Adventures Of Fola Episode 9


Michael stayed with me, holding my hand, until he was satisfied with the outcome of my ankle. He wanted to make sure that the swelling went down, even if it was just a little. He looked up at me from his kneeling position, trying to gauge my reaction with the ice pack on my ankle. I was still in pain, so I would usually bite my lips to stop them from trembling.

Finally, Michael removed the ice pack from my ankle, dropped it on the coffee table, got up and sat down back beside. Looking at me, he asked,

’’ how do you feel’’? Glaring at him I asked,

‘’What do you think? you placed an ice pack on my swollen ankle, an ankle that has been paining me since yesterday. So I ask again, what do you think?’’

“Calm down Fola, I was just trying to help”. I was still in pain and very much pissed off at him, even though I knew he was just trying to help. But knowing I am me, which means I am as stubborn as a bull, I totally ignored the fact that he was trying to help. So I did the usual, I hissed at him, folded my arms, and turned my face away.

For some strange reason, this made Michael to chuckle. Well, I wasn’t going to pay him anymore attention. I would rather watch my tv program. And that’s exactly what I did.

A few moments later, Michael got up, saying he needed to do some work in his study room. I later found out that his study room, wasn’t really a study room, it was more like an office. You know? With the way it looked. But hey, who am I to say how a study room should look like.

As Michael got up, giving his excuse, I continued to watch my tv program, it was really interesting, it was funny, full of suspense, and all investigative. So I refused to acknowledge him. Michael gave out a sigh and walked away to his study. When I was sure that he was a bit far away from where I was sitting in the living room, I looked towards where he was walking to. I realized that he was really a good person. Picking me up from the streets, feeding me, calling a doctor for me, and giving me a room and a bed to sleep in. but will all these be for free?, will he want something in return? Rich men like him always want something in return, something as a thank you. Thinking about it made me scared. I don’t really know him, other than the fact that he has his own security agency, but his attitude and the way the people in this house address him says otherwise.

There is something strange about Michael, something abnormal. And I hope I’ll be able to find out without getting hurt. Maybe I’ll be able to help him, just as he has helped me.

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  An hour later, I woke up to someone yelling somewhere down the hall. I looked around me to know where I was exactly . Finally realizing that I was in the living room, because I was on the couch, and the tv was still on, this time a new program was airing, I didn’t know what it was. I must have slept off during the last program that I was watching. The yelling was still going on. And it sounded like Ada. Why would Ada be yelling? And who was she yelling at?.

I got up from the couch and limped my way to where the yelling was coming from. Going to the end of the hall, there was one way out; it was leading to the other side of the house where there is a garden. The garden was amazing filled with beautiful flowers and it smelt nice too. She was standing by a flower that looked really nice, her back facing me. And yes she was still yelling. I stood there watching her, and waited for her to finish. Once she was done, she turned around not knowing that I was there she screamed because she was scared. Placing her hand on her chest she said

’’ my God, Fola , you almost gave me a heart attack. What are you doing here? And your standing, you’re not supposed to be standing. Please go back inside and rest.” Ignoring her questions, I asked

’’ why were you yelling, is everything alright?.’’

” Yes Fola everything is fine, just someone that won’t let me rest, don’t worry he will get tired and stop.” I was a bit concerned cos this person sounded like a stalker. So I asked to be sure,

“is this person a stalker.?” She nodded her head, saying yes. Wow. I don’t know much about stalkers but I don’t think she should be handling this on her own.

“Ada, does Michael know about this?” She shook her head, meaning no. Ok then why don’t you tell him? Still shaking her head she said,

“I don’t want to worry Mr. Smith, he already has a lot on his plate”.

“Worry Mr. Smith about what”, said a deep voice from behind me. I turned around, tripping on my good leg, because I was startled from hearing the voice which turned out to be Michael. Michael having one of the fastest reflexes I have ever seen in a man quickly caught me to stop my fall. Shoving his shoulders I asked in an angry tone,

‘’why you would scare me like that’?, see, I almost fell down.”

“You almost fell down? Are you even supposed to be standing?” Asked Michael, and I think he was angry. Wow I’ve really done it this time. “Fola if you want your ankle to heal quickly then I suggest you stay off that leg for your own good. You can’t keep walking around on your own, what’s wrong with you?. For your information, through these various questions that Michael was asking me, I was still been held by him. So he was right in my face, asking me these questions. I couldn’t say anything; I just kept my mouth shut. And waited for him to finish. Cos I have never seen him angry. And now that I have, I don’t like it. Then he carried me immediately he was done with his questions. (Bridal style). Facing Ada he asked,

“what’s the problem Ada? Why were you yelling?” Ada, still looking a bit concerned, maybe because of Michaels attitude towards me said,

’’ it’s nothing sir, I can handle it.’’ Michael wasn’t convinced.

‘’Are you sure Ada.?’’

“Yes sir I’m sure.”

” Well then if you say so. I’m taking Fola back to her room, she needs to rest.”

” That’s ok sir.” Turning around, Michael walked back through the hallway, climbed up the stairs and took me to my room. Walking in, he closed the bedroom door behind him, took me to my bed and placed me on the bed. Then without saying a word, he walked out of the room, leaving me alone. Well I guess he is really pissed. I am such an idiot. I really need to change my attitude towards him. Because he is doing all he can to help me.

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2 weeks later. Yes I know what you’re thinking, two weeks?. And I’m still in Michael’s house? What can I say? I love his house. And everyone has been good to me. My ankle has totally healed; I can now walk around without anyone having to help me. It is awesome. But right now I’m not at the house. No, I’m out with Michael, it is 1 o’clock in the afternoon and we are going shopping. I’m sure you’re wondering why its Michael and I, well Michael insisted he go with me, I don’t know why, he just wanted to. So now we are in shoprite, and this place is dope, it’s got lots of shops that sell different kinds of clothes, there’s even a shop meant for just wrist watches, awesome right?.

We entered one of the shops, this particular shop sold jeans trousers and skirts. And get this, Michael selected every jean that he bought for me, and he’s got an eye for quality jeans too. Which is cool. We spent close to 2 hours shopping, I had to buy some girly things for myself, like underwear’s, makeup kits, even though I don’t know how to use most of them I’m sure I can learn. I also got some foot wears, like high heels( not too high), sneakers, ballet flats, wedges and canvas sneakers.

After our incredible awesome shopping spree, we went to shawarma delight in Lagos mainland. And their shawarma is super good. One word: awesome. During our time in shawarma delight, Michael was a bit quiet. I was worried that I might have done something bad. So I asked why he was acting all quiet and moody. This is how the conversation went;

Me: whats up, why are you so quiet?

Michael: cos I don’t want you to leave me.

Me: leave you? Why will I do that?, I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere.

Michael: well now that your ankle is all healed. You’re free to leave, and I feel you’re going to do just that. Well it’s all good, since I had the opportunity to spend some time with you today. But to be honest I don’t want you to leave. I’ll really miss you if you do.

I was a bit confused, because I didn’t know; me leaving will affect him that much. I mean during these past 2 weeks we’ve actually grown pretty close. We talk all the time, laugh all the time, and watch tv programs whenever we can. He even taught me how to play pool. Yea I know, awesome. So I didn’t think he was going to feel bad, I mean even if I wanted to leave I won’t just leave like that. I don’t even think I want to leave. But this is his home. I’m nothing to him. I’m just some charity case. I had no idea this was how he felt. So I had to clear the air, I needed to know why he would feel sad if I left.

Me: but Michael we’ve only known each other for 2 weeks. You have your life, I have mine. So why would you feel bad or miss me sef, I don’t understand.

Michael: because I like you

That got my mouth to hang wide open, he even had to place his finger on my chin to close my mouth back, I was shocked.

Michael: yes Fola I like you. I know you’ve had an awful life. I have too. But since I’ve known you my life has gotten brighter, better, wonderful, amazing, I could go on. Fola you’re funny, and smart. You’re not scared of me, people fear me but you don’t. (he chuckled) you even yell at me, and insult me. Fola no human being has ever done that because they know who I am. I am Michael smith, everyone knows me. So yes if you leave I’ll miss you. Terribly.

I was speechless. I had no words, absolutely no words to say to him. We sat down there in shawarma delight for a few more minutes, and then we left. With Michael driving his white 2015 BMX X3, I sat at the passengers sit. And all I could think about was what Michael told me while we were eating our shawarma. I was scared and confused. Sure I didn’t want to go back to being homeless, and with all the clothes and accessories that Michael got me, I won’t survive on the streets, everything will get stolen within the blink of an eye. I needed a place to stay, I needed a job, I needed money. But that wasn’t really what was bothering me, it was Michael saying he likes me. Me! Fola, a homeless girl with no family. It felt weird.

We arrived at his house, Michael looked at me and told me not to open my door. He then got out of the car, came around to my side and opened the door for me. Unghhh who in the world wouldn’t like a guy like Michael. But I’m not good for him. We live in different worlds. A well educated and sophisticated guy dating a homeless girl?, no I can’t do that, I won’t.

After he helped me out of his car, Edgar the grim looking old man, came out of the house to help with my bag of clothing and accessories. Then we all went into the house. A few hours later, we had dinner, which was prepared by Ada, and trsut me it was an amazing meal. Ada can really cook. She prepared cous cous with salad and fried chicken , it was awesome.

After dinner I told Ada goodnight. Michael had gone into his study room, I had a feeling he was avoiding me. Maybe it’s because I didn’t say anything when he told me he liked me. I went into his study room to talk to him I needed to make sure he was ok. Getting there I heard him on the phone, I couldn’t really hear what he was saying but he sounded a bit pissed. I knocked on his door, and his reply was… WHAT!. Whoa, angry much?.

I walked inside and closed the door behind me, then I looked at him. Immediately he saw that it was me, he calmed down. Then he apologized for yelling at me. Well maybe he is all worked up because of work. Anyway I got straight to the matter at hand.

‘’Michael are you upset with me’’? I asked. He frowned a bit. Then he replied,

‘’no, of course not, why should I be’’? I shrugged,

‘’well because I didn’t say anything when you told me you liked me earlier today’’.

“Fola, I might like you, but just because you don’t feel the same way doesn’t mean I have to be upset at you. It’s ok, I’m ok. I’m not upset at you.”

“Ok, if you say so”. I gave him a smile and left his office. Then I went up to my room, had my bath, wore my pyjamas and climbed into bed. I was out within a few minutes. During the night , while I was asleep, with the lights turned off, I felt hands on my feet, and then suddenly I was been dragged out of bed, thrown to the floor and then picked up and held by the neck, my back to the persons front with his hands holding me still. All these happened within a minute, I couldn’t move and I couldn’t breathe, he was choking me, whoever was in my room was choking me, oh God Pls help me.

Putting my survival skills into play. I used the heel of my feet to step down hard on the guys own feet, he gave a out a painful grunt, then I elbowed him in the ribs, this helped a lot cos his grip on my neck loosened. I used that opportunity to turn around and dislodge him from me, then I knelt down on the floor, grabbed one of his legs, held the hem of his trousers and pulled hard, making him fall down side ways, hitting his head on the foot of my bed. Then I screamed. I screamed so loud I was scared of my own voice.

Immediately, I heard footsteps of someone running down the hall towards my room, the door to my room was pushed open with so much force that the hinges rattled, I’m sure of it. Then the lights came on. It was Michael he was wearing just his pyjama trousers nothing else.

He saw me on the floor, and then looked at the guy that was unconscious. Walked towards him, knelt down, and took off the ski mask that he used to cover his face. As he was doing that, Edgar came in, followed by Ada and then Michael’s younger brother. I was so glad that they were here. I broke down crying.

Ada ran to me , knelt down beside me and held me. I couldn’t believe it, this intruder almost killed me. Why? Why would anyone want to kill me? My God why me, why. Sitting on the floor with Ada holding me, I asked myself these questions over and over, out loud, and I cried. If someone can hurt me in Michaels house, then I’m definitely not safe out of the house.

To be continued