Adventures of a Playboy – The Kissing Date Episode 4


I woke up around 7am…went to the living room to assist Funmilayo(my only sister). Singing loud and she kept asking if I won a jackpot (what I won was more than jackpot). We did all the domestic chores together.
Helped her with the cooking. Rushed to the bathroom for my morning drill. Asked my elder brother for his mouth floss…….
Brother Segun: Femi, Wetin you wan take my mouth floss do… I thought you said you have the freshest breathe in the whole world.
Me. Bros…. I get one parol today! so I need to get all the confidence I can get (picking the floss tube).
Brother Segun: when you start to dey do girls runs?… you know that I be badoo for girls matter… you better tell me now make you no go fall mugun.
Me: (truly…my bros na badoo for gals matter)… bros I go gist you when I come back. got to roll out.
Used the floss and I rushed to Bidemi&Kikelomo’s house. I entered the house and went straight to Bidemi’s room. Immediately she saw me, she planted a wet kiss on my lips. She was all dressed up and we went to cafe to fill my GCE Form.
We got to the cafe around 9:30am… about time they opened. I scanned my passport and filled the form. By 10am, we were through and we printed the examination slip.
We headed down to my house to drop my examination slip. Bidemi entered my room and the next thing…. we started kissing. We kiss and kiss and kiss. I wanted to explore more but I remembered that the door was not locked. I broke the kiss to bolt my room lock. The door was locked. I resume to my kissing. I gave her a wet kiss with my tongue roaming around her mouth with no destination and direction(no vector). I then moved my mouth to her neck (moans)… put my hands on her waist and slide it upward to her Br***t. I squeezed it and my mouth returned to her lips that has been moaning since. I unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her B** without detaching my mouth from hers. I kept pressing her Br***t with my left hand while my other hand was finding it’s way to under her skirt. Immediately my poisonous right hand touched her P**ts. She moans and whispered into my ear that you are killing me. Femi, please make me a woman. (I know she’s a V). I just stopped.
Me: I think we should stop…. we are moving too fast (me wey I never had sex before… Na “V” I go con take start).
Bidemi: but I want you to be my first… I love you and I know you love me too.
Me: I know but we will do it another time. It’s too early for that. (I can’t stand blood ooo)
Bidemi: (not too happy) okay dear.. I love you.
Me: I love you more.
She dressed up and we were ready to go to her house when her mum called and told Bidemi to meet her at home in the next 10minutes .. that they are going to the market
I was very happy. I will have enough time with Kikelomo. I hope she is not a “V” too.
We rushed down to her house.

We rushed down to her house and she went to change her clothes into something more casual (market things). I was waiting for her to come out and also taking my time for Kikelomo to show up.
Mummy K : Femi… are you going with us too?
Me: no ma… I came to collect something from her… I will soon take my leave. (praying that Kikelomo should come out before I take my leave) .
Mummy K: Bidemi Oya ooo. We are not going there for picnic… do fast and let’s go jare.
She eventually came out. We were about leaving when Kikelomo came out of her room.
Kikelomo: so all of you are leaving for the market without me…
Mummy K: Femi is on his way home, besides if I ask you to follow me, I know that you won’t go.
Kikelomo: I’m a career woman mummy. My husband will get a maid for me. ( all of us now laughing)
Mummy K: that’s the excuse that you always give. May God help you
Kikelomo: Amen oooo… Femi… because Bidemi is going to the market with mummy, so you can’t stay behind and keep me company?.
Me: I didn’t know you were around. But I can only stay back on one condition. (All the Adeboye’s now staring at me)
Kikelomo: Smiling… what condition oooo? (looking at Bidemi)
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Me: (now looking at Bidemi) only on Bidemi’s order. I stay if she wants me to stay.
Mummy K: oma ga oooo…. this your friendship is something else oooo
Bidemi: (Smiling) yes ooo… I will only allow him to stay only on one condition also…
Me : mummy is waiting oooo… what condition is that again?
Mummy K: is it not you that starts conditional clause? Mr condition…. Omo dada, what’s the condition jare?
Bidemi: the condition is that Kikelomo will allow Chiti (her teddy bear) to sleep in my room for 2days.
Kikelomo: just because I don’t want to waste mummy’s time… accepted but the deal starts tomorrow.
Bidemi: done… thanks dear! Of all my sisters… I love you the most.
Mummy K: 419 girl… is she not your only sister…. just let’s go.
We saw them off to the car and wave them goodbye as engine humps through the gate.
I’m now alone with Kikelomo… my whole thought now is how I’m going to get between her thighs and hopefully she is not a “V”. we walked back into the living room without saying a word. Now inside. …
Me: I’m here now…. what about our date?
Kikelomo: date or kiss?
Me: both….
We both laughed together.
Kikelomo: I would have loved to kiss you but I think my sister likes you.
Me: I like her too and I think it won’t go down with her if we are both going out
Kikelomo: yes…. I think we should put an end to this madness….
Me: (for where)… I think so too but not until I have my kiss.
Kikelomo: are you really serious about the kiss
Me: never being so serious about something in my life before….. if you don’t allow me, I might fall sick.
Kikelomo: hmnnnnn… okay but you have to promise not to tell Bidemi/Chioma
Me: Wetin concern me with Chioma. I promise not to tell Bidemi and you too should not tell her oooo.
Kikelomo: why do you think I will? I’m a lady you know, and besides she is my sister.
We chatted for a while… and I told her that my closeness with Bidemi was only to get closer to her. Continued by telling her that I feel complete when I’m with her.
It now seems my words are having effect on her. That was when I moved closer to her and whispered to her ear “this moment will be one of my happiest moment”…. she then Smiles and said “me too”
I touched her lips and I planted my lips on it. We both moaned and we continue kissing for awhile. Then……
Then I took a bold step by placing my right hand on her chest and silently prayed that she should not restrict me. Then I moved to the next stage by sliding my hands downward a little and it’s now resting on her B****t. I fondled it and it seems she is enjoying it. I removed her top and her b**. It seems quite bigger than when she’s in her clothes. I placed my lips on her right N****e while my right hand softly pinched the one on the right. I switched my mouth at intervals of one minute between the two oranges. She seems lost and me in paradise. I removed my shirt and trousers (remaining my boxers). I now striped her off all her clothes and I inserted my index finger into her ******. She keeps saying different things that I can’t remember. I was enjoying every bit of it. She then got hold of my hand and she said “Femi, please make love to me ”…. I felt very happy but I didn’t want to show it.
Me: are you sure about this?
Kikelomo: yes… I want you now. please… please
[[[[[If I have/had the power to see into the future, I would have said NO]]]]
I hurriedly removed my boxer. Pushed her on her back and I positioned my self for easy access (knew she’s wet already) .
Today is my lucky day I thought in my mind…. until my “OGA” just went limp when I was about to enter the promise land (see gobe).
I tried and tried while she’s still moaning and thinking that I’m using my “OGA” to tease her. I was sweating profusely because my mind was telling me ‘you don Bleep up’…
Until she opened her eyes and asked what is wrong with you. I felt like the ground should just open up and swallow me. I replied that my my my…….! I was stammering and she just planted a kiss on my lips and said she knows. She held my oga and it came back to life, but as soon as I mount her again… same old story. She really tried to help me out but it’s one of those days that things won’t go your way.
I was very shy and ashamed of myself and She saw that in my mood and tried to cheer me up…
Kikelomo: Na Jedi Jedi… u sef too like sugar.
I didn’t reply her because I knew that I failed today. I looked at the time and I suggested that we should put on our clothes because mummy k and Bidemi would soon come back.
We dressed up and she kissed me on the lips and said there is a next time. We will find time to do it again Okay. I just nod my head like Agama lizard wey rain dey beat…
As we were chatting…. my phone rang and it was funmi. she said Daddy is around and that I come home fast fast (first time I will be very happy to leaving Adeboye’s house).
Told her about our conversation and she saw me off to the gate.
~To be continue ~