ADANNA Season 3 Episode 19


It was like am on a plane and am seeing them in the sky, i dont know how but what i saw impressed me in the sense that i want to join them but i cant because Mercy want me back even though without mercy will i be accepted in Heaven?

Why am i seeing this, does it mean am dead or God has forgiven me, as i left there i saw myself in my house in Aba, i saw Mercy in my room kneeling and praying with a bible, candles and anointing oil around her, she was praying and the house was shaking like hell, and then i left there and saw my mummy at home in Edo state praying in Omega Fire Ministry.

Seems like they are all praying for me for safe return, then what am i waiting for if i have God on my side then i can escape.

I wokeup from the coffin again and raise my hand up, marely raising my right hand the coffin crash and i stood up and saw the three witches surprise with fears in their eyes.

Adanna: what’s going on?

Me: am going back home baby.

Adanna: over my dead body.

Adaeze: how did you?

Me: i have God on my side.

Adanna: that’s not possible, kill him.

The three witches conducting the incantation flew to get their sword and then surrounded me, i look up and saw Mercy smiling looking at my waist and then i remember the hurt chain on my body (the chain is hot but not burning me) i removed it and then i started fighting them with the chain, they are good fighters no doubt but a burning chain is no match for them at all, anyone i touch with the chain will burn to ashes, I manage to destroy the three witches remaining Adanna and her Daughter.

Adanna: you wont escape it (by saying that she started changing).

She change into a big snake which i dont know how to defeat, i started running to where i dont know when i look back i saw Adanna turned into a big snake and was chasing me, i continue running while Adanna chased after me roaring at my back.

I ran to the top of the building and saw that am surrounded by waters nowhere to go, and then when i look back i saw the big giant black Adanna snake, she brought her head from the river and as she wanted to swallow me another giant snake uses her head to push Adanna away. The other snake change into Adaeze and landed on the building am standing, at my left Adanna appear on human form and landed too.

Adanna: Adaeze what are you doing?

Adaeze: i cant let you kill him.

to be continued