Adventures Of Fola Episode 21


Done with breakfast I was ready for the day, ready to face it. I didn’t see Michael but I did see Stephen, we spoke for a while cos I felt we haven’t had the time to talk. I also had a chat with Nancy. She’s such a wonderful girl, very wise too. And I think she likes Stephen. Hmm I’m sensing some young love here cos I think Stephen likes her too.

Anyway with that by the way, I am right now standing in my destroyed bedroom that has bullet holes in almost every furniture, The bed is destroyed, the windows are gone, drapes have holes in them, wardrobe is damaged, in fact everything in the room is destroyed. The interior designer is here, a cute dark lady, average in height . She’s like taking a walk around my bedroom trying to see what she can do; she hasn’t even asked me how I want the room to be like. I wonder why. I mean its my room right, she should ask me how I want it to be. So I decided to ask.

“hey, ahhhh excuse me” She stopped walking and turned around to face me, she was at the other side of the room by the window. “Do you mind knowing how I think I want my room to look like?” she had on a confused look, like she didn’t know I was in the room or she didn’t understand what I was talking about. So I just stood there staring at her. She looked passed my shoulders and immediately had on this radiant smile like her lover of 10 years had just arrived, hmm strange. I looked over my shoulder to know who she was looking at. And guess what, it was Michael, my Michael. She had googly eyes for my Michael? My very own Michael, Is she insane? No I have to put her in her place. Turning fully to face Michael, I walked over to him giving him my innocent, sweet smile. He looked at my mouth, then looked at my eyes and smiled. I was a few feet away from him and I guess he was eager to hold me cos he took a hold of my right hand and pulled me to him. I hit him right on his chest, placing my other hand on his shoulder. His other hand went to the back of my neck and he bent his head to give me a kiss, a hot sweet kiss that lasted for a few seconds. Then lifting his head he said,

“hi” I smiled at him and replied


“Sorry we didn’t get to have breakfast this morning, I had some work to do at the office, and I heard you had a hangover, but you look ok now” Shrugging my shoulder I said,

“yeah I had a hangover but the girls took care of me so you don’t have to apologise. I also had a chat with Stephen and Nancy I think they both like each other.”

“Like each other? Are they not too young for that?” I raised an eyebrow at him,

“young, did you say young? Babe Nancy is thirteen and Stephen is sixteen, they aint young. All we have to do is watch them closely, and talk to them about their sexuality, you know, like no sex before marriage” after I was done talking, Michael busted out laughing; I had no idea why he was laughing. What I said wasn’t funny at all. So folding my arms on my chest I glared at him and asked,

“Why are you laughing, what’s funny?”

“Babe, this is the 21st century, do you think youngsters wait to be married before they have sex?” I rolled my eyes then rolled them back,

“they should, Gods word says, our body is a temple, we should keep it holy and clean for God. He created us so it’s appropriate for us to worship him in spirit and in truth, obeying his word and his commandments. And one of them says we are to stay away from fornication, its somewhere in the bible can’t remember sha”

“Yes Fola I know that, but some people don’t agree with it, they want to do what the world is doing”

“Well….they are not those people, so it’s our job to help them see the right way and do the right thing, we play our part and leave the rest for God. So let’s allow them to date that’s if they want to, but we’ll keep an eye on them” Nodding his head he sighed and said

“ok Fola, we’ll do that”

We heard someone clear their throat, I turned around in Michael’s arms to face the lady, and she looked a bit upset, I had forgotten she was in the room with us sef

“Sorry ahhh, Mr. Smith. Is this your wife?”

“No Jessica, she isn’t my wife, she’s my girlfriend” hm , why does she want to know if I’m Michael’s wife……strange. She looked a bit relieved when Michael said I’m his girlfriend and not his wife, hm I hope this girl doesn’t have eyes for my man or else I’ll scratch her eyes out.

“Oh, ok I thought you two were married cos you were talking about watching over some kids” she shook her head like she was confused but no longer confused. Then she turned around again to take a look at my room, I looked up at Michael, he had a frown on his face, guess he wasn’t comfortable either with her questions.


2 weeks later

Two weeks had gone and no word from my mother. The house was peacefully and calm, Nancy was more active and vibrant, and she was getting closer to Stephen. They did almost everything together. Which was nice Cos I knew she will be well taken care of by him.

Michael decided to put her in the same school as Stephen he felt Stephen will be able to protect her there. She can’t speak but she can hear, so we didn’t think it’ll be difficult for her. School is on break now anyway, but they’ll be resuming in a month’s time. That’s when Nancy will start school. Hopefully by then the wahala about my mother will be over.

The fixing of my room hasn’t been completed yet. It is supposed to be but it isn’t, I feel like the lady is slowing down on purpose, like she doesn’t want the job to be completed, like she doesn’t want to leave. It’s a bit creepy. Anyway, earlier today the lady came back and said she needed to look at my room again to make sure everything is going as planned. She stayed in my room for a bit, I left her there cos I had decided to stay in the garden for a bit, you know to just sit out and enjoy the weather. It’s neither warm nor cold, it’s just perfect, so I didn’t know when she had gone or if she had gone, I wasn’t concerned anyway.

Michael went to his office in town and Gibson is with him, Bello is somewhere around the house probably guarding it and I think Ada is in the kitchen. Becky decided not to come today. She’s at the office with Michael, and Stephen and Nancy are in the living room watching a movie.

I’ve been in the garden for about 30 minutes and now I am tired so I’ve decided to go up to Ada’s room to take a nap. Ada has been very accommodating, she hardly complained about me sharing her room with her and I’m glad she feels that way. It would have been bad for me if she wasn’t comfortable with me staying with her.

Getting up from my seat in the garden I walked into the house, passed the hall way into the living room. There I saw Stephen and Nancy watching a movie, it looked like an action movie or so. I smiled at them even If they didn’t see me and walked up the stairs to Ada’s room. I walked past the rooms in the hall and got to Ada’s room. As I got to Ada’s room I remembered Michael asking me how I wanted my room to look like. Whether like before or if I had something else in mind. And I did. I mean I didn’t want to have the old room back, the one my mum destroyed, brings back bad memories. So I told him that I wanted a new design. He agreed to it which is good, but It wasn’t going to be princessy or gothic it was going to be matured, with good, strong, amazing colors to go with it.

After we were done discussing how I wanted my room to look like Michael and I walked downstairs, there he told me he had to go to the office that he had some work to do. So I kissed him goodbye, he winked at me and left, leaving me with the maids, Stephen, Nancy and Ada. I got into Ada’s room, closed the door, and immediately felt something was wrong. Like something was not right. Didn’t know what it was and it was a bit scary. Standing in the middle of the room, I looked around. What is making this room look so creepy to me? What is making it feel wrong to me at this moment?.

I turned around taking a look. Then I walked to the window. Looking out, I saw Bello standing guard looking around for any intruder, he wasn’t the only one, some of Michael’s men were around and they were playing bodyguards too. So I don’t think my mother will be stupid enough to come into the compound and into the house to attack any of us. But still I needed to find out what was making me feel uncomfortable in this room. In Ada’s room, God I hope it’s just my imagination.

I heard someone clap, I turned my head to the side, then I heard,

“ Fola, Fola, the one and only Fola,” I spun around at the voice, and to my surprise the lady that is in charge of designing my room walked out of the bathroom. Oh my God she was hiding in the bathroom. She’s the reason why I have been having this bad feeling. What is she doing here? Why is she here? Is she even supposed to be here?

“What are you doing here?” I asked… “ Is this where you’re supposed to be working? This isn’t my room, hope you know that. You’re in the wrong room”

“Yes, I know I’m in the wrong room, I’m here for you” she said nonchalantly She was walking towards me while she spoke and I really didn’t like the way she did it. She had on a menacing smile, it made her look like a she devil on a mission to kill her prey. So I took a step back away from her, and started to plan on how I was going to escape and run for my dear life. But then she did something even scarier, she brought out a knife from the back of her waist. This time I took two quick steps back hitting the small table behind me.

Oh my God she has a knife, she wants to use that knife to hurt me. ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, what do I do? She stood in front of me; she was a few feet away from me, knife in her hand, look of disdain on her face.

“ I have no idea what Michael sees in you, you’re just trash, you’ve lived on the streets for 8 years and suddenly he picks you up and takes care of you just like that, tell me did you use any charm on him? Ehn, did you?” I shook my head confused at what she was saying; I mean how is that any of her business? Why is she so concerned about I and Michael, and how dare she call him Michael, Michael is her boss, she is meant to call him Mr. smith and not Michael, this lady is crazy, I had to shut her down, and escape, so I said,

“ first of all”….. I raised a finger at her, “ why are you calling my Michael, Michael and not Mr. smith and second…..lifting a second finger I continued to speak, “ why do you care about how I and Michael met, its none of your business—-I stumped my foot on the floor, it made a loud thump then I continued to speak, “your business in this house is to fix my room, nothing more, so I will advice that you leave this room with your knife right this very minute or I swear I will scream bloody murder, every window in this room will explode—I stumped my foot on the ground again. I did this hoping someone from downstairs will hear and probably be smart enough to come up and check. Hopefully it will be Stephen or Bello, Still going on with my ranting I said,

“And you might probably have a hemorrhage”. All this was said with an angry glare, I was really pissed off. I mean who does she think she is, coming here with a knife to hurt me. She frowned at me cos she had no idea what I was talking about, with the hemorrhage and all that she might think I’m one super smart genius. But that’s not true I just read a lot that’s all.

Pointing at me with the knife in her hand, hatred written all over her face she said,

“Listen to me you twat, I came here to take care of you myself, seeing as your mother doesn’t have the balls to do so. I’m doing her a favor, you have caused so much misery and pain for her, and you don’t deserve to breathe so I’ll be bringing your heart wrapped up in a cute blue gift wrap just for her, and trust me she will thank me for it” Then she took a step towards me, hand raised, ready to kill……. ohmygod, is this how I will die?.

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Sitting with Stephen in the living room watching a movie felt amazing. The first time I saw him, he looked larger than life. He’s sixteen but looks eighteen, tall and built just like his brother, but his brother is taller and bigger. But seriously, Stephen is really hot. Since I got here, I’ve been able to chat with him alone, and we are always together. This is because I feel safe and happy when I’m with him….it’s an amazing feeling.

I know nothing about love because I’m just thirteen years old, but I’m sure that what I feel for Stephen isn’t just a young girl’s crush but pure love. With what I’ve been through, the accident, losing my parents and not being able to speak, I’ve felt so alone. I was an only child, so I had no siblings. My parents once told me that their parents never wanted them, something to do with them not being in agreement with the relationship between my mother and father. But my parents really loved each other, so they went ahead and got married without their parents consent. And because of this my parents and the whole of their family disowned them.

They said they were no longer welcome into their home. Even when I was born, they refused to come and see me or them. So I know nothing about my grandparents or any of my relations. Anyway, the bad experiences I’ve been through led me to this amazing family and I’m glad to be called their own. But to be honest I hate the way Fola’s mother is treating her. Like she’s some unwanted human being, I really don’t understand why she hates her so much.

Fola is really sweet and kind, sometimes goofy but smart even if she didn’t have the opportunity to finish school; she still has some brain in that head of hers. So here I am sitting with Stephen enjoying a movie, the movie is interesting. Its action packed but funny at the same time. While watching the movie I felt someone behind us, I turned around on the couch to see who it was. And it was Fola, climbing up the stairs; she was almost at the top. I smiled just because I felt like it, seeing her or knowing she is around makes me happy, makes me know she is safe and that she is not in any form of danger.

I turned back around to watch the movie, a few minutes later. It ended. I looked at Stephen and smiled at him; he looked at me too and smiled back. Then he said,

“That was awesome”. I nodded my head at him and smiled. He continued to smile back at me. Suddenly we heard a loud thump from upstairs, Stephen turned around to look,

“Did you hear that?” he looked at me, I nodded my head.

“Did you see anyone go upstairs while we were watching the movie?” he looked back at me and I nodded my head telling him yes.

“Hmm, guess someone is doing something upstairs”

“Thump!”.. came the loud noise again. Ok that’s creepy; I thought to myself what’s that noise, what’s going on upstairs. I hope Fola is ok. I was a bit concerned, so I got up from the couch and climbed the stairs to go and check.

“Hey, Nancy, where are you going to?” asked Stephen I stopped in the middle of the stairs to look at him, I didn’t have my writing pad with me, so I just stretched my palm outward, pressing the air in and out to signify me saying he should hold on, or that he should wait. Then I pointed upstairs. He looked a bit worried but nodded his head all the same, so I quickly ran up the stairs to go and see what was making that noise.

I passed some room, including mine and Mr. Smith’s room, then I got to Ada’s room, I heard two females speaking, one was Fola the other I didn’t know. They were talking and the one I didn’t know was like threatening Fola I think, my heart was beating really fast I didn’t like what I was hearing. I went a bit closer to the door, it was opened just a little bit, so I pushed it real carefully, in order not to make any noise, and then I stepped into the room.

The voice that I did not recognize was facing Fola, so her back was to me, Fola took a glance at me, but quickly looked back at the lady, she didn’t want the lady to know I was in the room with them. My God why is she standing that way, like she’s ready to attack Fola, ohmygod this is not good, maybe I should go and call Stephen, Stephen can help. I was about to turn to run down the stairs to go and get Stephen but something stopped me. A reflection, the reflection was coming from something, I looked around the room, and my eyes landed back on the lady, looking down at her hands I saw where the reflection was coming from, ohmygod! she has a knife. And it wasn’t an ordinary knife it looked more like a butcher’s knife. Oh my I can’t leave, I can’t leave Fola here with the woman, no I can’t.

Fola was talking to the lady and she sounded really angry, the woman spoke back too and what she said was scary. She then took a step towards Fola, oh god she’s going to hurt Fola. The lady stopped in her steps. And it’s like time stood still, the whole room was very silent. Then suddenly she lunged for Fola, they both fell on the ground, rolling and grunting. Fola pushed her off her; she fell on her back emitting a grunt, then she rolled back and got back on Fola again.

oh my god Fola, I was shaking all over, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, the knife… the knife… Fola, Fola, I felt my chest beating hard, an energy building inside of me, I needed to release it, I needed to let someone know Fola is in danger, Fola….I couldn’t help myself, I couldn’t stop it. They kept rolling on the ground, my eyes following them, keeping watch on the knife the lady was holding. As they kept rolling, the lady got the upper hand by straddling Fola she raised the knife up in the air, ready to stab her.

“This is for your mother you will no longer cause her pain” said the lady in an angry tone, then the knife came down. No no no no no, Fola, Fola, “ Folaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!” A piercing scream came out from within me, every muscle in my body got tight, both hands making a tight fist as I let out the one word that will get every single persons attention in this house,

I screamed till I couldn’t scream no more, making the lady to turn around and look at me, she was shocked that that sound came out of me, she had seen me a couple of times in the house, so she knew I could not talk.

Her eyes were wide and her mouth opened in astonishment. My eyes shot straight at Fola her hand was stretching out to grab something, it was a shoe. She held it in her hand and used it to hit the woman hard on the head while the woman was looking at me. The shoe knocked her out, making her to fall to the floor. I was breathing fast and hard, staring at the lady on the floor. Fola pushed the rest of the lady’s body off her then she looked at me, also surprised,

“Nancy, you just…you just screamed, if you can scream then you can talk, ohmygod Nancy” her eyes were teary she was about to cry, she almost got killed and she’s crying because I screamed? Psshh total goof. ………………….….

Stephen sat in the living room, waiting for Nancy, she seemed to be in a hurry while she was going up the stairs, he wasn’t sure what made her dash up the stairs, maybe the loud thumps or something, but he hoped she was OK. He picked up the TV remote to go through the channels in order to keep himself occupied until Nancy returned. That was when he heard the scream, A life altering, life changing, thunder rolling scream. He didn’t think twice, he jumped out of the couch, running to stairs, taking it two at a time. Someone was in trouble, and his gut told him it was Nancy.



Getting up from the floor, Fola stared at me like she didn’t know who I was anymore. She wanted to say something but couldn’t put her words together, so I spoke for her, or I tried to speak.

“ sh…she..…ed……k..k..kkil… you.” I said, pointing at the lady. The interior designer, But why, Why would she want to kill Fola? What did Fola do to her…panting, fola said,

“yeah Nancy she did, but let’s forget about this lady for a while ok and focus on you. I mean you can talk. Nancy you can talk, ohmygod this is amazing” she was excited, jumping up and down and clapping her hands as if she got news that beyonce was coming for dinner at our house. I just stood there smiling at her.

She stopped jumping to look at me, the eyes that were teary before were tearier now. Some spilled down her cheeks, she bent her head wiping it off, she’s even more happier than I am to be able to speak. Then we heard heavy footsteps running towards us with my name being yelled out loud. Guess Stephen heard me scream.

To be continued