“Broken Chain Reloaded” Episode 2


That was the very moment they heard the doorbell ring. Adoley quickly rushed to the door with Nana to see who it was. And to their amazement there stood Adjoa and Fafa.
Adoley and Nana quickly dragged Adjoa into the house, taking her as far away as possible from Fafa. Adoley kept asking Adjoa if she was alright, then she suddenly began attacking Fafa for running away with Adjoa. Nana tried stopping her but couldn’t stop her from raining verbal insults on Fafa.
“What did you do to my daughter, you witch, get the hell out of here. Get out”
She kept shouting and screaming at her.  Nana was also in shock when she saw Fafa, however he was interested in knowing how Adjoa ended up with no other person done Fafa.
Fafa was away all these years in Togo  trying very much to make a living. For now, it appeared  that she was here to make amends for all the mistakes she had done in the past. When she was away for all these years, no one really heard or saw her, this never bothered Adoley.  She cared less about Fafa for what she did to her.  Every single day she had to live with the fact that Fafa had easily manipulated her to the extent of almost destroying her matrimonial home.
“Adoley, See to Adjoa inside her room, I will talk to Fafa” Nana instructed her but she kept on ranting and screaming at Fafa. She was really angry with her and for Fafa to show up at her doorstep again, felt like a big threat to her. She knew Fafa very well. Quitting cannot be found in her dictionary.
“You snake, I can’t believe you have the guts to show up at my house after all you did” She continued.
“For Christ sake Adoley, take Adjoa inside” Nana couldn’t take it any more, he had to shout at his wife in front of Fafa. It wasn’t right for him to do so but for Adoley to be acting that way, he didn’t really have much of an option.
Adoley suddenly kept quiet and gave Nana the “Really, you just shouted on me in front of her?” look.
Nana could tell that Adoley was upset with him too, it was only a matter of time before she confronted him on that. Adoley out of anger she went away with Adjoa into her room.
Without wasting any time, Nana began questioning Fafa. He didn’t even allow her into the house. He stood at the entrance and interrogated her.   To Fafa, she felt bad for this whole thing and what even got her hurt more was the fact that her friend was practically seeing her as an enemy. She did miss their friendship and she knew she had done a big mistake for breaking the trust and bond that existed between them from childhood.  From her posture and her attitude, she appeared to be very remorseful for her actions. 
“What were you doing with my daughter Fafa? Is that the extent you go now” Nana said. 
“I understand how you and your wife feel towards me, but I can’t kidnap Adjoa, I found her late last night wandering about in the neighborhood, she seemed lost or something. She was sleep walking” Fafa answered.
“Sleep walking? I have never seen her in that way before” Nana answered.
“There is always a first time, anyway, I want to speak to you and your wife together, I know I will be the last person you will even want to get close to but I beg of you to at least listen to me.” Fafa said.
As it stood, Nana did  not trust her at all but he felt that allowing her into his house to give her the listening ear wouldn’t expose his family to any form of unforeseen threats on Fafa’s part.
“And why should I allow you into my home after all what you did?” Nana asked.
“I didn’t ask you to welcome me into your home; I know I’m not welcomed anyway. I just want you and your  wife to listen to me. Maybe now will be a bad idea, I will come back later if that’s ok with you?” She said.
“Just wait right here” Nana said and shut the door behind him.
What was she up to?  Nana kept asking himself. “This whole  disappearance thing is so strange and for her to end up in Fafa’s hand all in the name of Sleep walking…?” Whatever reason for Fafa to show up of nowhere, Nana was determined to find out and that was the more reason he was eager to listen to what she had to say to them.
Nana went to Adoley in Adjoa’s room who was still trying to figure out the mystery behind Adjoa’s short disappearance. Adjoa herself didn’t really know what happened, all that she remembered was her encounter with Fafa. She kept narrating her side of the story were she was in bed right here in the house and the next thing she saw was that she was lying on Fafa’s lap at her house.
“According to Fafa, she was sleep walking” Nana interrupted their conversation.
“Sleep walking? I won’t buy that, I can’t trust her Nana.” Adoley said.
“Me neither, but apparently she has something else to tell us, She is still here” Nana said.
“I don’t get you Nana, why do you even waste your with her, get her out of here, I don’t want to see her” Adoley said.
She got very angry anytime she hear the name of Fafa. From her reaction you could tell she had harbored hatred in her heart ever since she found out who Fafa really was.
“I understand how you feel, for all you know, she may have a lot details on Adjoa’s disappearance” Nana said.
Adoley never liked the idea, but she knew Nana may be right too. Who knows, maybe it will be worth it.  They both left Adjoa behind in her room and went to meet Fafa.
Nana however invited her inside finally. Adoley was all along having this hard look on her face, the only way to calm her down was to get Fafa out of her site.
“Be quick, we don’t have much time” Nana said to Fafa as she invited her in.
“Thank you, for this opportunity.” Fafa said.
To be continued @8pm
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