Adventures Of Fola Season 2 Episode 16



I could hear Ada trying to get Kingsley to let me out but he wouldn’t listen. This wardrobe that I’ve come to realize I’m locked up in is quite uncomfortable and if I’m not let lose soon I’ll suffocate. It’s getting really hard to breath. So I need to do something to escape. With the room quiet I could hear Kingsley talking to Jessica on the phone, demanding to know where she is. He was telling her that he needed her to get back quick cause he doesn’t know what to do with me. Well, while he’s figuring out what to do with me, I know precisely what to do with him.


Kingsley called Jessica to know where she is, but she said she’s at the lobby. She’s done with her lunch. Right now she’s just relaxing. He told her to come up so they can decide what to do with Stephen and once she gets here, I’m certain that will be the end of Stephen, so I have to get him out of here, quick.

I watched Kingsley as he kept pacing back and forth, like he was really restless.

“How long are we going to stay here?” I asked him He stopped pacing to look at me.

“You will be staying with me forever, I don’t know about Jessica” after that scary answer I knew I was in really big trouble. He stared at me strangely for two seconds before going on with his pacing. Ok I can handle that answer, no matter how scary it is. At least he didn’t mention doing anything to Stephen.

I bowed my head, smiling silently to myself. But then my moment of happiness was cut short when Kingsley suddenly said.

“We might have to get rid of Stephen anyway; I don’t know what to do with him. And he already knows too much” My heart picked up speed….get rid of Stephen? What does he mean by that?

“What do you mean?” I asked, with my heart in my chest beating really fast, I swear I feel like I’m about hyperventilate.

“Huh? What?” he asked not paying attention to me, he was in his own world, probably figuring out ways to get rid of Stephen.

“What do you mean by “get rid of Stephen”? Do you mean you are going to let him go?” I asked.

“Well of course not” he answered, looking at me like I’m a fool or something. “I’m going to kill him; I can’t just let him go na, that’s stupid and unprofessional”

“You can’t do that” I semi yelled.

“Yes I can” he replied, his voice firm.  “And I will”

“Well if you do, then you’ll have to kill me too” I stood up for the first time since we arrived in that hotel room, facing him and daring him at the same time.

“Don’t try me Ada, I might be in love with you, but you aren’t the only girl on earth I can fall in love with, there are many others. So I can decide to get rid of you too and then find another girl” I staggered backward at his comment. Oh my god he can kill me if he wants. “Yeah…now we’re getting somewhere” he said proudly moving towards me. I took a step back as he did, the back of my knees hitting the couch. With a finger he jabbed me on my shoulder making me slump carelessly into the couch. He then crouched down, facing me.

“Ada, don’t think you aren’t replaceable, cause you are so totally irreplaceable”. Then for some bizarre reason, he closed his eyes. Smiling to himself, he began to sing

“irreplaceable” by Beyonce. I looked at him, totally stupefied by his abrupt change of behavior. Is he bipolar?

He got up still singing. And then walked to the wardrobe and pulled it open but his singing stopped, his mouth was left opened but he couldn’t say anything because he got a big surprise. Yes you guessed right. He got a hard kick right in his face. He fell back hitting his head really hard I was afraid he might have broken his skull, but if he did better for us right? Cause I mean none of us wants to be in the same room with him any longer and on that thought I decided to go through with my plan.


So I was able to make it through the hotel and now I am heading up to where Ada and Stephen are kept. I’m sure you’re wondering how I did it. Well this is how it happened. I walked straight to the front desk and demanded to see my brother. The receptionist a young, pretty chocolate in color lady wearing cute medicated glasses stared at me stunned. Her eyes moved from my eyes down to my feet which were covered in grey sneakers, up to my white, brownish in color, sleeveless jumpsuit. Then they ended back on my eyes.

“Who are you?” she asked confused, her voice sweet and refined.

“You don’t know me, Seriously?” I asked in fake amazement. She shook her head, surprised to see a little girl talk to her in this manner.

“Well, I don’t have time to start explaining myself ok? Right now I need to go up to my brothers room and get him. My father will soon be here and you don’t want my father to be here” I said sternly to her.

“And who is you father dear?” she asked not believing a word I was saying. Right now I was causing a little bit of attention to myself, people were beginning to stare.

“You don’t need to know that” I replied. Hoping and praying that she’ll just let me in.

“Ok then who is your brother?” she asked I took a guess and said,

“he’s the one that was carried in by a guy, that guy has been staying here for…” I dragged the “for” to let her complete it.

“Two days…?” she said as a question.

“Exactly, two days” I said, not smiling I just kept looking at her with a poker face.

“And why is your brother here?” she kept on with her questions. God is this lady a detective?

“I can’t tell you that either, the only thing you need to know is, he is my brother, I’m here to take him home and you don’t want my father to be here” She looked at me closely but I didn’t even flinch, I even raised my brow as if to say, “What are you waiting for?” After a few seconds, she sighed then clicked her computer and started to do more clicking. A few more seconds later, she stopped clicking to look at me.

“Your brother is in room 142” I nodded my head once at her, “can you find your way there?” she asked, then without waiting for my reply, she concluded “Just use the elevator, it’s on the 2nd floor” Nodding my head again, I murmured a thank you then rushed to the elevator, cause I know any time from now, Gibson and his men will be barreling in like the SWAT TEAM. And I can’t be down here when they do that.


I watched shocked as Kingsley got a hard kick to his face, then he fell down like a big, humungous, log of wood. Immediately he fell to the ground, I ran over to him to check him out. He was totally passed out. I looked to Stephen to see him scowling deeply, his eyes fixed only on Kingsley. I can imagine him sending poisonous daggers in his mind to pierce the dark soul of Kingsley. I hope he aims correctly. Those scowling eyes of his shifted to me, still scowling, he asked,

“are you ok?” I nodded my head, He took me in, assessing me, making sure I was telling the truth, then he shook his cuffed hand saying, “you need to find the keys”. I stood frozen, wondering what he meant. “Ada, the keys, before Jessica comes back” he demanded hurriedly. His demand got me out of my frozen state making me dive straight into action. Now where will a criminal like Kingsley keep a key he wants no one to get from him? Well…on himself of course. So with that conclusion in mind, I got down to my knees to begin my thorough search on Kingsley.

I checked every pocket on him finally getting the small set of keys in his right trouser pocket. I stood up smiling widely at Stephen and said,

“I’ve found it”

“Well ok, get me loose then” he said impatiently.

“Oh, yeah sorry” I walked quickly to him and then got down to business getting him loose from the cuff on his wrist. It didn’t take up to two minutes for the cuff to make a click sound, causing Stephen to be free from it. Once he was free, he got up slowly trying to get out from the wardrobe, stretching his legs and hands. He squeezed his eyes like he was trying to concentrate.

“Are you ok?” I asked worriedly, placing my hand on his arm to support him. But I really don’t know who will be doing the supporting because Stephen is clearly bigger than me.

“Yeah, just a little drowsy, the drug Jessica forcefully gave me is still in my system”

“Oh” was my short reply. He grunted as he tried to get out of the wardrobe, for a boy his size he really tried surviving in that wardrobe. The wardrobe is too narrow for him. I led him to the bed and helped him to sit down then I sat down beside him, rubbing his back.

“Just take deep breaths ok, you’ll feel better in a few minutes” I told him as I prayed in my heart that he’ll be strong enough for us to escape.

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We were done with our food and it was awesome, but I suddenly felt something was not right. I looked around then at the maids. Then my eyes landed on Andrew, he was sitting slumped in his seat using toothpick to pick his tooth.

“Has Nancy come back in yet?” I asked him. He shook his head, still picking his tooth. I looked at the maids to ask but they were already shaking their heads letting me know they heard my question and that she hasn’t come in yet. Some of the maids were mostly cleaning up the kitchen, while others did something to occupy themselves, like stare at Andrew and laugh silently at him.

Getting up from my chair, I walked to the backyard to see what she’s still doing out there. But getting there, I didn’t see her. I moved about a bit, checking every corner. But still I didn’t find her. I began to yell out her name but she didn’t answer. By now, the maids and Andrew had come out to know why I’m yelling Nancy’s name

“What’s up, where’s Nancy?” asked Andrew.

“I don’t know, I can’t find her” I replied, sounding really worried still looking around.

“Maybe she went to the front of the house” he said. I looked at him, he shrugged. I sighed out loud deciding to check the front of the house. So I walked round to the front to look for her. But only the bodyguards were there.

“Becky is everything alright? I heard you yelling Nancy’s name. Is she ok?” asked one of them.

“Well….I can’t find her, have any of you seen her?” I asked, looking at each of them. They shook their heads looking at each other, then at me. Ok, this is bad, this is really bad. Where in the world is she?


I got up from the plush seat I was sitting on, I was finally ready to go on with my plan and get rid of Ada. That girl won’t be taking my man. No woman belongs to him but me.

Heading to the elevator, I smiled at the receptionist, she smiled back at me. I got to the elevator, pressed the button going up and then waited for it to open. Stepped in when it did, and then pressed the button for the second floor. I’m so gonna have fun getting rid of Ada, I can’t wait.


We walked into the hotel. Me acting as the boss while the rest of my team crowded me like they are my bodyguards. Stopping right in front of the front desk, I said in my no nonsense voice.

“Where is my daughter?” Now I don’t know why I referred to Nancy as my daughter but that’s the first thing that popped into my head. And you must admit it is possible for her to be my daughter.

“Sir. Your daughter, Can you tell me her name so I can check if she’s in our hotel?” asked the receptionist.

“I think describing her will be better” I said to her, cause I wasn’t sure if Nancy told her, her name and if she did, did she use her real name?

“Well sir we have a lot of kids here, describing her might not be helpful” said the receptionist.

“I’ll do it anyway, I’m sure you’ll know her” I replied back, still in my no nonsense voice.

“Oh ok, sure. I’m all ears” said the receptionist uncertain. And so I got down to describing Nancy right down to her height. I hope we finish from here on time before something terrible happens to them.


I walked to the living room after using the restroom and checking on the bodyguards outside but no one was there. Where is everyone?

“Nancy! Nancy!” I yelled, but she didn’t answer. I went to the bottom of the stairs and yelled her name once more.

“Nancy!!” I yelled, dragging the “cy” but she still didn’t answer.

“Nancy isn’t around” said Becky behind me. I turned to face her asking.

“Not here, where did she go to?”

“I have no idea, I’ve searched everywhere for her but I can’t find her” she said, looking really worried.

“Well we need to find her then” I said, climbing up the stairs to start from there.

“She isn’t in her room if that’s where you’re headed” stated Becky I stopped mid step, turning my body halfway to look at her.

“You’ve checked there already?” I asked She nodded her head. I turned fully around, wondering where she could be.

“Don’t worry I’ll find her, I just hope she carried her phone” said Andrew, he was walking to his laptop on the dining table. He then plopped down in his seat and began to type. We all moved towards him, the maids, Bello, Edgar and me. I really don’t know why but he doesn’t say much (Edgar). He just hovers in the background like an unforeseen spirit.

“Got it!” yelled Andrew triumphantly getting me out of my thoughts of Edgar.

“You’ve found her?” I asked, moving closer to stare at the computer screen.

“Yep” he answered, popping his “p”

“Well where is she?” asked Bello eagerly.

“Well she’s in town, in a hotel” he replied.

“A hotel?” we all said at the same time, and then we looked at each other, wondering, what in the world is she doing in a hotel?

“Send me the address” demanded Bello.

“Me to” I said chipping in.

“No you’re not going” commanded Bello. I raised an eyebrow clearly sending my message as I communicated,

“Are you for real?” Bello stared at me, his face firm, then he sighed when he realized I wasn’t giving in, before finally complying.

“Fine, but you stay close at all times” he commanded I nodded my head at him,

“not going to happen” I said to myself. if there’s a need for me to separate myself from him in order for me to help Nancy, then I will. But anyway, the important thing right now is getting to the hotel and making sure Nancy is alright. Oh and can you believe Andrew forgot to mention that’s where Ada and Stephen are being held? Which means we will be joining the whole team and when I say the whole team, I mean Gibson? Andrew might be smart but he has no common sense.


“Ok so we need a plan on escaping” I said to no one, just thinking out loud.

“A plan?” asked Stephen looking at me.

“We don’t need any plan, let’s just leave. It’s not like if Jessica sees us downstairs she’ll be able to do anything. I mean we are the ones in charge now” I looked at Stephen he seemed better now; he was looking at me like I needed my brain checked with what I just said. Hmm he’s actually right. We are actually in charge. Ok then, guess we are leaving.

I smiled at him, he rolled his eyes. It was then we heard a knock on the door. We both turned our heads as one to look at the door. I could feel the tension in the room crackling with anxiety and fear. Who is that, Was the one question that ran through my brain?

To be continued