Adventures of a Playboy – The Jealous Girlfriend Episode 2


i got home very happy. I went straight to the bathroom to shower. Got on my bed, picked my phone and I saw that Bidemi has sent me a text. The text read “I wish what happened today could happen every other day. Just want to check if you are home. Missing you already. Bidemi loves you. Hmwammm!”

My mind skips after reading the text: I know that I love her but with those two military men around (the love no go grow). I dialled her number and she picks….
Bidemi: Hello
Me: hello
Bidemi: it’s now that you have my time abi?
Me: no oooo! I had to take my bath and attend to some family chores
Bidemi: family chores that’s more important than me.
Me: it’s not like that (mum calls from distance “femi” )…. maaaaaa…. mummy is calling me. will call you later in the day. better still, let’s do night call
Bidemi: (giggling) okay… village boy…. maaaaaa
Me: you are not serious… later jo. love you
Bidemi: love you too (hangs off).
Rushed out to meet my mum. She said that she has already collected GCE form for me, that I should go to the cafe with my elder brother to fill it. I was happy and rushed towards her and hug her… thank you mummy.
Mum : It’s okay, just start reading your books. Ese gan ma. Peck her on her cheek and left.
It’s 10pm now.. I dialled Bidemi’s number but she did not pick. Maybe she went to bed early because of our proposed night call.
I’m now alone thinking of what might happen if our families got to know about it. Lost in thought… I don’t know when I dozed off, only for me to wake up around 5:45am with 22 missed calls on my phone. That was when I remembered that my phone was on silent. Yeepa! This girl go kill me today oooo. I Flashed her just for me to know if she’s sleeping or not. She called me back immediately :
Me: Hello
Bidemi: you try oooo… I have been up all night because of you. Look at the time now. Is this suppose to be your midnight call?
Me: I’m sorry…. my phone was on silent because I’m not used to night calling
Bidemi: na me con dey do night call abi?
Me: it’s not what I meant…. I’m sorry
Bidemi: it’s okay… at least you called. can I go to bed now?
Me : I will make it up to you… bye
Bidemi: bye dear (hangs off)
I slept back and woke up around 8:30am. My kid sister has done all the domestic work. I went to the bathroom for my early morning drills. Collected my scratch card from my mum, dashed to Bidemi’s house for the makeup promised. I had planned of taking Bidemi out (to where I don’t know yet). I wore one of my best shirts, a jean and a nice step on. If there’s anything I’m proud of, it’s my style of dressing. I knocked at the Adeboye’s gate.
Abdul: na who be that
Me: na me Abdul, good morning…. is Bidemi in?
Abdul: Mawning ooo, she dey.. (opens the gate while I entered)
On my way in, I met Kikelomo and we exchanged greetings. She complemented my dressing and she asked if I have any plans for the day or appointment with Bidemi (I can’t tell her that Bidemi & I have a date). I replied no.
Kikelomo: good, since you don’t have any appointment with Bidemi, why don’t you act up as my boyfriend to a friends party.
Me: I…… I …… I have to fill my GCE Form (which kin wahala be this sef)
Kikelomo: hush… but don’t worry. we will come back early, besides you can fill it tomorrow.
Me: Okay.. is Bidemi coming with us?
Kikelomo: no…. it is strictly for couples and I don’t think she has someone that she would come with
Me: Okay no wahala (I know say wahala Dey ooo) …. when are we leaving?
Kikelomo: next 30 minutes…. let me rush to dress up
Me: Okay, let me use the opportunity to say hello to Bidemi.
Kikelomo: Okay, but be fast about it (rushing to her room)
I knocked on Bidemi’s door and she said “enter jo” you wey I don dey hear your voice since.
Me: Good Morning Dear
Bidemi: .Morning love. As cute as ever. Fine boy! Are you going to a party?
Me: No… I mean yes
Bidemi: what do you mean by no and yes? What is it?
Me: I’m going to a party with your sister. She just invited me about 10 minutes ago.
Bidemi: I see…. can I come?
Me: No because she said you can’t come (don’t want to tell her that it’s a couples party)
Bidemi: Okay (looks sad). .. so you had already planned this party since yesterday. You prepared all dressed up for a party and you now lied that she invited you today.
Me: (dint want to tell her about our date) it’s not what you think. I really want to stay with you but if I choose to stay back, it would bring her to be suspicious of us.
Bidemi: and so what…. I saw the way you were looking at her yesterday (now tears rolling down her cheek). I know that……
Me: (cuts her off) stop it. It’s your sister we are talking about here. What do you take me for? (angry mood activated). A random player. I’m going to the party weather you like it or not. (stormed out of her room).
Bidemi: (now crying) that’s what you guys are good at…. running away.
I went and sat down at the living room, waiting for Kikelomo. It seems like ages but she eventually came out. She puts on nice dress that compliment her beautiful face. I told her that she’s beautiful and her boyfriend will be very happy to have her. She’s now blushing… thanks dear.
I looked towards Bidemi’s room and I found her staring at us ( eyes swollen). Kikelomo went closer to her.
Kikelomo: what is wrong with you Bidemi? Why are you crying?
Bidemi: (lied) I didn’t sleep all through the night because I have a running stomach.
Kikelomo: and you didn’t seem to tell me…. I’m around now you know
Bidemi: sorry but I’m fine now.
Kikelomo: Okay…. hope Femi told you that we are going for a party?
Bidemi: (looks me with bad eye) yes he did
Kikelomo: good… we are running late. see you later my dear. Bye
Bidemi: bye
Me: bye… (she dint even answer me)
We got a cab and off we go to the party.
We got to the party around 1:30pm. It seems the party was organised by Kikelomo’s final year student (last party). They don’t want the event to be too crowded that was why they insisted that you must come along with your guy/babe and I guess it really makes the party more interesting.
Lots of beautiful faces (guys/babes). Kikelomo was busy introducing me to her friends but the girls that got my attention were Motunrayo and Chioma. Their name sank in my head (like super glue) when Kikelomo introduced us.
I was not with a wrist watch…. so I brought out my phone to check the time (2:45pm). I now saw that I had 2 missed calls and a text message (all from Bidemi)… the text reads
“I’m sorry about my behaviour today. just don’t know what came over me. I’m missing you… don’t do things I wouldn’t do. ‘love you’”.
I put back the phone in my pocket as Kikelomo approaches, and she proposed that we danced.
Me: I don’t know how to dance… I don’t want to dance
Kikelomo: you are joking right!
Me: (Smiling)… okay lets dance.
We moved to the dance floor while the DJ was busy blasting Roll it by p-square. Kikelomo was amazing on the dance floor (no wonder she insisted on dancing with me… shioo). She really roll out her bums that really makes me to think that Kaffy is a learner. She pressed her body all over me and I was really sweating and enjoying myself until a guy from her department excused her for a dance. As I was about to step aside, a girl just grabbed my hands and requested for a dance. Wanted to say no until I saw her face to be Motunrayo (my lucky day).