ADANNA Season 3 Episode 18


I knelt down crying for her to forgive me that i didnt know i was killing her and that i was been controlled.

Me: Mercy please am very sorry i didnt know what i was doing i was under a spell please forgive me, i have come to stay with you here forever.

Mercy: no you wont stay here.

Me: why there is anything for me out there again since you left please forgive me and lets live together alone here.

Mercy: there are many things there beside am not yet dead.

When she said that i stop crying and stood up walking back gently.

Me: what do you mean you are not dead, i killed you in your room and you never wokeup.

Mercy: yes you killed me but when my members arrive for the bible study they saw me and started praying and then i wokeup.

Me: really, so you alive?

Mercy: yes am in a dream now, am in your house in Aba.

Me: (i was so doubfounded at same time happy also) so what do i do now?

Mercy: you have to return to your body and come home then together we will plan what to do.

Me: how can i return i dont even know where i am.

Mercy: i will guide you but first you have to return to your body before Adanna real husband wakeup.

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Me: okay okay, if i return back to my body what do i do?

Mercy: start praying speak in tongues to confuse their incantation.

Me: i dont know how to speak in tongues.

Mercy: say anything you dont understand because it will confuse them.

Me: okay Mercy, i will try my best for you.

Mercy: do your best am waiting for you here.

Me: okay Mercy, am going now.

I left her and lied down back in the coffin and then i closed my eyes and return back to my body but it seems another person is occupying my body already because as i wanted to enter back my body started shaking and shifting away from me and then i use my hand to grab it closer and then i close my eyes and started speaking in tongues i know nothing of, when i started speaking in tongues the body started adjusting fitting me back little by little, i continue firing in tongues even though i dont know what am saying but the language just kept on coming out and i was even surprised.

I enter my body back and open my eyes, the chains were still hot and still hurting me and when i open my ears wide i started hearing their incantation again, then i started firing in tongues, i spoke a language i dont know and then my head started turning me as if there is something on my head, i saw myself in a cloud with angels singing and God sitting on his throne with Jesus christ at his right hand while angels surrounded him singing hymns.

to be continued