeing as she almost killed you right now. Just look at it as self defense” then she turned around, walked up or rather strutted up to the elevator, Pressed the button on the wall of the elevator, the elevator pinged then opened. She walked in, turned around to face us, and with a final nod of her head concluded.

“God will understand. Let her die” then the elevator door closed. We were all quiet for a few minutes, then I turned slowly around to face Jessica, Jessica was staring at me, her eyes pleading for mercy. She was shaking her head and it’s like she was trying to speak even with her blood gushing out of her nose.

“What? What did you say?” I asked as I took a step towards her. But I felt a hand come around my waist. I looked to see Gibson behind holding me.

“Not another step” he growled out. He looked pissed, why is he pissed? I’m the one that almost got my head blown off.

“What, Why you growling at me?” I asked him, totally confused

“Why…..Why?” he stammered. Then abruptly, he let go of me, I staggered but caught myself before falling, he walked away and said to James.

“Handle her” then he looked around, his eyes landing on Nancy. “In fact handle everything. I can’t do this right now” He then pressed the button on the wall, waited a few seconds for the elevator to open, it opened, he got in, and the elevator closed. He didn’t even look at me as it closed. I felt my heart constrict in pain, shoot! I think I’ve over done it. I really shouldn’t have gotten into the car with Kingsley. I looked at Nancy. She was still staring at the elevator. Then she looked at me, she looked sad too. Guess both our plans didn’t work.

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As I stood in the elevator I wondered how Jesus forgave those people that lied against him and sentenced him to death. I mean how did he do it? They were mean, and foolish, and …and urghh….I don’t even know what to say anymore other than they deserve to be put in hell. But no, Jesus didn’t do that, instead he forgave them, saying they will be with him in paradise. Can you believe it? Just like that. After killing and stealing and suddenly they asked for forgiveness, Gbam! They went to paradise with Jesus. It’s no wonder he’s called merciful.

Well, Ada shouldn’t do the same. She doesn’t have to. It’s not by force. That crazy maniac had a gun to her head, she was about to blow her head off, and Ada is seriously saying we should help her because her nose is bleeding, rubbish. Let it bleed, next time she won’t hold a gun to someone’s head.

The elevator pinged then opened, I stepped out to notice the receptionist glaring at me I glared back at her. Good the feeling is mutual. As I strutted my way to the exit door, I felt someone behind me, half a second later, this someone held me around my waist. Then I felt the cold metal of a gun right on my right temple and a familiar voice harshly rasped in my ear.

“Hi Becky first time of us being this close”. Oh darn, its Kingsley.


I looked around, taking in the mood, Jessica was still crouched down on the ground, her nose in her hands bleeding, no one seemed to care she was in pain and in need of help.

Stephen was talking to Gibson’s men and Bello. I don’t know what they are talking about and Ada is on her own, she looks sad like her puppy just died, I feel the same, maybe even worse. The way Gibson left it’s like he’s tired of us. I feel like I’ve really let him down, I should apologies, but I’ll do that late. Right now Ada looks like she needs some love, let me go and console her, I’ll make her feel better.


The elevator pinged then slid open, I stepped out. But I felt a very uncomfortable air around me. Something was not right. I walked further, scanning my view. I saw the receptionist but fear was written all over her face, her hands were down like she was holding something or about to do something. I moved my eyes away from her, deciding she’s not the one I’m to be focused on. As I walked further I heard a woman scream.

“Mo gbe! He has a gun o!” I looked to the woman; she’s elderly, fair in complexion, short and plum. She was pointing towards ….towards…I traced her pointed hand with my eyes and Lo and behold, I saw who she was pointing at “Kingsley” holding a gun to Becky’s temple. Here we go again.


My cell phone rang. I picked it up to see Gibson calling.

“Yeah” I said into my phone as I placed it to my ear.

“I found Kingsley”

“You have?” I replied, looking at my men. They read my reaction. Having a feeling something’s up, they paid rapt attention.

“Yep” replied Gibson

“Well where is he?”

“Right here, lobby. He has a gun to Becky’s head” My men who were still looking at me saw my face change, their faces changed too.

“Kingsley is in the lobby” I said to them, they nodded then they began to move. We did the whole elevator thing and got in, some took the stairs. once I was in with them, I said,

“He has a gun to Becky’s head”. Slowly one of my men turned to stare at me, the air in the elevator changed. The elevator slid closed. We were ready for him.


So the men left, but they left Stephen, Nancy and I here, looks like Kingsley have been found. Thank God, this nightmare can finally end. I looked to see Jessica smiling at me, she looked scary, cause the blood and her swollen nose looked like she was born abnormally.

“Why are you smiling?” I asked. She didn’t reply. I took a step towards her.

“Ada” said Stephen warning me. But I didn’t listen; instead I asked again,

“why are you smiling?”

“Kingsley has a plan” she replied

“What?” asked Nancy.

“He always has a plan” she said looking at Nancy then back at me, her blood was coming down her hands, maybe I should give her a hankie or something, but I don’t have one and I don’t want to go back to that room, it has some bad memories. I looked to Nancy, Nancy looked scared. Then I looked to Stephen, Stephen was looking closely at Jessica, probably wondering what Kingsley’s plan is.

“He’s going to take you with him whether you like it or not”.

“No he won’t, Gibson and the guys are going to take him down” said Nancy proudly. Jessica tried to smile scaring me again, then she said,

“You don’t get it do you?” I inclined my head trying to understand her. “He’s obsessed with you; he’s a psycho that’s obsessed with you. Its either he wins or someone dies” she said. I looked to Stephen suddenly scared; the first person that popped into my mind was Gibson. He could kill Gibson.

“Ada, Kingsley has Becky at gun point” said Nancy coming to stand beside me, fear written boldly on her face.

“What?” I whispered, my heart plummeting down to the pit of my tummy.

“I heard them when they were talking, they tried to be quiet but I heard them, that’s why they all went into the elevator to get Kingsley” she stated. Oh no this is bad, this very bad. Without thinking, I turned around and began to match to the elevator.

“Ada, where are you going?” asked Stephen from behind me.

“I’m going to make sure no one dies because of me” I said determinedly as I pressed the button on the wall of the elevator.

“I’m coming too” said Nancy. She stood beside me, I didn’t look at her and I didn’t say anything.

A few seconds later, Stephen stood at the other side of me, I looked at him inquiringly. He just simply said,

“You’re not doing this alone”

“I have Nancy with me” I said. He bent backwards a bit to look at Nancy, once he had a good look of her; he adjusted his self and said,

“Sorry Nancy but you don’t count”. Nancy didn’t mind, she just shrugged, totally ok with the fact that Stephen just told her she can’t help in any way. I looked back to Stephen and immediately noticed a presence beside him. I bent forward a bit by the waist to take a look. It was Jessica.

“And you?” I asked,

“Why are you going?” With her nose still in her hand she managed to say,

” I need a doctor”. I shrugged, that’s actually a good reason. The elevator pinged, and then opened. We all stepped in, Stephen, Nancy, Jessica and I. Two of us ready to protect the people we love and one of us utterly self centered, and not caring at all.

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“You know you’re stupid right?” I said to Kingsley, as he held the gun to my head, his hand around my waist.

“Shut up” he said stiffly. I rolled my eyes, this guy is insane, he has no idea who I am.

“Freeze!” we heard a man yell. Kingsley whirled around to the sound of the voice, facing us to a dozen or probably more than a dozen police men. Some soldiers where around too, all pointing their gun at him.

“Don’t shoot the lady, I repeat don’t shoot the lady!” yelled one of the soldiers. I don’t know if he was talking to Kingsley or his men.

“You are so gonna regret this” I said to Kingsley, smiling widely.

“Is she smiling?” asked one of the uniformed men.

“Yeah, she is” replied one surprised.

“Kingsley” we heard Gibson call from behind us. Again, Kingsley whirled us around. This caused me to stumble a bit making the gun to press painfully into my temple. And it hurt.

“Kingsley stop with the spinning it’s making me dizzy and you’re hurting me” I admonished pointedly.

“Shut up” he replied stiffly once again.

“Put the gun down” said Gibson, oblivious to me and Kingsley’s weird conversation.

“I’ll let Becky go if you hand me Ada” he replied

Oh now that’s just condescending. How can he say he wants Ada when I’m right in his arms is he crazy?

“Are you ok?” I asked him.

“Of course I am” he replied like I was the insane person.

“I’m right in your arms, looking hot and sexy, wearing unbelievable high sandal heels and you’re still asking for Ada. Ada that doesn’t want you. Plus she hardly wears heels she’s an all flat kind of person” Right now the soldiers, police men, Gibson’s men and every other uniformed man had surrounded us.

There was no means of escape for Kingsley even if he tried to.

“Your hot and all Becky but it’s not you I want” said Kingsley stupidly.

“Then you’re stupid” I simply stated.

“What did you say?” he asked disbelievingly

“I said……are…stupid” I replied back snottily.

“Ahhh, Becky I don’t think this is the right time to rile him up” said James, his gun aimed at us.

“At this moment James, I really don’t care, I was heading to the car to relax and wait for you guys but this idiot here stopped me by placing a gun to my head” I raised my hands in the air then dropped them down, really exasperated before going on, “and can’t someone please just shoot him? You all have a clean shot, shoot him in the head, or his legs, common guys do your job” I yelled the last part out. At my statement, Kingsley began to turn around so fast I was afraid I was going to throw up.

“Don’t kill her!” yelled Ada from somewhere among the men. Kingsley stopped spinning and I could feel his head moving sideways, probably looking for Ada. She came out from in between the uniformed men.

“Ada stay back” yelled Gibson, but she didn’t listen, she walked close to us then stopped. She looked at me and smiled sadly. I was whispering and repeating “no” for her to go back, but as usual she didn’t listen. Her eyes moved from me to Kingsley and she said what everyone in the lobby was scared she was going to say.

“I’m here, take me”. I closed my eyes. Shoot! Now I have to show everyone who I truly am.

To be continued