ADANNA Episode 10


My friends use to tell me things like this happen but i didnt believe it but now i witness it myself, i was in a state of dilemma that i ask her.

Me: wetin happen ( standing up as i say make i go hold her, she signal me to stop using her right hand )

Blessing: you are asking me what happen when i should be the one asking you? ( she said still holding her chick, with blood gushing out her mouth) who the hell are you, are you some marine spirit or what? I know say i take oath but na only kiss na no be sex, and by the way na were the hand come from self i ask myself. I didnt know what to do, she just sat on the bed and hold her chick confused.

Me: am sorry i manage to say.

Blessing: just leave and please never come back.

I quickly took my phone and dash our of her room, chai na which kind yawa be this na, oh yes adanna p**y sweet pass any other girl wey i don taste but at least i still need to form bad guy for were other girls dey na, so that one mean say i nor go dey near any other girls again be that, well i know wetin i go do tomorow, i go carry adanna go school go form big boy things, at least them go know say my level don change na im make i nor dey near them again, and again i thank my God no be mercy that thing happen to, i dont know why but i still have soft spot for mercy, but my crazy illusionary love with adanna cover everything.

On my way i called her, she didnt even let me to talk before she said.

Adanna: you should know that you belong to me now and am always watching you.

Me: so you mean say na u truly slap her?

Adanna: yes that was me.

Me: why would you do something like that, you remove two of her teeth for christ sake.

Adanna: but you told me she’s just a friend. I didnt say anything.

Adanna: you should becareful, if i didnt stop you, you would have been the one dead by now, leaving me alone in this world, you are all i have and anything i mean anything that tried to come on our way shall meet his or her demise, also you should know that we are one now, one body and one soul, you asked me who i am the other day, today you will know, just do what i ask you to do in the evening then you will get answers to all your questions. .

Do i really need answers again when i’ve seen with my korokoro eye? Question for the gods.

Me: am sorry about that it will not happen again i assure you ( i dont know instead of me to be angry with her, i found myself apologising as if my name is apollo)

Adanna: i know it will not happen again, go home now i drop something for you.

Me: i will soon get there, wetin you drop

Adanna: when you get there you will know

Me: no wahala, later na.

Adanna: ok bye.

Hmmm na truth she talk oh, because my d**k don ready for action already assuming she no stop me i for go there oh.

Me: bye hornie” i said as i cut the call. Do we really need to say goodbye according to her she be cctv wey dey watch me 24 hours, well e no matter sha so far say na win win (for my mind with her i don hit jackpot, but that slap sha) [

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I got home open my door, do i really need to ask where she got my key to open the door i dont think so, i dropped my bag carelessly, i sama pure water for my belle then i took the bag from my table and open it, guys guess whats inside, “A GOLDEN CHAIN” i brought it out, na so e dey sparkle like sun, oh boy this thing go cost oh i said, i took it out and wear it, i took mirror and look at it very well to see if the chain fit me, oh yeah e over fit me remain, so i took it off, took my bath and sleep, around 5:00p.m my phone woke me up, i check the phone na just test message from mercy.

“i know that you are not yourself today because the person i fall in love with cannot behave like that, you can say its over but for me is not, exactly what happen in my dream thats exactly whats happening now, if you really want to breakup with me, please do me one last favor, our general overseer (lord’s chosen) will be coming to aba this next month please i want you to be there, i dont care if u break my heart or not pls try and come if you ever love me at all you will come, and one last thing, please dont collect any golden chain from anybody thank you my love”

I should not collect golden chain from anybody?, i took the chain i look at it, i took my phone i read the message again, i hiss and throw the phone on my bed because i didnt collect the chain from anybody i collect it from my love adanna, i put the chain on, wear my clothes and went outside, she say make i watch outside around 6 and now its 5:45 pm.

I went to one supermarket, they have plasma tv outside where we watch match, i sat down outside and start watching match, barcelona vs arsenal, of course barcelona dey always beat arsenal, but this february arsenal must beat barca in Jesus name ( i know say aminat508 and ritababe go say amen) lol.

I continue watching my match jejeje, then suddenly everybody turn their attention to the main road, me too i join them, i saw many women tieing white rapper design with red thread, and they rub white chalk on their body, some carry drum dey play, while some carry calabash for head, then i saw on walking majestically in their middle, tieing only white rapper, design with cowries and white chalk, and on her head placed a red crown, they were singing song known to them only (if you are from aba pls come and verify, make una no think say i dey lie,)

They continue moving majestically, no sleepers or shoe and everybody continue gazing at them as they continue moving, as them dey go, she turn her head and look my direction, my heart jump enter my mouth, she smile as they continue moving to the place known to them only. . . Now for everybody, who do you think adanna is?