ADANNA Season 2 Episode 19


I was so shock that i quickly stood up but Adaeze didnt even shake, it was like she’s not bothered at all.

Rector: and the lady is still sitting down whats your name young lady? (she said walking towards us).

Adaeze: am Adaeze.

Rector: Adaeze whats your matric number?

My girl didnt reply she just sat down there they look the rector, (woman to woman, the rector na our director daughter).

Me: am sorry ma it was a mistake.

Rector: oh dont worry young man, give me your matric number.

I told her my matric number and she took Adaeze ID card, after she took it she walked out of the class with the dean, i wonder wetin come find because she’s always in her office.

Me: whats wrong with you? (i shouted at Adaeze after they left).

Ada: wrong with me as in?

Me: do you know that act can get us suspended or even expelled self.

Ada: relax nothing will happen i can assure you of that.

Me: you assure me hahahaha, abeg i they go joor i nor want any more gbege. (i took my things and started walking to the door)

Ada: come on wait for me na.

I didnt even answer her but she quickly took her things and run after me, she met in the stairs and started apologising telling me she will handle it and nothing will happen.

Me: how are you going to handle it?

Ada: just watch and see my handwork.

Me: what type of handwork (we came down from the building and saw our mate coming out from Aluta laboratory).

Ada: they are through, that means we are through for today right?

Me: yes we only have Aluta today.

Ada: can we go home now?

Me: no wait let me look for Moses.

Ada: to do what?

Me: to collect his note so that i can copy what they taught them.

Ada: okay i wil be waiting for you on frontgate.

Me: okay i will join you.

Ada: dont be long oh.

She left me and head for the gate while i went to the lab looking for Moses, i saw him in chemistry lab and saw many people copying his note also, i joined them to copy because i dont want to copy from another person, na Moses i trust pass and na im fit get the correct thing wey Aluta teach because him be physicist, after i copied the note finish i took my things and walk out of the class, i believe Adaeze go done go house now because i don tey tey well well oh, well i was very wrong because as i reach gate i saw Ada sitting alone at the front of Mama rice, she saw me and stoodup.

Ada: what took you so long like that na?

Me: the note many na.

Ada: okay, let’s go.

As we they go na so everybody they look at us, well i nor blame them sha, who nor go see beauty and look and me wey come handsome join, we just be like romeo and juliet because we fit each other die, but one thing is very sure i dont have any feelings for her and am not attracted to her at all, i dont know if she have feelings for me and if she do it will not be bad thing na who go see kpomo run, even some pastor go bow self.

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Ada: you coming to my house right?

Me: did you cook anything?

Ada: i dont cook i told you before.

Me: why dont you cook.

Ada: i dont like cooking if am hungry i just go outside and buy snacks.

Me: so you will be eating snack throughout our stay here?

Ada: yes anything bad with that?

Me: yes oh, na those kind things they cause appendix, sweet sweet things no good for belle na.

Ada: appendix? Well not me.

Me: hmmm so who cook at home.

Ada: just stop asking about cooking things and lets get home first maybe you will cook since you love cooking.

Me: hahaha no wahala i will cook so far as you have everything at home.

Ada: i dont even have cooking stove.

Me: seriously?

Ada: yes i told you i dont cook.

Me: hmmmm na wa oh.

We reach the street to her house and we turn enter, my phone they make noise for inside my pocket so i picked it up after seeing Mercy on the screen.

Me: hello.

Mercy: where are you?

Me: am going home any show?

Mercy: no i just want to tell you am okay here and your friend is very nice.

Me: of course she’s nice I know her very well, I will call you later okay?

Mercy: okay dear, there is something else.

Me: whats that?

Mercy: i had a bad dream again.

Me: what is it about?

Mercy: well i saw somebody tie you with red rope on a bed and a lady was s—–g your blood.

Me: please we will talk about it later okay.

Mercy: her name is Ad.

I cut the call without letting her finish her word as we approach her house, the sky change and a heavy rain started falling, well thank God we don reach her house finish, she open the door and i pull my shoe as we entered inside, her room is as beautiful as ever without doubt she really know how to keep her house tidy, as we enter inside and lock the door na so she just turn and started kissing me, i was surprise and you know me na i cant say no to her because na food, so i nor fit say no to wetin i like, she kiss me passionately as we fall ontop of her bed. i look at the ceiling and saw the fan rotating without light.