ADANNA Episode 11


Well i wasnt that surprise to see her, honestly i saw a glimpse of it, but i need to know what she is and i need to hear it from her mouth, in order to reduce my thinking i ordered for one bottle of star even though i nor dey drink before, but this time i need something more than hot, and since i dey the right place i just cucuma start drinking without thinking.

Guy 1: chelsea go beat man utd

Guy 2: go sit down who know chelsea.

Guy 3: guy forget that thing oh you know say we get costa now.

Guy 2: forget about costa phil jones go pocket am.

Guy 3: haahaha who know phil jones, even though self e fit pocket pocket costa what of fabregas?

Guy 2: fabregas wey dey lost for match, nobody go pocket am e go pocket himself.

Guy 5: man united na only talk una sabi talk, no bi small arsenal beat una for F.A cup and na una welbeck even score the winning goal,

Guy 2: forget that one, arsenal no fit beat us again, we just dash them welbeck because im leg na biscuit, na so so injury im dey injure.

Guy 1: guy shotup you too get mouth after we beat una finish na, you go keep quiet like mumu.

Guy 2: thunder fire that na head wey be like were train dey pass go london for calling me mumu.

Guy 3: thunder fire your papa if na cause.

Guy 2: guy na me you dey talk to, look me well oh i resemble your mate, because of say i sit down here with you you come get mind dey yarn for were big bros like me dey talk.

Guy 1: abeg shot up for there, wether you be old man or not, so far me and you dey here together we be mate.

Guy 2. If you nor shot up for there na i go para this bottle for your head, you dey mad you know who i be

Guy 1: guy u nor fit do more than a dead rat, do your worse (standing up and pulling his shirt, ready for fight) the other guy took star bottle and throw it at the other guy, the bros bend down and dodge it, the bottle flew and smash the back of my head, i didnt even feel any pain at all, no injury nothing at all, after i check the back of my head i see say no blood, no scratch and no sign of injury, i stood up and ask.

Me: na who be the person wey throw that bottle. (before i they talk finish the bar don empty)

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Well i dont know what happened but i know Adanna play a role in it, not withstanding i finish my drink, called the barman from inside and pay my bill.

Barman: were everybody dissapear go?

Me: am i their keeper? Lol the guy dey craze, why im wan para for my head na, i left the place by 7:45 i took my phone and started chatting with my friends in school, we gist about alot of things, and i still dey road, i continue chatting and laughing like a madman, you know sometimes, the light of your phone will dim your eye that you wont know where you are going again, na so i dey chat dey go then kpooarr i fall inside gutter and injure my leg i wonder why adanna no protect me this time, person wey dey follow me for back begin laugh like say na basketmouth show im dey, well i nor blame am.

I reach my house around 7:50 i enter my room jejeje i lock my door, i remove the chain and hang it on the wall i remove my clothes remaining only boxer and singlet, i lay down on my bed, thinking over the whole issue, well i dont know how we started but i know how we will end, is either we marry each other or we both die, i smile as i thought about her, i will proudly take her to my mum and show her the beautiful angel i will marry, and no body, i repeat nobody will stop me from marrying the girl of my dream, i continue thinking about her and my joy continue rising, the thing is that am not myself anymore, her smile, her lips and her breath infact everything about her brings me closer to her, when i remember how she smile when she look at me on the road, oboy my head wan scatter, but wait oh, why was she at the middle and why was she the only with a crown, well i guess i have to wait for her to get those answers, i was lost in my thought when a test enter my phone.

“you brought your witch girlfriend to kill my boyfriend and his friend abi, dont worry i will show you pepper and i will tell you that we owns this aba, if you dont know, my father was part of the men that terrorise aba in 2005 and 2006, i still have contact with all his friend and am going to show you pepper that you will run back to that your f—–g edo state.” i dont need to ask who sent me that message now do i?