Adventures of a Playboy – Under 4 Minutes Episode 12


Kikelomo: (Smiling) you guys dey craze ooo… I have pictures that would make you laugh.
She started showing the guys face after the panel beating face restructuring. We all laughed all the way home.
We got home around 2pm. Kikelomo then starts with Bidemi.
Kikelomo: Bidemi; don’t ever repeat what you did today… you almost got us into trouble (serious).
Bidemi: I’m sorry… it won’t happen again.
Kikelomo: I don’t even know if you still want to date Femi…. what is your problem if a girl admires him; tell me?
Bidemi: (tears rolling down her eyes) it won’t happen again.
Me: (trying to cheer her up) it’s well… at least you guys know that I can protect you. I…… (cuts me off)
Kikelomo: I know that you will keep leading her on. Instead of you telling her the truth. you are here pampering her. Keep leading her on oooo. I have said my own. (stormed out of the living room).
Bidemi kept crying. I was so confused. I don’t know whether to cheer her up or just keep looking at her (I did the later).
I left the room and went in search for Kikelomo. I found her in the living room.
Me: Kikelomo… that’s a very harsh thing to say to your sister. You know her to be an emotional person. We just have to give her sometime.
Kikelomo: that’s the point; she still thinks she’s still a 5year old girl that always get what she wants.
Me: I understand you but you should know that she doesn’t have that type of lion heart like you. She’s inexperience like you.
Kikelomo: (voice changed) so I now have the experience because I almost had sex with you. No be your fault.
Me: (confused) that’s not what I meant: I’m sorry if what i said got you angry.
Kikelomo: just because I pretended and suffers silently inside of me; you now take me as a wayward person that already knows how to handle her emotions. (tears rolling down her eyes)
I kept quiet because anything I say would only inflate her anger. I’m now back to square one with the Adeboye’s.
A message beep on my phone brought me back to life. I removed the phone from my pocket and it was from First Bank. They sent my account number to me via text message. That was when I remembered Sarah.
I edited the message and I sent it to Sarah showing my bank account details. I went to the back yard and made a call to her about the proceedings.
Sarah: hello…. I have seen it.
Me: Okay, I just wanted to let you know.
Sarah: Okay, I will send one of my boys to send the money.
Me: Okay… thanks dear.
Sarah: (giggles) my pleasure… I’m busy now: I will call you later.
Me: Okay… bye.
I ended the call and starts looking around to see if I’m being monitored.
I then dialled Motunrayo’s number and we talked for 5mins. We ended the conversation. I proceeded heading back into the house having deleted both numbers from my dialled list. I also deleted the message sent to Sarah.
I was about entering their living room when I heard Bidemi’s voice. She seems very angry with her sister. I stood back and listen.
Bidemi: where is Femi?
Kikelomo: I think he has gone home… maybe tired of your silly and possessive lifestyle.
Bidemi: he can’t go. You gave him a wrong impression about what happened today…..
Kikelomo: stop it. What is wrong with you? Can’t you just use your brain at least for once? Femi is not someone you can date. If today’s event is anything to go by. You can’t date him. You are hot tempered like mummy. Femi is every ladies man. You will only kill yourself silently if you insist on dating a guy like him.
Bidemi: (shedding tears) but I love him… I love him.
Kikelomo: see that is what I’m saying… how long do you think those eyes would last holding down your tears. I want the best for you. I…..
Bidemi: (cuts her off) if you want the best for me, then help me get him. I can take the pain. (tears rolling freely now).
Kikelomo: Femi is a cheat. He played us both once. He’s a flirt. He kept moving from one girl to another. He……
(this girl can lie) I can’t take it anymore. I just entered the living room. They were surprised to see me. They were looking as if they have seen a ghost.
I walked to Bidemi and I asked her.
Me: do you really love me as you proclaimed?
Bidemi: (nods yes affirmatively).
Me: Okay… I love you too. (kissing her on her forehead)
I now faced Kikelomo.
Me: (angry mood) I know I’m not a perfect person but I don’t think I deserve such turn off from you. I will never tarnish your image anywhere even within my family. Hush… All I ever wanted is to be your friend. I think I have tolerated enough of this madness. If you think I’m not good enough for your sister; I think you should get a better guy who is. Not as if you are perfect yourself. (paused momentarily) Kikelomo, you disgust me. (she felt bad)
I then stormed out of their house. Off to my house. I got home 3pm. Feeling lonely. I called Motunrayo and we talked at length for 20mins. In between that call was Kikelomo waiting call. I ignored her after the call and she kept calling. I dropped the phone and headed to the bathroom for shower. Only to come back to see 7missed calls and two text messages. 5 from Kikelomo and 2 from Bidemi. I checked the text. One from Bidemi and the other from first bank. I hurriedly click on the first bank. It was alert credit of N50,000. I shouted “OPE OO “. I don hammer.
I unwilling read Bidemi’s message. She begs me to come back to their house. That her sister has been crying since and all her effort to console her proved abortive.
For my mind… go where?… I just relax on my bed and I slept off. I woke up around 5pm. I immediately picked my phone and I dialled Sarah’s number.
Sarah: hello dear.
Me: hello love…I have seen it. thanks.
Sarah: it’s nothing. So when will you have the chance to see me?.
Me: I’m always available during the day…. anytime from 8am to 8pm weekdays.
Sarah: good… that means we can see on Friday then.
Me: sure…. I just can’t wait to show my appreciation for you.
Sarah: hmnnnnn… Me too… I’m feeling horney now sef. Or can we meet at Bluetop hotel at 6pm.
Me: (happy) sure but only if you promised to allow me leave 7:45pm.
Sarah: I promise…. let me rush and arrange somethings so that I won’t keep you waiting.
Me: Okay dear. …. love you
Sarah: love you too (she ends the call)
Omo… your life don dey kolo ooo…. how could you be loving someone that’s 10years older than you.
I put on something casual. I headed off to Bluetop hotel. I met Tunde and Ronke at one of the table. I didn’t hesitate to join him.
Me: bawo ni Tunde…
Tunde: I dey oooo
Me: Ronke the big mama… (I no fit call am name for outside without her title ooo). How levels na?
Ronke: levels dey okay…
Tunde: this wan wey we see you today… I hope all is well.?
Me: Yes ore… I have an appointment with Sarah. She will be here anytime from now.
Tunde: hmnnnn… you sure like better thing ooo.
Me: abi oooo… I say make I take style resemble you. (pointing to ronke).
We all laughed while I called for two bottles of small stout. I was about gulping down the second bottle when my baby shows at our table at 6:04pm. Right on time. I was very bold now and my Oga started battling with my trousers when she saw her. She greeted us and I excused myself.
Me: sorry guys… I have to go. you know that I don’t do late night things.
Tunde: you and your family sef… no wahala! make sure you treat her real good.
Me: I go do am with my life.
We all laughed. She collected a room key and in a minutes time we were in the room.
Me: Sarah baby…. my life… my love. Thanks for the cash
Sarah: no problem.
Me: my sweet potato….
Sarah: yesssss….
I started calling her different names while my mouth was planting kisses all over her body. The heat of passion has really enclosed us. Then I locked her mouth with her kiss.
We were kissing very passionately. I undressed her in the most romantic way while I danced striped off my clothes. We were both Unclad and staring into each others eye with lust.
I managed to put on a condom and I mounted her in a missionary style. I kept thrusting and wining my waist. She held me very tight and she was speaking in language only god knows.
I kept pounding her and I released after 4mins….. I collapse on her. she called out…
Sarah: Femi..what was that?…. have you released?
Me: Yes.. (feeling exhausted).
Sarah: you are not serious… how could you release when I’m yet to have one organ*m
Me: I’m sorry… I just don’t know what came over me.
She kept on scolding me like the way a father would scold a child when he fails waec for the third time. I was looking down like a born failure.
Who would blame her…you can’t pay N50,000 for the rubbish I did.
I have to muster strength for second round…. lord give me strength, I silently prayed.
I pleaded with her.
Me: there’s still time na… 6:45pm.. I no go pity you this time around.
Sarah: (still angry) just do it well this time. I didn’t come here to play oooo, i used all the strength i had and after everything  we laid there for 10minutes;… we didnt say a word. It’s now 7:23pm. Sarah broke the silence.
Sarah: I hope our last time out was not your best performance.
Me: no oooo (this lady wan kill me ni)
Sarah: it better be ooo… I can’t allow you to disgrace me with this your performance.
Me: don’t worry…. I will be fine before then.
Sarah: Okay…. I hope so… we are still seeing on Friday 10am prompt. it’s your performance that would determine if I connect you with my friend or not.
Me: Okay dear…
I quickly dressed up and I was about to leave when she gave me an envelope containing N20k. I collected it. I still have time to say hello to Tunde and Ronke. Drank another bottle of stout off them then dashed off to Customs house.
I got home around 7:50pm… to my surprise, I met Kikelomo&Bidemi waiting for me in our living room.
(My mouth go smell stout again) I just pretended I didn’t see them and I went off to my room without saying hello.
To be continued