Adventures Of Fola Episode 20


Wow my mother wants to kill me; I was in Michael’s arms letting him comfort me. The thought of me dying is a very scary thing. What I saw in the package was glued to my brain. All I could see the pictures in the package, even with my eyes closed. It was a drawing of the things she will do to me, causing me to have a slow and painful death.

There were also pictures of some of her girls the ones she uses as prostitutes. Most of them were quite small, really younger than me. God she’s a sick woman. She needs to be put down. But come to think of it there was a note in the package. I let go of Michael, twisted my head to the left to look at the package on the floor, Michael spoke.

“ Fola what is it” he asked I didn’t answer him I just let go of him and walked over to the package that was now beside the couch, squatting down; I picked it up then stood right back up. I turned to face Michael,

“This package has a note in it, did you see it”? I said, looking at him

“Yes Fola, I did. But the pictures and drawings are enough to let me know what your mother intends to do to you, so I didn’t see it necessary to look or read the note. It’s useless to me”.

“ well to me it isn’t , so I’m going to read it”. Picking out the note from the package, I read it but not out loud. I felt terribly scared reading the note cos simply put it was terrifying. The Words that were written were words when spoken will give one nightmares for days. I stood there staring at the note in my hands, my fingers shaking every part of my body shaking. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. How could a mother be so heartless? What did I ever do to her for her to hate me this much? The note in my hand said, Fola,

“my daughter, I once loved you , you know? But then you started to misbehave. I had so many plans for you when you grew up, I was planning on who will be taking care of you once you reached the age to know a man. You took my looks, my body. My daughter, you were perfect. Right from when you were little all my customers would ask of you, even if it was just to see you. But I was saving you for later. Saving you for the rich men, so, when you were 13 I knew my hour had come, My hour of having so much money had arrived cos all these men were lining up for you. I mean if I had to suffer 9 months of carrying a child I didn’t want at least let that child pay me back by making me some money right?. So that was the plan..

But then you spoilt it. You spoilt it by saying no. to the first rich man. You’re such a stupid girl, do you know how much money you would have made that day? But no you were all……I can’t do it. It’s bad, no, no I can’t. Well if you couldn’t do it. Then I had no use of you. So I threw you out. But now I have seen that I made a mistake shouldn’t have thrown you out. Selling you would have been perfect. But I’m going to correct that now. Once I get you. You will be sold to the highest bidder. He might be a sadist, a rapist, a killer. I don’t care, as long as I get the money you are suppose to be making for me. so my dear. Get ready, because this little stunt you just played on me won’t slow me down, it has even made me stronger. I am going to get you, I’ll kill everyone that’s dear to you, your precious Michael, Ada, Stephen, Nancy and even the maids in the house, you will have no one. You will be all alone, as you should be. So make the most of the time that you have to spend with them, cos I’m closer than you think. Your mother. Xoxo.”

She even wrote huges and kisses like it’s a love letter she wrote this woman is crazy. I felt a hand on my shoulder; I looked up to see Michael starring at me. He took the note from me and read it, His face a mask of stone, and then he placed it in his pockets. Then he pulled me to him, hugging me.

“ Fola, she won’t hurt you. I swear this on my life”. Then he pulled out his phone, dialed a number, and waited for the person on the other line to pick up. “ yes, inspector. This is Michael, we need you to come over please.” Pause “ yes, Fola’s mother, she sent a note, a threatening note”. Pause Deep sigh….. “ ok, thanks, appreciate”.

He placed the phone back into his pocket then led me back to the couch to sit down. Ada was beside me before I even sat down, holding me around my shoulders and comforting me. I was beginning to wish I never had a mum, that I was never born. If having a mother can be this painful, then I don’t want to have one.

“Ada, please take care of Fola, I need to do something in my office”, he turned around facing Gibson. “I need you with me”. Gibson nodded his head. They both walked away at the same time, heading to Michael’s office.

“I need a drink”, said Becky. She got up and went over to the bar area in the dining room, few minutes later she came back with a glass tumbler, with something dark inside, I looked at her wondering what she was drinking,

“What are you drinking”? I asked Becky

“Scotch, its quite strong, don’t think you can handle it” then she took a sip, squeezing her face like she just drank fresh lime as she did and taking a deep breath. I wondered if she was faking it or if it was actually that bad. But anyway right now I needed something strong. My mum is a monster I need a strong drink to help me forget, even if it’s for a little while. So, I got up and made my way to the bar area in the dining room,

“Fola, where are you going to”? Said Ada, she was walking behind me trying to keep up with my steps.

“To have a drink Ada, do you want some”?.

“No, I don’t drink, and you shouldn’t either, why don’t you come and stay with me in the kitchen, a little bit of work can distract you from your mother”

“No amount of work can distract me, only a drink, even if it’s a glass”. I got to the bar, there were so many bottles, and I had no idea which of them was a scotch, so I just picked anyone. Ada tried once more to change my mind as I looked around for a glass. Somewhere inside one of the cabinets I located the cups, glass cups to be precise, they were stunted and round with a rough body.

“Fola, seriously, you shouldn’t drink” Ignoring her, I poured a glass for myself. It was milky in color. Hmmm this doesn’t look like scotch or any alcoholic drink for that matter. But since I had poured it, I should drink it. So I drank it. And it was sweet. Like really sweet. Wow. I looked at Ada and said,

“Ada, you should have some, I don’t think this is alcoholic at all, it’s really sweet and milky” She looked at the bottle in my hand, then giving me a smirk she said,

“That’s because it’s called baileys. It’s an alcoholic drink but the way it’s made doesn’t look or taste alcoholic, I’ll be careful if I were you”. Lifting a brow I said

“this, Alcoholic?, naaa, I don’t think so, this is just a normal drink. I’ll just stay over here and have as much as I want”.

“Ok” said Ada, shrugging and turning around to leave the bar, “I have to go back to the kitchen, need to supervise the maids for dinner”.

“hmm, ok” I continued having fun with my drink, seriously this baileys thing is awesome.

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20 minutes later

I could vaguely hear my name being called. I think it was Michael, not sure because a few minutes now I’ve been hearing my name from every angle, and I’ve also been seeing double. Plus I can’t seem to sit straight. I’m also hiccupping too. And I have a good reason to why all these are happening; you see I’m….. “Fola”!…………. “huh”? I tried sitting up when I heard my name but I almost fell over so I gave up on sitting up and just placed my head on the bar table.

“Fola”!……… “Where in the world is this girl”? The voice was getting closer, and I could also hear footsteps I think it was Michael. Fola! “What!” ….. kai he should come to the bar area na, before he brings the whole house down with him calling my name. But I don’t think he heard my voice, my voice sounded really loud but I bet it didn’t even go pass the room.

“She’s at the bar area Mr. Smith”. That was said by Ada……….. Yea I was right, Michael is the one looking for me.

“Bar area? What is she doing there?” I was sitting on a bar stool facing the bar, my back to the entrance of the dining room and to be honest I was drunk, like seriously drunk. It’s a good thing I’m doing this in my house, a place where I know I’m safe. Cos if I was somewhere else….sigh, I don’t know—– I probably would have been history.

“ Fola”. I jerked upright, startled by his voice because he was standing right behind me, blinking rapidly— he always moves quietly don’t know how he does that. He placed both hands on my waist and turned me around, regarded me carefully, then drew up his conclusion quite quickly and said,

“You’re drunk” With a slur in my voice I replied,

“yep…..I’m drunk, very drunk, then I attempted to laugh but ended up hiccupping

“Why did you get yourself drunk Fola, why did you even drink in the first place? The inspector was here, I spoke to him, wanted to tell you what we concluded but I guess you’re not in the right mind to hear me” Sighing I said

“You know the answer to that Michael you don’t have to ask, and you can tell me whatever you and the inspector discussed I’m listening”. My words were a bit clear but not very clear. The glass of liquor I was having was on the bar table I looked beside me at it and picked it up to have another drink but Michael took the drink away from me and placed it far away from my hands He sighed, then carried me bridal style. He turned around to leave the room when I asked

“What time is it? is it too early to sleep, and you haven’t told me what the inspector said”? We were walking out of the dining room when he answered,

“ its 6pm, we’ll talk about the inspector when you are sober” I was quiet for a few seconds, then suddenly I yelled

“oh my God! Telemundo” Michael jerked in my arms cos of my sudden outburst, I tried getting out of his arms struggling and flapping my arms….

“They are showing “passion for revenge” after that “fearless heart” I need to watch it, I mean watch them, put me down” all these were said perfectly clear in my head but all Michael could hear was….. “ paszzzionn sooonnnnn reeneeegee” and feeelesss haaaddddd, neeeennn nuuu waaaa demmm, me meennn waaaa demmmm puuuu mmmm dooown”. I guess I was getting worse He stopped in his footsteps to stare at me

“ Fola what in the world are you saying”

“ paszzzionn sooonnnnn reeneeegee” and feeelesss haaaddddd na, I said that hitting his chest, which was a lame attempt cos hitting his chest was like tapping it. Shaking his head Michael ignored me, cos he knew what I was saying made no sense, and I wasn’t in the right mind to watch whatever program I wanted to watch. So he kept on walking.

“Mr. Smith is everything all………what the, is she drunk”?

“Yes Ada, she is” Bending a bit backwards I said to Ada,

“ Ada, hiiiiiiiiiii” then I waved stupidly at her. ““ paszzzionn sooonnnnn reeneeegee”

“ oh my….she drank too much”

“What did she even drink sef Ada and what is she saying”?, he was climbing the steps now

“She took baileys sir and she’s saying passion for revenge it’s a program shown on telemundo” He sighed again then said,

“that drink is sweet and deceiving, but it’s a good thing she did the drinking here and not some unknown bar outside, as for telemundo, I don’t think she’ll be watching or doing anything for the rest of the night till tomorrow”.

We got to a room, not sure whose room. I was at the moment playing with Michael’s face, it looked fascinating to me don’t ask me why it just did.

“Your nose is really straight” with my fingers on his nose I indicated my words by playing with it.

“And I love your eyes”…my fingers went to his eyes too, he shook his head away from me,

“ Fola, stop that”….he admonished me but I was hearing none of it. My fingers went to his ears…

“uhhhh and your ears are really cute”. All these again were clear in my head, but all Michael and Ada could hear were jibberrish. Chuckling Ada asked,

“sir, is she admiring your face”?

“ I think she is Ada, please she’ll have to stay in your room tonight or probably for a few days, her room is still in bad shape, plus she’s drunk, hope you don’t mind”?

“No of course not sir, she can stay”. I was then placed on a bed, a very nice bed and it smelt amazing too, like Ada. Michael covered me up, kissed me on the lips then stood upright. I heard him mutter,

“her lips taste like fish and baileys not sure I like that combination” in a disgusted tone Then I continued to vaguely hear him talk to Ada,

“she might probably get sick at night so please be alert,”

“Yes sir. “She ate fish pepper soup today sir”, said Ada

“that’s why her lips taste like fish,  Well ok, take care of her Ada, thanks” then I heard his footsteps, guess he was leaving the room, but wait he hasn’t kissed me goodnight, isn’t he supposed to do that. I sat up right with a jerk yelling at no one in particular cos my eyes were closed for no reason “ youuuu ddddiinnttt kkkisssszzzzzzz meeeiiiii”! I heard him sigh again, he has been doing that a lot lately, then I felt him sit on the bed a few seconds later, he held my face up close and said,

“ Fola, your breath smells bad, it smells of baileys and Fish, I’ll kiss you properly tomorrow and I have already given you a kiss, you don’t need another one”

“ kai michaellllll you dddiiint give me kiss, you peccckkk mee” luckily for me he understood me, cos he replied by saying

“And that’s enough for tonight, goodnight love, love you” then he pecked me on my forehead, made me lie down again and covered me up. Few moments later I heard the door close. Then I thought maybe I shouldn’t have drank, cos now I didn’t have a good kiss from Michael

Then I thought maybe I should thank Ada for letting me sleep in her room Then I also thought maybe I should cook for her to thank her But the last thought that finally sent me into a dreamless sleep was thinking how stupid I was for drinking, cos it’s obvious I don’t know how to hold my liquor.


The next morning “ ughhh, my head”—- I tried getting up from the bed but it felt like I had a bunch of matching bands playing hakuna matata in my brain I couldn’t think straight. I wonder why I’m thinking about that song sef

“you’re awake”! I heard the click clacking of heels in the room coming towards where I was currently lying down and I knew deep down who it was without having to open my eyes

“nooooo” I said that with a pathetic moan then burrowed deep into the bed covers , that’s Becky, she’s here, again. She’s always here, doesn’t she work at all. I felt her sit on the bed then she pulled the covers on me down

“You need to get out of bed Fola, your room is going to get fixed today, this is the only opportunity that you have to have the room decorated the way you want it. If you want it to look gothic cool, manly awesome, princessy won’t be bad, like a grown woman or matured woman sweet, but you need to get out of bed for that to happen. So—get up!” she emphasized this by shaking my shoulders to wake me up.

I groaned out loud pushing her hands away…..I wasn’t in the mood for this, my head was banging and my mouth tasted like rotten egg and soured milk, it was an uncomfortable feeling in my mouth. I just wanted to lie here without getting up or seeing anyone, well maybe except for Michael, where is he anyway?

With that thought in mind, I opened my eyes and turned my head around to look at Becky, she had gotten up from the bed, and she was walking to the window curtain. The room was a bit dim since the curtains were down so my guess was she was going to open up the curtains and I was right. Swushhh——-went the curtains and in came the early morning sunlight. Well I think it was early morning cos I don’t know how long I slept, that bailey really knocked me out.

“God Becky what time is it, and what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be at work”? I sat upright in bed using one of the pillows to cushion my back on the headboard, then rubbing the sleep from my hands with both hands.

“I’m you’re nanny for today, heard you drank yourself senseless last night”, she walked back to the bed and sat down by my legs that were outstretched on the bed. Holding my small covered feet she regarded me carefully and said, “How you feeling dear, headaches, Mouth taste like s–t? Want another round of baileys”? I picked up a pillow and threw it at her; it hit her right in the face

“Why didn’t you warn me off baileys, its sweet but deadly, ughh my head is banging” I held my head with both hands

“That’s because you have a hangover dear” I kept quiet and just sat there. Not saying anything.

“Fola, are you awake”? That was said by Ada

“What?…. Yea I am. Wait—-when did you get in, didn’t hear you”

“You didn’t hear me either” said Becky

“I just got in Fola, what’s up. are you ok? You had quite an evening yesterday”

“What time is it” I asked no one in particular skipping her question. But Ada answered anyway

“Its 7 am, you slept through out for more than 8 hours, in fact you passed out after that drink you had” Becky started to laugh, like really hard

“she slept for more than 8 hours? Are you for real? Sweetie I think we’ve found the best drug to knock you out anytime we feel like it, do you want more baileys? I can get it for you” I used my feet to kick her on her hips, she laughed again at my attempt,

“No I don’t want any baileys, in fact I’m never drinking again, never again”

“Well then— ok”

“ kai Becky, she’s hung over, and you’re still offering her more baileys”?

“See ba Ada, you warned her last night about this baileys, I heard you two talking, but she refused to listen, so let her enjoy what she has sowed hm?” Ada rolled her eyes, then looked at me and said

“why don’t you go and have your bath brush your teeth, I’ll make something for you to eat” At the mention of food, I dashed out of bed and ran to the bathroom, holding the toilet bowl, I expelled every ounce of fish and potato out of my system, dry heaving at the end even when nothing was coming out. I felt a warm ,wet, cloth at the back of my neck, then someone helped get me up, I looked at who it was, it was Becky, she held the cloth to my neck then led me to the shower,

“Take off your clothes Fola, shower” I then heard the toilet flush as I was taking off my clothes. Guess that was Ada flushing the toilet, nice to know I have peeps that are around to take care of me when I’m hungover.

“ Ada why don’t you make something for her to eat, I’ll stay with her to help freshen up”.

“Sure I’ll make something that will help with the headache and her tummy so she doesn’t throw up again” she then turned around and left the bathroom

Becky looked at me for a few moments, I can imagine how I looked, probably like a zombie or something, she then bent down to pick up my clothes then walked over to the laundry basket and dumped my clothes inside then she walked back to me and repeated what she had said to me, seeing as I hadn’t moved from my spot

“Get into the shower Fola, have your bath come out and brush your teeth so we can get you back to your normal self” then she walked out of the bathroom. She yelled at me from the doorway saying, “I’ll bring your clothes for you to wear, don’t worry you’re going to look take away once I’m done with you” Oh God that’s not good, Becky dressing me up, she’ll look for the tightest or shortest clothes in my closet, sigh —-God help me.

Ten minutes later I was out of the bathroom, with a towel around and under my armpits. I had brushed my teeth and used some of Ada’s body lotion and deodorant. I walked to Ada’s bed and sat down. I tried recalling what I did or said last night. Did I do anything stupid, say anything stupid or inappropriate? What exactly did I do?

Becky had left the room to get my clothes. As I was thinking or trying to recall what I did, Becky walked in with my clothes in her hands; when she got to me, she placed the clothes on the bed.

“You’re done, that was fast” then she sat down beside me “ I got you a simple jeans trouser and a top, nothing serious, since we won’t be doing any crazy stuff today. So you’ll be comfortable, very comfortable.

Ehen! I heard Michael talking to someone on his phone, I think the people fixing your room will be here soon, so I suggest you hurry dressing up, have your breakfast and be at your room so you can let them know how you want it to be”. I nodded my head at her, got up and picked up my clothes to get dressed. Becky is right; I need to be in my room when they are fixing it, cos I have plans for that room, big plans.

To be continued