ADANNA Episode 22


I was shock like electric fish, i turn back and i saw adanna starring at me and resting her body on the tree with red rope, folding her hands and crossing her leg as if she want to take picture,.

Adanna: so how did you know here?

Me: i dont know, i just followed my mind,

adanna: hmmm thats good, but to follow your mind, something must tell you where to go.

Me: yeah, i saw red van, red ball and red rope.

Adanna: the van is not white actually, and the ball is not red, but black and white, only the tree is red.

Me: then how come everything is red, or am i having eye defect.

Adanna: ahahaha my love will never have eye defect ( she said and held my hands as we walk inside the mysterious house) its just a crazy illusion planted on your head,.

Me: hmmm i dont know why am free around you, i suppose to be afraid but no, i just feel safe anytime am close to you.

Adanna: is like that something, you know men always want to prove something when they are around women,

me: i dont understand, prove something like wht?

Adanna: to prove that they are not weak when in the midst of women, ok tell me, the other you followed me to my other house, if i was a man, would you have followed me.

Me: no of course.

Adanna: good, then you have answered your question.

We went inside, everything seems normal like a normal human being house, i was expecting to see something scary like the former house, but no scary things at all, i saw my picture posted on the wall.

Me: how did you get this picture.

Adanna: from your phone.

Me: waoh, and you didnt tell me you have my picture.

Adanna: well i dont see any need telling you.

Me: and come to think of it i dont have any of your picture oh.

Adanna: what do you need my picture for when i will always be with you.

Me: well you are not always with me as a matter of fact.

Adanna: yeah i know, i have been busy, but starting from tommorrow i will always be with you.

Me: busy with what exactly?

Adanna: bringing our soul together.

Oh yeah i even forget, i came to ask her about that but how come i lost concentration.

Me: yeah i remember, tell me the truth do i really have 14 more days to live?

Adanna: physically yes, but spiritually No.

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Me: no no no i dont want to die now, am too young to die, you have to stop whatever you are doing with my soul ( i said as if my soul have not been trapped already ).

Adanna. Come on relax,.

Which kind relax be that you tell me i go die 14 days and you dey tell me to relax, she gave me a cup of water and held me as we both sat down together in her big bed, i wonder wetin she dey do with the bed.

Adanna: come on, i thought you loved me.

Me: oh yeah i do,

Adanna: then whats difficult for you to sacrifice your soul for me so that we will live forever, you wont grow old you will remain like this forever, or do you want to live me in this world all alone when you die.?

I thought about it, living immortal, god among human, omo na who go say no to this sweet offer, and all i have to do is to give up my soul, and what if i dont, i will grow old and die living behind my darling adanna, No No No, i cant do that, i have to accept her offer.

Me: what about my school, my family and everybody i care about?

Me: after you sacrifice your soul, is only me you will able to love, nobody else, you wont care about your family or your love ones, but you can still go to school, touch anything, feel anything, people can see you also and talk to you.

Hmmm so i wont have the heart to love anyone except her, but come to think of it, as it stand now, do i really love anybody else apart from her, i dont care about my family, my friends, my soul is already lost with her so its better i become immortal so that i will be able to live with her forever.

Adanna: all i care about in this world is you, so please if you really love me you will agree to do it, i’ve been living lonely since the 16th century, but when i saw you i found love, peace, joy, and happiness again since then my life changed.

Me: you know i will do anything for you my dear, i dont care about my soul so take it, so far as am with you in this world am satisfied, beside my soul is long gone, because since i met you, is only you i think about every seconds of the day, so yes take my soul and let me be with you forever.

Blood started gushing out her eyes

me: my dear you are bleeding, wait let me look for handkie.

Adanna: no dont worry, its just a sign of happiness, she said as she bury her lips in my mouth and sat ontop of me, while i fell on her bed with slow motion.