ADANNA Episode 21


I took my phone and called adanna, but she didnt pick, i tried it 3 times she nor even pick am then a text entered my phone

“i know you are worried but trust me i will tell you everything when you come, so just relax for me okay, i love you.” na wetin she dey do self wey she nor fit come my house, and she no get any work for house oh, i threw my phone away, i look at the time 4:00p.m chai make this time move fast na, i just dey reason many things for my head wey another test enter my phone, i look the name, unknow number.

” am really dissapointed at you, i thought you are a man not knowing you are a kid, well thanks for the insult, it wont happen again, you can keep your d**k, after all you are not the only one with big d**k, so go to hell”

lol, na how the idiot even take get my number self, i dont remember giving her my number oh, hahaha so she know that am not the only one with big d**k then why is she disturbing me, afterall wether e small e no matter na by experience.

I remember when i was 14 me and my schoolmate f**ked one girl, my friend have small d**k while my own is a grab, i f–k the girl finish the girl no even make noise, but when my guy f–k this girl, she begin dey cry,

“mummy oh, mummy oh, i don die oh, wa hwa me oh (make una save me oh), na there i know say na by experience, na that my guy come even teach me how to f**k, just like lil wayne how to love,.

I took my phone and start playing games trying to keep myself busy, i play fifa14 na so barca beat me scatter scatter, lol my head no dey, if na before i for kill them, i continue playing my game till 7pm, then i went outside to look at people passing, going or coming, aba is a very busy place, i tell you if you want to do busines come to aba city, they know how to do business very well, the fuckup wey dey na their road, i be they talk say edo road no good, but when i reach aba omo na eyesaw.

I sat on one barber’s shop and started looking at the beautiful ladies passing ( typical nigeria man) tell me wetin i dey look, na their yash and their breast oh, lol. When it was night, i went inside and prepare myself to go out, immediately i finish putting on my clothes, my phone rang, i check the caller and i saw my love.

Adanna: are you ready.

Me: you know i am.

Adanna: ok start coming.

Me: text me the direction.

Adanna: just put the chain on, the chain will guard you.

Me: ok.

I have seen alot of miracle so this one is not a new thing, i put the chain on my neck and set out to adanna mysterious house

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I was on my way going to nowhere in particular, i came out from my frontage, left or right? I dont know, i decided to follow left going towards MCC road, i keep on moving, then something struck, from the beginning she told me she use to watch me escort my girlfriend, that means her house should be close to that tonymas areas, so i followed my instinct and just kept on walking.

After walking for 20minutes or more, i reach one junction, where 4 roads join, one to ariaria market, the other to tonymas, i followed the road to tonymas, i reach aba-portharcourt main road, come and see how motors are flying as if something is pursueing them from behind, if by mistake now accident happen they will blame the devil as always, meanwhile its their fault, sometimes i do pity the devil because the kind of blame we human put on him is too much, everyday we human pray “God punish devil, God kill devil” i wonder why hes still alive up till now, or is he not? maybe somebody need to clerify me.

I crossed the road, and walked to the other side, i didn’t know where I was going all i know is that am going to adanna house, anywhere i found myself, then i pray to God for protection, after i crossed the road i continue moving forward, then i saw a street where they sell bread at the front like wholesale, many pickup van (painted red) stood at the front of the store, i followed the kpotokpoto (abeg wetin be the english name) street, come see as my leg begin draw like mama nkechi draw soup, the kpotokpoto stain my trouser no be small.

I managed pass that area, then i saw two road, left or right i don know, i look forward and i saw children playing ball (red ball) at the road, i follow that lane, i kept on walking for 10minutes then i saw one small building paint white and red, a complete convertible house, i look at the house and i saw a big tree at the front, a red rope was used to tied the tree, i go to the house i knock once, nobody answer, i knock again nobody answer, then i heard a voice from my back.