Adventures Of Fola Episode 7


After telling Ada the story of the smelly mouth old man, we laughed and talked more about the funny things that us girls love to talk about, I really don’t have to mention them now do i?. The food given to me was finished almost immediately, it was quite yummy. After I was done eating, I asked Ada where Michael was and she said he was in his study room.

Wow, this house has a study room too, amazing. A few moments later Ada asked about my family, well I didn’t have much to tell her, and to be honest I felt uncomfortable telling her because she came from a well to do family, a family that loved and cared for her, while I on the other hand was raised up in a messed up way, to be honest I don’t think I had a family to begin with. I told Ada about myself and my so called family.

“You see Ada, I had a mother but no father,” the skin between her eyebrows squeezed together revealing a confused facial expression, so I decided to elaborate. “What I mean is my mum, was a prostitute, I’m saying was because I’m not sure if she’s alive or dead. Her mother was a prostitute so I think that’s the reason she became a prostitute, because that was the only life she knew. When I was very little at the age of 5, I saw my mum and her pay for the night having sex in the living room or our little home, our home was a one bedroom apartment, for some bizarre reason she decided to do her business in the living room that night. When she could always go to a hotel to do her business.

Unfortunately for me, I was thirsty, so I got up and walked down our tiny hallway to the living room, you see the kitchen is right where the living room is, there’s just a small division to separate the living room from the kitchen. Leaving the room and getting to the corridor, I heard some strange sounds, then the sounds turned to screams, it sounded like my mum, I thought someone was hurting her so I ran to the living room. When I got there I was shocked to the bone. I couldn’t say a word because what I saw is what no girl, no child my age was to ever see.

The man saw me first, seeing me spoilt his lingo so he yelled at me to get back inside, my mum looked at me and she didn’t say a word, she didn’t even feel or look bad that her daughter had seen her in an unacceptable position. The yelling made me run back to the room, being thirsty forgotten. Since then, I lost every respect I had for my mother, I stopped listening to her, or obeying her. She punished me all the time for sleeping over at my friend’s house without telling her. I did that because I was tired of seeing strange men in our house. Whenever I told her to stop bringing all these men, she would say these men are the people that pay our bills, once she stops them from coming we won’t have money for our upkeep, we won’t be able to pay the bills and I won’t be able to go to school. It was an awful life.

I also told her that on my 13th birthday, my mum threw me out of the house for refusing to sleep with a man.” I decided to keep the rest of my tales of how horrible my life had been, looking at Ada I said, “you grew up with a loving family I grew up with a horrible mother. I don’t even know who my dad is because my mum doesn’t know who he is; he was just one of her customers”.

Ada’s lips trembled a bit, her eyes were watery and she was about to cry. She held my hands and said;

‘’Fola ,you were brought into this world for a reason. Any girl that went through what you went through would have become exactly like her mother or worse. But you? You refused to follow that path. We all have the right to make our own choice, your mum made her’s and it was wrong, you made yours and it was the right choice. Even if you ended up on the streets after that choice, you still made your way to this particular place. So I think you are a very special and important person to God”. Wow, I can’t believe she said that.

Crying isn’t my thing, I hardly cry. But what Ada just said made me to cry. She held me while I cried on her shoulders, rubbing my back to sooth me. Once I was done she helped me to get into bed. Then brought the blankets to my chest to cover me up, said good night to me, and left the room. 5 minutes later I was out like a light, having a wonderful sleep for the first time in 8 years and a dreamless night.

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The next morning, I was still in bed having an amazing sleep, when suddenly I heard the door being knocked on. I totally ignored it. The bed was warm, I was warm, and cozy, and still very sleepy. So I slept. But then someone knocked on the door again, waking me up, but no one came in. the room was quiet for a few seconds. Then, the door began to open, I still kept my eyes closed thinking it was Ada, she would understand that I needed the sleep. But then a very deep husky voice said,

‘’ I know your awake Fola, get up please’’. Oh no!, its Michael, he’s in my room, or in his room, the room he gave me. What do I do, pretend to be still asleep?. “Fola”, he called.” Wake up. The doctor is here to check on your legs”. That was when I opened my eyes, I glared at him. What? He just disturbed my wonderful amazing sleep.

As usual my glare didn’t affect him so I asked in an annoyed tone.

“What is it superman?, I’m not yet done with my sleep, please, please just let me sleep for another hour, please”. Michael shook his head,

“no, you have to get up now, I’ll call Ada to come and assist you.” Immediately he was done talking he walked out, leaving the door opened. 5 minutes late, Ada walked in.

“good morning dear, did you sleep well?”. I pouted saying,

“I would have, if only superman would have just allowed me to sleep for another hour.” Ada was a bit confused; she tilted her head to the side asking,

“superman? I looked at her,

“yeah superman, you know, full of muscles, bulky everywhere, really strong…. I could go on.” She was still confused, so I made it easier for her by telling her who I was referring to. “It’s Michael Ada, I’m talking about Michael”.

“Ohhhhh, yea Mr Smith, ok now I get it. But Why do you call him Michael” I tilted my head asking,

“why do you call him Mr Smith”.

“Well because he’s my boss”.

“Well then, I call him Michael because he is not my boss”. Then I smiled. She shook her head with an expression saying,

‘’this girl is really funny’’. Anyway I continued to tell her why I didn’t sleep well.

‘’Apart from the fact that superman didn’t let me get my 1 hour extra sleep, he also didn’t say good morning, I mean who does that, just because he is older than me doesn’t mean he shouldn’t say good morning.” Ada busted out laughing, this time I looked at her, confused, then she said,

” Mr. smith never says good morning, we tell him good morning”. Hmm, weird, he doesn’t greet anyone good morning, well then I’ll have to change that. I kept that to myself anyway, not telling Ada what I was planning on doing while I was still in this house.

Ada came close to me and sat on the bed asking, “how is your leg, does it still hurt?.”

Oh yea, , my leg, I totally forgot about it, Removing the blanket from my body, I checked my leg, I tried moving it but it hurt, I looked at Ada saying, “yes it still hurts”. Immediately, she got up from the bed, walking out of the room she said,

“let me call the doctor to come and check you, he is downstairs waiting”.

” Ok, that’s good”; I thought to myself, the doctor can give me more drugs to help with the pain and increase its healing. If only Michael had approached me the way Ada did, the doctor would have been here checking my legs 10 minutes ago, annoying human.

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There in the bed, I waited for the doctor to come up and check on my leg hoping that Michael wont come with him, because I really wasn’t in the mood to see him. He cut down my sleep, for that I don’t want to see or talk to him. yeye.

I sat in the bed waiting, few minute later, the doctor walked in, an elderly man that was too fit to look like an elderly man, the only way to describe him is by saying he looked like will smith, yep I said it, he is c.u.t.e. cute. But then Michael had to spoil the fun of me admiring the doctor seeing as he walked in, coming straight to the bed, he sat right beside my thighs. I was pissed, I glared at him saying,

’’ Michael, you really should leave, I don’t want you here’’. He looked at me asking,

’’ why. I brought the doctor so I’ll like to know what he has to say about your leg’’. Still glaring at him I said,

’’ well because you cut down my beauty sleep. I was having the most awesome, spectacular, amazing sleep ever known to mankind, but you showed up killing all its awesomeness . His lips started to twitch; it’s cute but annoying at the same time.

“So is that why you’re cranky?, was thinking it’s that time of the month, guess I was wrong, I’ll just be careful next time when I want to wake you up.” His words shocked me, making my mouth to hang open, I can’t believe he just said that. By the way the doctor is watching us , giving the both of us big smiles, clearly he’s enjoying the banter that’s going between Michael and I, actually it wasn’t really a banter, because I wasn’t taking it funny, only Michael was, right then, he started to smile. I ignored him and looked at the doctor asking,

‘’can you please check my leg so we can both know how to fix it quickly, I said reminding Michael I didn’t want him here?’’. The doctor answered,

’’ yes of course” he bent to check my leg asking, “but why do you want to leave don’t you like this place’’? I nodded my head saying,

’’ yea this place is wonderful but it isn’t the place or house that I don’t like, it’s the person living in the house’’. Still checking my leg the doctor asked,

“who do you want to leave?” he poked my ankle making me flinch, I answered,

“the human being sitting on my bed.” The doctor looked at Michael asking,

” Mr. smith?. Why would you want to leave him, he’s a nice young man”. He then stood straight looking at me waiting for me to reply. I looked at the doctor then I looked at Michael, Michael looked at expectantly waiting for me to give an answer, he knows I have no excuse. He picked me up from the streets and brought me to his house; made sure I was taken care and brought a doctor to check up on me. I literally had no excuse as to why I would want to leave a very nice young man. He hasn’t been bad to me in anyway. So I said the obvious.

“He cut down my sleep, any man that cuts down someone’s sleep is a mean person. So I want to know how my leg is doing so that I can leave as soon as possible. Please.” The doctor laughed out loud, looking at Michael he said,

” she’s cute, and she calls you Michael too. A match made in heaven” What! What did he say? No, no, I won’t be bothered I’ll just keep quiet and act like I didnt hear that.

Michael chuckled, “yea, definitely my type”. Oh God these men are confusing me. The doctor looked at me after he was done laughing and said ,

“your ankle is just swollen, it’s not really sprained, nothing a pack of ice can’t fix. So always put ice on it, and don’t put pressure on it too, meaning no walking around. Always sit up, or stay in bed.”

“Ok that’s not bad. It’s good news, that means, my ankle will be ok in a few days, ‘’whew.’’ Once my ankle is good I’ll be out of this place. I looked at the doctor and thanked him, Michael thanked him also. Then the doctor left, carrying his bag of doctor kits.

Once the doctor had gone, Michael looked at me and asked, are you hungry? Even if I was still a bit mad at him, I couldn’t deny that I was hungry so I said yes. He got up saying he’ll call Ada to come up and help you to freshen up then your breakfast will be brought to you up stairs. I kept quiet, not saying a word. Before leaving, he Faced me, bent down towards me and pecked me on the forehead, them he left, closing the bedroom door behind him. Oh my, he pecked me, why did he peck me?

To be continued