Adventures of a Playboy – The Party Episode 3


Motunrayo is another epitome of beauty. She’s not as tall as Kikelomo but much lighter than her. If there’s something that attracts me to her, I guessed it is her bossom… so big and very conspicuous.
While we danced, we chitchat :
Me: I wouldn’t have danced if it was any another girl
Motunrayo: why?
Me: I couldn’t resist such a beautiful damsel requesting for a dance when I’m not Mr Nigeria
Motunrayo: (Smiling) you are funny.
Me: Funny ke… I’m serious. The very moment I saw you. I wished I am your boyfriend. I go dey proud well well.
Motunrayo: if Kikelomo catch you hen
Me: (Naija girls with their silly ways of asking if you have a girlfriend). No ooo. She’s my childhood friend and a very close one at that.
Motunrayo: guys will always be guys
Me: meaning…..? should I call her so that she can testify to that? (scanning for Kikelomo).
Motunrayo: no need….
Me: can I have your digit?
Motunrayo: sure… 08059******
Me: thanks… (Flashed her number to be sure). I think I have to be going now. Almost 5:30pm now.
Motunrayo: thanks for the dance
Me: it’s my pleasure because you really made the party worth thinking about. (moved closer to her and peck her on her cheek)
Then I moved away. Turning on my searching mode. “Kikelomo”. I saw her and I silently told her that we have to be going. She was surprised when I told her the time. Thank God for our Parents, I am very sure that she wouldn’t complied leaving because the party is interesting.
We left the party very hungry. it’s one of those school party that it’s only drink that would be surplus. I still have the money that I intended using for Bidemi. I suggested that we get something from KFC…. we got some snacks and Vanilla Ice cream. Got some for Bidemi too. I paid. We sat down to eat our food while we chitchat.
Kikelomo: thank you very much… you don spend money oooo, on top say na me invite you.
Me: (Smiling) it’s okay! I really enjoyed myself, you deserve the accolades
Kikelomo: Hmnnnn! You are hot you know…. people kept asking me about you. I told them you are my friend.
Me: really
Kikelomo: yeah… Chioma even requested for your number and I gave it to her.
Me: why na? You supposed to ask me na
Kikelomo: mabinu… she insisted since I told them that you are available. I’m sorry. Besides I saw the way you were looking at her when I introduced you people.
Me: (dis gal na witch oo) it’s okay. Let’s rush up and leave.
We finished eating and I carried Bidemi’s takeaway with me.
We got to her house around 7pm. I envisage to enter so as to say hello to Bidemi (I dey fear). We met her mum in the living room. We both chorus our greeting.
Me&Kikelomo: Eku ile ma
Mummy K: Ekabo… look at the time you people are coming back.
Kikelomo: we are sorry ma.. It’s the traffic. Ema binu
Mummy K: and Femi… you now see Kikelomo for only a day… you now forget your friend Bidemi abi
Me: it’s not like that ma…. we explained to her when going (feeling guilty). that’s even why I entered to say hello before heading home. Is she in her room ma?
Mummy K: Yes…. and you Kikelomo, go and off all those things you put on and come and assist me in the kitchen.
Kikelomo: Yes mummy (not happy)
I left for her room reciting short prayer within me. I knocked but got no response. I entered and I saw her sleeping. I knew that she’s not sleeping, maybe she didnt just want to see me. I called out her name “Bidemi”… she replied.. yes. You guys are back.
Me: Yes… I got you some snacks and ice cream. (handling over the nylon to her)
Bidemi: thank you.
Me: I’m sorry about everything today. It’s something I’m even ashamed of thinking over again.
Bidemi: it’s okay… just that a lot went through my mind today. and if this is what being in love is all about ; I think I can’t stand it. Today was hell.
Me: I’m sorry…. it’s almost 8:00pm… I think I got to start going… will call you in the night to explain how the party went to you. (kiss her on a lips)
Bidemi: Okay… let me see you off.
We got to the gate and I waved her good night. I got home 8:12pm. Thank God that my small god(dad) is not yet back from the office. He works at Tincan island, apapa. He comes home anytime after 8pm.
I sneaked into my room, avoiding my mum because of the unfilled GCE form. I locked myself from inside… thinking about the whole event when Kikelomo’s call rang on my phone. we started chatting.
Me: Hello
Kikelomo: Hello, I hope you are home now.
Me: Yes… thanks for today.
Kikelomo: no ooo… I should be the one thanking you…. you made my day special. I always envy my friends but with you around today…. the tides turned. You need to see them when I was with them.
Me: really… but what is so special about me that made them to be so hush like that? (call entered… Bidemi’s call)
Kikelomo: You are cute…. besides every gal would love to have you as her boyfriend.
Me: (giggling) hmnnnnnn…. including you I presume (Bidemi 2nd call enters)
Kikelomo: Hmnnnn… why not but I don’t share what is mine….. guys like you usually have many girlfriend.
Me: I don’t have any girlfriend except for the one you gave me.
Kikelomo: Chioma abi?…. okay oooo
Bidemi’s calls keeps beeping while I was on the phone with Kikelomo. I discharged her and dials her number.
I dialled Bidemi’s number… she picked and first thing she asked was that ‘who were you talking to that took you so long’. I told her it was her sister and she was thanking me for coming along with her. I had to discharged her when your calls keeps beeping. She seems satisfied with my excuse.
I narrated the whole story to her. How Kikelomo gave out my number to Chioma. But I didnt tell her anything about Motunrayo. She sinked everything in. I told her that I missed her but I don’t have airtime on my phone to call her then. She explained how she wept when I left with her sister. I apologised and I told her that my mind was worried all through the party (lies).
Me: your sister can dance oooo
Bidemi: Yes ooo… she can oo but she sef knows her master.
Me: na lie jo…. you can dance but not up to what I saw today
Bidemi: I go show you tomorrow
Me: Okay… I will come to your house late tomorrow because I need to fill my GCE Form.
Bidemi: can I come?…. please don’t say no like in the morning
Me: Funny you…. yes you can come!
We chatted for a while then we call it a day. Told her that no night call because I don’t want her to break my head this time for not picking. We kissed good night.
Now 10pm…. still thinking of the party and my life. Four days ago I don’t have a girlfriend but now I’m being sandwich between four beautiful ladies. If this is a dream… I wish to never wake up. I smiled and I remembered that I promised to call Kikelomo before going to bed. Dials her number and she picks..
Kikelomo: Hello
Me: Hi dear
Kikelomo: Hmnnnn…. don’t start that one with me oooo! I’m not your dear (giggling).
Me: Okay…. I was really tempted today oooo…. maybe we would have been on no talking terms by now.
Kikelomo: hmnnnnn… why would you say such a thing? there’s nothing you can do that would make me not want to talk with you.
Me: you already know you are a beautiful lady and lots of guys would have told you that already…. when we were dancing together, you looked more beautiful than ever. The most beautiful girl I had ever seen except my mummy…
Kikelomo: hmnnnnn….. (her voice was now low)
Me: seriously…. I was really tempted kissing you on the dance floor today.
Kikelomo: then what stops u?
Me: because I’m not your boyfriend
Kikelomo: (laughing) thank God that you did not… you don get girlfriend be that.
Me: good… anytime we are alone, I will kiss you and make you my girlfriend.
Kikelomo: you can’t … but on a serious note I really want to kiss you.
Me: seriously…
Kikelomo: (giggles) yes
Me: tomorrow… it’s a date then
Kikelomo: date for kissing? .. okay ooo.. I want to sleep now. Thanks for calling back.
Me: my pleasure… Dream about me kissing you ooo
Kikelomo: (laughing) you are not serious.. odaro jo. Sweet dreams.
Me: good night… (she ends the call)
I have two sisters at my beck and call now…. it seems something weird is happening to me… and I’m just happy about it. Motunrayo and Chioma Still on my radar. Wanted to dial Motunrayo’s number but I have more than I can chew right now.
Tomorrow is gonna be a great day… I get to kiss Kikelomo and Bidemi. (kolo don dey enter your head). Tomorrow go bad gan.
I was still thinking about the whole issue…. I just dozed off without eating my dinner (life good ooo)
~To be continued ~