Adventures Of Fola Episode 8


I cannot believe I am here. How did I get here?, why in the world did I allow myself to get here. Oh. My. God. This food is so good!! (All this was said in my head, while I was shoving pancakes, eggs, chips and whatever food I could get into my mouth). I really don’t want to eat cos I want Michael to know I’m mad at him for making me eat breakfast with him. But shoot! This food is amazing,

Right now at this very moment I am sitting right in front of Michael in his study room having breakfast, not that the breakfast isn’t awesome seeing as it consists of , pancakes, eggs, akara, pap, bread, plantain, coffee, and chips. All in big sizes, they didn’t know what I wanted for breakfast so they made a variety of it. I wonder why Ada didn’t just come and ask me what I’ll want for breakfast;

Anyway back to the matter at hand, the reason why I am sitting in front of Michael in his study room having breakfast is because, Immediately Ada helped me to have my bath and helped me to get dressed, Michael came into my room, picked me up like a groom carrying his bride, and went straight to his study room which is downstairs, he did all this while I was yelling and struggling and throwing whatever insult I could think of at him, insults like; he is the most arrogant, most selfish , useless human being that ever existed, I know, not good enough, but that’s all I that I could think of . I was mad, straight up mad. And very pissed too. He didn’t even ask if I was ready to eat, he just came in and carried me, what if I was tired, what if I was naked, did he think of that?, no, no he didn’t. Useless man. Mshwww.

I managed to look at Michael while I was eating, and God did I glare, Michael was smiling, totally immune to my icy glare. I need to give him a piece of my mind. Putting my cutlery down still glaring, I asked.

‘’Why are you smiling Michael, ehn? You carried me away from my room, just like that and brought me down here to your study room to have breakfast with you. You didn’t even ask me if I wanted to come downstairs, or leave my room. You didn’t even ask if I wanted to have breakfast with you, which I don’t by the way. So tell me, why are you smiling’’?

‘’Well Fola, you need food in your body, cos you are as thin as a mosquito.’’ My mouth fell open, Ignoring my reaction he continued to talk. ‘’Also you can’t walk you need to stay away from walking because of your ankle. So I carried you’’.

Then picking up his cup of coffee he took a sip, placed it down and took a bite of his akara, watching me. Well what do is say to that, he’s right about my ankle, I am meant to stay off it. Not putting any kind of pressure whatsoever. But still I had to stand my ground, so I did what I do best. I Glared. Then I asked;

‘’couldn’t you just ask me if I was hungry’’?

‘’No’’, said Michael nonchantly, still smiling by the way. We stared at each other, me with an angry face, and him with an amused look. Then there was a knock on the door, hearing the knock Michael stopped staring at me and looked at the door, answering

‘’yes’’ in an amused tone, he invited the person in, since my back was to the door I turned around in my seat to know who was knocking. Ada came in. oh! Thank God, Ada will help me, she’ll definitely help me. I tried talking to Ada but she spoke first, saying;

‘’Mr. smith, Mr. Gibson is here”, she looked at me, I smiled at her ,she smiled back, then I said,

“hey, Ada can you please assist me , I want to leave this place.” Thinking Ada would say yes and doing it happily I was ready to leave the study, but then Ada decided to break my heart into a million pieces by saying;

” sorry Fola but I can’t, you have to eat and take your pain meds.” Then she looked at Michael and asked, “sir, what do I tell Mr. Gibson?”. Michael was smiling so much that I thought his lips would fall off. He shook his head in amusement and replied Ada,

‘’tell him I’ll be with him in a few minutes’’. Immediately he said that, Ada was gently pushed inside by someone. It wasn’t the way he entered the study without asking that got my attention, but the way his hands was still on Ada’s waist longer than necessary, then get this, Ada blushed, she was actually blushing! Oh. My. God , there’s something going on between these two, I’m sure of it. I couldn’t help myself, I smiled , a full blown smile, totally forgetting about the annoying superman sitting in front of me. Still facing them( Ada and the guy ,that is super cute by the way,but I don’t know who he is.) Michael who was sounding a bit pissed said,

‘’Gibson, common man, you know everyone knocks before coming into my study’’.

‘’Sorry man’’, said Gibson, in a very deep baritone, wow are all men like this? Gibson is tall, very tall. I think he is taller than Michael, yes definitely taller than Michael. He is light skinned just like Ada, in fact seeing them standing so close to each other, they kind ‘a make a cute couple. Leaving Ada , he looked at her and winked, then he started walking towards us, oh my! He winked at Ada, this is awesome, I was all excited and giddy inside. Ada still blushing quickly said a quick goodbye and rushed out of the room. Yep, there is definitely something going on between these two. Gibson was now standing beside me, he looked down at me, I looked up. Then he looked at Michael asking,

‘’who is this’’? Michael looked at me answering,

’’ This is Fola, my guest, Fola meet Gibson my best friend’’. Gibson, smiled at me, stretched out his hand towards me for a handshake and said,

’’ Nice to meet you Fola, I’m Gibson’’. I smiled at him and replied,

‘’nice to meet you too’’, giving him my hand we shook each other, he had a very firm grip. I know no man is perfect, but this guy is close to perfect, wow. Michael was looking at Gibson’s hand that was still holding mine in a tight handshake and said,

‘’can you let go of her hand now please’’? Gibson chuckled, then said,

‘’sure’’, then he let go of my hand. Taking a seat beside him he started to talk to Michael, he said,

’’ so what’s up bro, haven’t heard from you since yesterday, you good’’? Busy? , then he tried taking Michael’s coffee, immediately Michael saw what he was trying to do, he quickly carried his coffee out of the way, so Gibson wouldn’t grab it. This made me laugh, but made Gibson scowl, he said,

‘’taking your coffee away from me right’’?

‘’Yep’’, said Michael, not even caring that Gibson was scowling. Laughing I thought, these two are amusing. Gibson decided to eat out of our meal since Michael refused to give him his coffee. He started with the chips and egg then moved to the pancakes, and then moved over to akara and pap, then he finished it up with a cup of tea, wow this guy can eat, no wonder he’s so big.

They talked for awhile , I sat there watching them, feeling bored, this is because all they did was talk about business, seems like they have a lot, but the major business they have is a security agency( that explains why they are all strong and buffed up). Michael didn’t even care if I was ok staying with the both of them in his study. i really needed to keep myself busy cos I was really bored. So I decided to join into their conversation by asking some questions.

“So! You guys are security men? Both men stopped talking to look at me, then they looked at each other again, but it was Michael that spoke first. He said,

“We are not ordinary security men, Fola, our job is quite dangerous. We are more like body guards and investigators, our job is to protect people, if there’s a kidnapping, we are there to rescue them, if there’s a hostage situation we are there to solve it. There’s practically nothing we cant do. Infact the police calls us for situations that’s beyond their control. Simply putting it, our job is not safe.

“Oh . Wow”. What do I say to that. Was a bit out of words didn’t know what to say.. but I had a question to ask anyway, so I asked. ‘’So your job is quite dangerous, does that mean you guys handle guns’’? They both answered simultaneously.


“Wow, ok then”. I decided to keep quiet; I’ll prefer to be bored than to ask more questions that will give me frightening answers. Michael wasn’t done, he asked,

‘’do you want to know more about our jobs? We could tell you, we have all day’’. While he was asking, I was shaking my head, letting him know I didn’t want to know more about his dangerous job.

‘’Are you sure? We could tell you, it’s no big deal’,’ said Michael. I continued to shake my head;

“nope I don’t want to know, at all”.

‘’Ok then’’, said Michael, facing Gibson, they continued to talk.

I relaxed in my seat, taking in the boredom wholeheartedly. After they were done talking, Michael got up from his chair, came around the table towards me, picked me up, (again without asking), and took me to the living room, Gibson walking beside us.

We got to the living room, Michael dropped me carefully on the sofa, gave me the remote to their flat screen tv that’s enormous, and said I can watch whatever program I want to watch, he was about to escort Gibson out of the house cos according to Gibson he had some business to take care of. Gibson looked at me and smiled, then he said,

‘’Fola it was nice meeting you, hope to see you again’’. Well it won’t be bad seeing him again I guess, I smiled and said,

‘’nice meeting you too Gibson’’. Michael walked Gibson to the door, they talked some more for a few minutes, then Gibson looked at me, smiled at me again, and gave me a chin lift, I guess that was his way of saying goodbye, I waved at him, (I’m not a guy I don’t do chin lifts). Then he left.

Michael closing the door. Then Michael came to me, sat beside me, and watched what I was watching, which was a show I had no idea about, because I haven’t had access to any television seeing as I’ve been homeless for 8 years, but sometimes I used to have the opportunity to watch maybe the news, it depends on what restaurant I’m at begging for food. So I had no idea what I was watching , looking at Michael I asked,

‘’ what are we watching’’? Michael answered,

’’ the mentalist’’, its quite interesting. I wasn’t sure I’ll love the program but I decided to give it a try. So I turned my head back towards the TV and concentrated on the program. Suddenly Michael got up, and walked away, I had no idea were he was going, until he returned with a pack of ice, sat down beside me, and placed the ice on my ankle.

“Arghhhh! That’s cold!!! Take that away!.” I said to Michael giving him my icy glare, for like the 3rd time that day.

‘’Fola, you have to put ice on it, so that the swelling can go down. common don’t be a baby’’ said Michael .

“I am not a baby, its too cold, just take it away please. Sorry I can’t. Please… No Pleaseeeeeeeee No Please, please,please,please, please, please, pleaseeeeee.”

” Fola, no. this ice will stay on your ankle until the swelling goes down, so toughen up, you big baby. Immediately he said that, he placed the ice pack on my ankle and it was freaking cold, and it hurt too. Shoot!.

Michael gave me a reassuring smile, with the ice pack still on my ankle, he held my hand. I looked at him, my eyes were getting teary cos it really hurt, then I said,

‘’ I’m not a baby’’. Still smiling Michael said in a soft tone,

’’ ok dear, you’re not a baby’’

To be continued