Adventures Of Fola Season 2 Episode 17



The knock on the door turned into loud poundings, it was so loud I was scared the door was going to come out of its hinges. I looked at Stephen with my eyes wide open totally scared out of my mind.

“Who do you think it is?”I asked him He shrugged,

“probably Jessica, maybe she’s back” he replied, his eyes fixed on the door. He wasn’t showing any sign of fear.

“Well what should we do?” I asked him, my heart beating really fast.

“We answer it” he said. Then he got up, picked a side stool, and walked to the door. He stood by the side of it lifting the stool above his head. He waited. I stared. Then his head turned to look at me, he lifted an eyebrow then said.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Open the door” O.k clearly he wants to hit whoever is at the door with the side stool in his hand. I nodded once at him. Yes that is a great plan.


I could hear voices at the other side of the door in front of me but no one was opening the door. I knocked again as hard as I could hoping someone would open it, but still no reply. This is frustrating; my hands hurt, won’t someone at least just open the door? But come to think of it, is this wise? Should I be knocking on the door of a psychopath?


We were finally able to get the number to Kingsley’s room. We rushed to the elevator, pressed the button going up, the elevator opened. We stepped in and then James who was standing beside me pressed the button going to the second floor. And up we went. ………………………………………………………………


I waited for Stephen to give me the go ahead, immediately he did, I pulled the door opened. I recognized Nancy for a second, pushed away my feeling of being surprised then as fast as lightening, faced Stephen and yelled at him to stop. He did, but he stared at me confused. I then turned to face Nancy.

“Nancy, what are you doing here?” I asked surprised, pulling her in, then taking a quick look through the hotel hallway to see if Jessica is anywhere around.

“I came to rescue you guys” she said as she walked in like she was walking to the store close to our house to buy a packet of matches.

“Why didn’t you open the door” I asked once I was done checking the hallway, at the same time Stephen said.

“You were coming to rescue us” he dropped the stool. He was looking at Nancy like he would look at an insane person.

“Yep” she replied Stephen facing him, then turned to face me and said,

“I thought the door was locked. Then she looked around.

“Wow this place is really nice, but where is Jessica and Kingsley” as she mentioned Kingsley, she spotted him lying unconscious on the ground. Her mouth dropped open, she lifted her finger and pointed at him exclaiming. “Is that Kingsley? Is he dead? Did you guys do that to him?” I walked over to Kingsley and stared down at him,

“no he’s not, Just unconscious, he’ll soon wake up. And yes we did do this; actually it was Stephen that did it”

“Wow” she repeated, amazed. Then she looked at Stephen. “How did you do it? Tell me?” I looked at the both of them. Nancy’s eyes where wide with wonder, and she was looking at Stephen like he was king Thor of Asgard in the movie “Thor”.

“Maybe later Nancy now’s not a good time” she nodded her head agreeing with him. We were all quiet. Just staring at Kingsley, all of us in our own world.

“Ada” said Stephen

“hm” I murmured my reply still looking at Kingsley

“We should probably leave before Jessica returns” he said. I nodded my head, took one last long look at Kingsley, then I walked passed Nancy to open the door. I opened it stepped out, looked to my right then to my left. I didn’t see Jessica anywhere, so I marched forward, moving to the elevators.

“Hang on Ada” Stephen said as he held my hand to stop me.

“What?” I asked, turning around to look at him.

“We should take the stairs instead” he said. I was confused. Why should we take the stairs when the elevator is faster?

“Why should we take the stairs?” I asked as Nancy came to stand beside him.

“Because if Jessica is on her way up, then she’ll be taking the elevators” he replied

“But I thought you said we are in charge now. What’s our business with Jessica?” I asked, still confused. I mean we can decide to scream this hotel down and everyone will come running to our aid, throwing her into prison for kidnapping.

“She’s a psychopath” he replied.

“So?” I asked stupidly.

“Psychopaths are unpredictable Ada, you don’t mess with them. No one messes with them. Instead we stay clear of them. So please let’s take the stairs, please” I thought about it, yes she’s a psychopath but at the same time I don’t think she can do anything crazy, it’s not like she’s holding a gun… as this thought went through my brain we heard the elevator ping indicating it was about to open for someone to come through. We all watched to see who it was. Lo and behold Jessica appeared in all her glory. She had a smile on her face but immediately she saw us, her smile disappeared. She stepped out, then her eyes honed in on Nancy, she glared at Nancy, and then those eyes moved to Stephen and I. She was carrying a handbag. She opened it and then whipped out a small gun.

Ok so it’s safe to say Stephen was right, she is a psychopath, she is unpredictable and as for me I’ve decided to change my mind. She can absolutely carry a gun.

“Run!” Stephen yelled. I didn’t have to be told twice. I ran. But I ran towards Jessica. I heard Stephen as he yelled,

“not that way Ada, where are you going?” but I didn’t listen. I just kept running. I ran towards her. She looked surprised as she saw me heading her way. But she got over it quickly. She then lifted her hand raising and pointing the gun at me. But thankfully she didn’t shoot me, I don’t know why, and I don’t care, but this helped a lot cause I rammed into her just like a bull runs into a red cloth, right into her stomach. She made an “umph” sound as I knocked the air out of her. We both fell to the ground. I got up sitting astride her. I looked down at her. She was shaking her head trying to clear the massive impact I just threw at her.

I took that moment to grab the gun from the ground beside her where it had fallen from her hand and then I slid it towards Stephen. He picked it up and held it like a pro like he has been holding a gun all his life. Well I didn’t have the time to start asking myself how he knows how to hold a gun; I have more pressing issues, like Jessica.

I faced her, meeting her glare. Without thinking, I slapped her. Hard. Her head twisted viciously to the side from my slap. She faced me, she was stunned. Then I slapped her again. Bent forward and got right in her face.

“That’s for kidnapping Stephen and drugging him”

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We got to the hotel, parked the car and then rushed in. we ran like we were running to catch up with the president to take a picture with him. Everyone stared at us, and I mean everyone. As we rushed in, I saw the receptionist she was pretty, I mean if you had an establishment like this, wouldn’t you hire a pretty receptionist?

“Excuse me” said Bello as his way of greeting. He was breathing normal like he just took a walk. Meanwhile, I on the other hand I’m breathing like I just ran a marathon. How is that possible?

“Good day sir” she replied, smiling at him.

“We need the room number to Mr. Kingsley” he said. No sugar coating, he just went straight to the point.

“Mr. who?” she asked, her mouth forming an “o” at the end. Bello bent forward and then meticulously described Kingsley to her. The look on her face showed she knew who he was talking about. But she still ended up saying.

“I don’t know who that is sir, and we don’t have a Mr. Kingsley in our registry” Bello’s mouth formed a tight line, he was getting pissed, he knew she knew who he was talking about.

“I know you do. Give us the room number” he demanded

“Sir like I said, I don’t know who you are talking about and if you continue with that tone of yours, I’m afraid you’ll be forcefully evicted from this hotel” she said, as she stood ram rod straight. Ready to do what she said she’ll do.



I got her, oh yes I did. My hand stung from the hot slap I just laid on Jessica but it was a good sting. Jessica looked at me glaring, and then she shrieked, trying to attack me.

“You stupid….” She didn’t complete her words casue I was pulled up, right from my waist away from her. I heard her mumble words in gibberish. She looked around confused, wondering how I managed to just elevate right into the air without any sort of wings. I was placed beside Stephen he was the one that pulled me off her.

“We need to go, now” he said firmly looking at me. From my side view I could see Jessica struggling to stand up. As she struggled, we heard the elevator ping. We all watched. And I mean everyone. Jessica, Stephen, Nancy and I. The elevator slid open and lo and behold, Gibson and his men appeared. Thank God, the Calvary arrives.



I stood as I stared at the receptionist. She was determined not to let us go through. Rubbing my face with my hand, I growled out angrily. Becky placed her hand gently on my back trying to calm me down, but it wasn’t working. We need to go up there; we need to rescue Ada and Stephen.

The receptionist phone rang; she looked at me for a second, then took a quick glance to where the hotel landline was situated. She picked it up, and then looked back at me.

“Front desk speaking, how may I help you please?” she said, her voice steady and clear. She was quiet for a few seconds then her eyes bugged out.

“What!” she shrieked. Then she looked around embarrassed by her outburst. “What do you mean a lady with a gun?” I looked to Becky, Becky looked at me and mouthed,

“Kingsley” I looked back to the receptionist as she said “room 142?” Well there you go. I don’t need her help anymore; I’ve gotten what I need. Without a second glance, I marched right to the elevators, Becky right behind me. We could hear the receptionist yelling for us to stop but we just kept going. We entered the elevator and just before the door slid closed, I raised my hand giving her a short salute smirking at her at the same time. She didn’t like it. And honestly, I didn’t care. But we did hear her say,

“Yeah I’m calling the police right away”.



Oh thank God, Gibson, finally the nightmare will end.

“Don’t take another step” I heard Jessica yell. I took my eyes away from Gibson to see Jessica holding Ada with a gun to her head. What…how did she get a hold of Ada?

“Jessica don’t do it” said Stephen. He was pointing a gun towards her, his hand well balanced like he has been doing it for years.

“No!” Jessica shrieked, “If Gibson doesn’t take me back, she dies”

“Ada!” I yelled, seeing her in this state is scary, I can’t believe Jessica has a gun to her head. Where did she even get the gun from? I thought Ada collected it from her when she was on the floor after Ada had rammed into her like a bull. Or does she carry an extra gun?

“Jessica put the gun down” said Gibson. His voice was calm but in a scary way. It’s like it held a promise to it and not a good one. That is if she didn’t do as he said, then she was going to regret it, like big time.

“No, you have to choose. me or her, and Gibson, if you choose Ada, you’ll lose her”. Oh God this isn’t good, this isn’t good at all



I stirred awake as I felt my head hurt like a thousand men were tramping on it. What happened to me? I sat up as I tried to remember, but I couldn’t. Then I looked around, trying to recall whatever has happened for however how long. Then it all came back. Me taking Ada, Jessica kidnapping Stephen, us bringing them here to the hotel, me planning on killing Stephen and then….oh no, no, no,…….I looked at the wardrobe. It was wide open, empty, he’s gone, no he can’t be gone. I got up clumsily from the ground, almost falling down but I held myself. Once I was sure I was steady, I moved to where I last left Ada. She was gone too. Seriously? All my hard work just gone, all of it? No! I didn’t kill her family for nothing, I didn’t go through all these stress just to lose at the end, I’m going to find her, and I’m going to get her back. And then I’ll teach her a very good, hard lesson, and with that she will never, never leave me again.


Jessica kept turning me around as she tried to get away from the men, and it was seriously beginning to piss me off. Because first, I’m getting dizzy from the whole turning thing, second; I’m hungry; and third; I just want this to end, like to finally end. So she needs to stop, like right now.

“Jessica, stop it you’re making me dizzy” I demanded

“Huh?” she asked, not getting what I was saying, cause I mean every normal human being in my position would be begging to get released, but it’s obvious I’m not normal human being.

“I said stop moving around, you’re making me dizzy” I reiterated.

“Are you for real?” she asked but she didn’t wait for me to give her my answer, she looked to Nancy and repeated her question.

“Is she for real?” Nancy was nodding her head, her lips bent, cause she understands me quite well, and she knows what is going on through Jessica’s head at my reaction.

“She is. As real as it gets” replied Nancy.

“Jessica” Gibson rumbled out, I don’t know why I said rumbled but that’s the best way I can describe it, his voice actually rumbled, that made me have the shakes and in a very bad way. Isn’t Jessica scared?

“No Gibson, I won’t let this mere maid go. I mean seriously, a maid? Why a maid when I’m still alive, she is just a maid” the last past was yelled out loud. I was getting pissed again, I mean her calling me a maid is not a bad thing, it’s just the way she said it. It was at this moment, that I had, had enough. I was done. And I was going to show everyone including Jessica how done I was.