Adventures Of Fola Season 2 Episode 19


Jessica I left the hotel with my bleeding nose. I look like a freaking possessed beat up woman, but I don’t care. I have to leave town. Everyone keeps looking at me like I just got into a cat fight with a crazy woman but I don’t care, cause all I want to do is to leave, I have to leave. I have to leave Lagos, I have to leave Nigeria. Maybe I’ll move to Nicaragua or Madagascar. Some place far where no one will find me. Because with what I’ve done, the police will be looking for me and I’ll be staying in prison for a very long time.

I was across the street walking to my car planning on how I’ll disappear when suddenly out of nowhere someone grabbed me from behind. I tried to scream seriously I did, but I couldn’t do it because my nose was bleeding and opening my mouth would mean letting blood go straight into my mouth, I already have enough in it from the time I was talking to Ada. I looked at the hand that grabbed me. It was Kingsley, how did he escape with all those guns pointed at him?


I walked up to Ada as careful as I could. I didn’t want Kingsley using that gun on me. As I did I said to Ada.

“He won’t be taking you Ada” Ada turned her head to me,

“yes he will”

“No he won’t” I replied. Really hoping she was going to obey me. Ada hardly obeys anyone, she does things her own way. With an attitude of that of a diva, Ada turned to face me fully, jutting her hips out and placing her hands her on her waist, she was ready for me.

“Do you see where we are?” she asked looking ready to take me down.

“Yes Ada I do” I replied calmly.

“Well, all this” she moved her hand everywhere, talking about the uniformed men and the smiths security men. “Is my entire fault, if I didn’t come to Lagos maybe none of you will be in this situation.”

“I know Ada, calm down” I moved to take a step towards her but she yelled and stepped back.

“No you don’t!” I stopped moving “This man is crazy, totally insane. He killed my family” there was unison of gasps all around us, but that didn’t stop her, she continued. “He killed my parents, my two younger brothers, just because he wants to have me for himself. Now tell me, do you think he won’t do the same to my new family, to you?” I swallowed hard, knowing this is very bad, and I mean very, very bad. Ada has made up her mind, and God help us all because if she gives herself to Kingsley, Gibson will go maverick in here.


I watched as Ada stood facing Bello. She has made up her mind, and when she makes up her mind, nothing stops her. I walked carefully to her, looking at Kingsley as I did. His eyes were wild; he looked like a wild animal desperately trying to protect itself. He watched me as I walked to Ada.

“Nancy get back here” said Stephen. But I didn’t listen, I kept going until I got to her, then I looked at her.

“Ada please don’t do this” I pleaded

“She has no other choice” said Kingsley

“Shut up!” I yelled at him. He gave me a look I didn’t understand, I didn’t care either , so I turned my head to face Ada, he wasn’t my business right now.

“Please Ada, don’t do it. Don’t go with him, you’ll regret it”

“I have to Nancy; it’s the only way I can save you guys”

“But it isn’t “I said desperately.

“Yes Nancy, it is” she said, trying to make me see reason

Then she smiled sadly at me and then faced Kingsley. I was looking at everyone. Desperately hoping someone will do something. But no one did anything. They just stood with their guns raised looking at Ada. What is wrong with these men? They should do something.

“Ok, let her go. Take me” said Ada, my eyes left the men to face her and then my heart broke into billions of pieces. Oh god no….


I dragged Jessica by her hand back into the hotel. She tried to escape but I won’t let her. She has to pay for her crimes. I’ve been away for some time, gathering info, things that will put my brother in prison for a long time. As we got there I saw uniformed men surrounding Kingsley who was holding Becky and he had a gun to her head. Oh no not on my watch. I dragged Jessica to one of the uniformed men. He felt me walking towards him. So he looked at us through his side eyes. He saw Jessica then immediately brought his gun down and faced us.

“She the one that kidnapped Stephen?” he asked. I nodded my head once at him. He grabbed her hand mumbling, “thanks”. Then whipped out a set of cuffs, turned her around and clicked it on her writs, arresting her. He then pushed her to another uniformed man who got a hold of her and then led her to another group of police men. These police men led her out of the hotel and straight to their cars. Well, that’s done then. She won’t be seeing outside of prison for a very long time.

I turned around to face the situation in front of me then I made up my mind, my brother won’t be killing anyone today. I took my first step into the situation, one I might probably regret.


“let me go” I demanded at Kingsley as he held me

“No” he replied back firmly

“People are going to die because of you don’t you have a heart?” I asked him wishing I could do something to really hurt him. Like pull his eyes out.

“I killed the whole of Ada’s family what makes you think I care about these folks around me” he replied Well he has a point so on to plan b. I took a deep breath closing my eyes then I did what I have always hated doing something that I’ll rather leave in the past .I pushed my waist out, exactly how I was thought when I was 16 years old by my owner. Kingsley jerked but stayed still. His gun still pressed to my temple Then I rolled my waist slowly. One of the uniformed men asked totally astonished,

“is she?……..” Another replied before he could finish,

“yes, yes she is” I rolled my hips again, moving on with my plan.

“What are you doing?” asked Kingsley. Not knowing whether to move away or to remain where he is.

“What do you think sugar” I asked sweetly, twisting my head a bit to look at him. I smiled my signature smile, the one that always get the boys running to me. It works all the time. But this time, it didn’t work on him. Well it distracted him though, cause the hand holding the gun to my head loosened a bit, and then his eyes focused on my mouth. I started to turn around slowly, his gun descended as I turned. The whole lobby was quiet; the sound of a pin could be heard if it dropped.

“We both can have fun you know, if you take me” I said sweetly and provocatively to him. His eyes were still glued to my mouth; I guess my plan is working. I looked straight into his eyes, trying to will him to agree but he got distracted. His eyes left my mouth and looked passed my shoulders. I twisted my head to look too and I saw his distraction. It was Ada being pulled away by an angry Gibson; they were heading towards the hotel exit. Kingsley decided he was done with me by pushing me away roughly by my shoulders making me fall to the ground.

I heard him yell out Ada’s name and then I heard Bello yell out “no” and then the next thing I heard. Gunshots.

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I was being dragged away by a furious Gibson.

“Gibson let me go. You’re making everything worse” I said to him as he dragged me away but he didn’t listen he just kept walking. I heard Kingsley yell my name, then I heard Bello yell no, I twisted my head to look and what I saw turned my blood to ice. Kingsley shot Bello.


Oh no, oh no no no…. Bello, Bello took a bullet for Ada. Bello has been shot. I looked at Kingsley he was pointing his gun now to Gibson obviously not satisfied with shooting Bello. I heard more gunshots then I watched as Kingsley dropped to the ground, his gun skidding on the floor, blooding oozing out from every part of his body. The uniformed men had shut him to his death. Taking my eyes away from him, I looked back to Bello. Then I ran. I ran to him with every strength in me. I got to him, got to my knees and just looked. I was afraid to touch him, he wasn’t moving.

“Bello!” yelled Becky from behind me. A few seconds later, she was beside me.

“Bello” she repeated tearfully her voice shaking, she sounded like she was about to cry.

“Move away girls let’s check on him” said James from behind me. But we didn’t move, we couldn’t even move.


I heard gunshots. My first instincts was to protect her, so I pulled Ada to move in front of me, as I did she was looking behind her. I did the same to see Bello on the ground. Oh no not him, not Bello. Kenneth materialized beside me, thank God he’s here. I pushed Ada into his hands, he held her and then I said as I walked to Bello on the ground.

“Take care of her”. Then I moved, hoping and praying that he is alright.


3 hours later.


My Brother shot Bello, he freaking shot him. What an idiot. He shot someone in front of a whole witness including the police. He’s really crazy. I didn’t really know Bello. What am I saying? I don’t really know any of them, but for this short period of time they have become a family to me.

We got to the hospital in a hurry. Wheeling Bello in. he was covered in blood. A lot of blood. He was immediately rushed in to get operated on. He was shot in the chest. Gunshots in the chest can be very critical, so he had to be rushed in and the bullet didn’t pass through, it’s still in him, another reason why he has to be operated on quickly. I know this might sound bad, but I’m really glad my brother is dead.


We were all gathered in a hospital not too far from the hotel. An ambulance was called in order for Bello to be taken care of. Bello was shot in the chest and he was bleeding very hard. He was practically lying in his pool of blood. Kingsley was shot dead while Jessica was taken into custody, I hope she rots in prison. My eyes moved to look around me. Nancy, Ada, Kenneth, Gibson and Becky all sitting down in the waiting room waiting for the news on Bello . His condition is bad, it’s…’s critical. He was shot in the chest and he was really, really bleeding. No one knows how he’s doing. We’re all praying, hoping and praying that he’ll be fine.


5 hours later. We’ve been here for more than five hours. Its 9:00 pm and still no news from the doctors. God I hope he’s going to be fine. Everyone is dead tired; all we’ve eaten is just some snacks and drinks. Becky refused to eat we had to force her to take something a few hours ago. I looked around me to see Stephen standing outside; he’s been restless just like the rest of us.

Getting up, I walked out to him. He felt me coming, twisted his body to look at me and then faced forward again.

“Hey” I said to him as I stood beside him.

“Hi” he relied back without looking at me. We both stood just looking at cars driving past us. None of us saying anything.

“He’s going to be fine” I finally said, breaking the silence. He didn’t say anything to that. So I looked at him. His face was hard, like he was trying really hard not to cry. I moved closer to him, then I slipped my hand into his and squeezed. His hand squeezed mine back we didn’t say anything we just stood watching the cars drive lost in our thoughts for Bello.


He took a bullet for Ada. Bello is in there because he saved Ada’s life. God I wish I can get my hands on Kingsley and kill him myself. My brother, my friend, my family is fighting for his life because of Kingsley. I rubbed my head as I sat in the waiting room, my elbows resting on my knees. I was agitated, nervous, and scared. Simply put, I’m a mess.

I felt a presence beside me, raising my head I saw Ada. She looked tired like the rest of us.

“Hey” she said her voice weary. I didn’t say anything I just looked at her for a few beats. Then I bent my head forward again, resuming my position.

“I know you’re still pissed at me for what I did earlier today” I kept silent. She continued, “And I know it’s my fault Bello is fighting for his life” At that, I lifted up my head and shook it. She sighed not like she was happy I wasn’t in agreement with her, but that I wasn’t in agreement with her.

“You don’t have to say no to make me feel better Gibson, I know it’s my fault”

“Ada, get that out of your head, it isn’t your fault” she tried to speak but I spoke above her. “Yes I’m pissed at you for pulling that stupid stunt earlier today. And I might probably tie you to your bed for a whole week as punishment” at my last statement, her eyes bugged out. “But you’re not the cause of Bello getting shot” I looked her straight in her eyes as I said that but she wasn’t in agreement with me. She tried to speak to say her mind, but I gave her a look. It shut her up. It was then we both noticed Becky standing and looking eagerly towards the section of which Bello was wheeled in some hours back. She wasn’t the only one standing, James and Kenneth were standing too.

Ada and I turned our heads to see a female doctor walk towards us. She looked exhausted. Without wasting any time, I got up and I walked up to the doctor feeling Ada right behind me asking.

“How is he?” The doctor looked at me then at us.

“I can only address his family” she said.

“But we are his family” said Nancy. She had walked in with Stephen both of them standing beside Becky. The doctor looked at the whole of us again. She knew we weren’t his real family but with the looks on our faces it was clear that having a family doesn’t mean you have to be related by blood. The doctor sighed, then she spoke giving us the news and killing everyone in the process.


As I stood outside with Stephen the both of us watching the cars drive pass, I felt I was to turn around and so I did. And I’m glad that I did because it was then I noticed everyone in the waiting room standing up and they were walking towards a cute female doctor that was walking towards them. I turned around still holding Stephens hand as I said

“The doctor is done”. Stephen didn’t say anything. He silently followed me. When we got in, Gibson was asking about Bello’s condition but the doctor didn’t want to speak because we aren’t his family. Anyway, she finally spoke and what she said made me realize that this world is totally crazy.


I looked at the doctor, my mind and every part of me totally scattered. She looks exhausted but I can imagine how hard she has worked operating on Bello. Gibson asked how Bello was doing but she didn’t want to tell us cause we’re not his family. As far as I’m concerned we are more than a family to him. I was about to go and drag her by her pretty hair and do some damage to it. But I suppose I’m probably not supposed to do that right here In this moment. So I held myself back. After looking at the lot of us, she spoke and what she said totally pierced my heart, the pain was so terrible my legs gave out and I crumpled to the ground, my mind blank.


I stood there as the doctor looked at us, thinking whether to give us the news about Bello or not.

“Common, tell us” I said desperately said to myself, willing her to speak. And she finally did. But what she said is something that will mark everyone in this room for the rest of our lives. Bello is alive.

To be continued