ADANNA Season 2 Episode 6


Mercy: yeah i know is too early, we have already resume since, i just stayed back because of you.

Me: you have tried, am really happy for you and at the same time sad also because i will be lonely and bored.

Mercy: yeah me too, i will really miss you.

Me: i will miss you more my angel.

Mercy: i will always be with you my archangel.

Me: so have you started preparing?

Mercy: no oh, i was waiting for you to join me.

Me: to join you arrange your things?

Mercy: no i mean to help me pack my things but with your condition now i guess i will have to do it alone.

Me: i wish i could help.

Mercy: oh yeah you will because you will help me do the minor ones.

Me: okay, so when are we starting?

Mercy: i will go home tomorrow and arrange with my roomate, on monday i will start packing them to your house.

Me: okay thats better because mine is closer to main road..

Mercy: yes, on friday next week we will take it to the park in the morning direct to benin.

Me: thats a nice plan, i will talk to my neighbour and see if he can use his motor to pack the things to park.

Mercy: thanks dear that means i will just arrange them in my house he will come pick them there instead of stressing myself bringing them here.

Me: better but let me ask him first.

Mercy: okay, but e go hard me for Benin oh.

Me: oh dont worry na my place na me get there, you will charter a bus to school to health direct i will call my friend there so that you will stay with her till you get your own house.

Mercy: that will be splendid, i will really appreciate that dear.

Me: yeah, i will try my best.

Mercy: thanks love.

Me: dont mention, now give me a nice kiss.

Mercy: no na i havnt brush.

Me: but you kiss me just now na.

Mercy: oh did i?.

Me: see this girl oh, infact commot for here go they do wetin you they do joor.

I pushed her away and she laugh hard saying i dont even have power to push her.

Me: but i have power to gbog you.

Mercy: oh yeah am glad your dickson was intact.

Me: hahahaha, yeye girl.

She went back to what she was doing before, i look her and smile at the same time sad also, i will really miss her, what will happen to me and i hope and pray i dont meet anybody like Adanna again because this time she will really kill me because no Mercy to save me this time, but how can i be so stupid for falling like that, in the point that i wanted to kill myself just to be with her, how can i be so stupid? I was thinking out loud that i didn’t even know when sleep entered my eye.


i saw a moving white cloud moving around, i dont know how but the cloud has different colours like red black and white, as the cloud was moving the cloud started sh6eding the colours away starting with the red one, after the red one the white one, i was expecting the black one to vanish also but no it keep on coming till it get to a signboard, a big signboard very giant and gigantic signboard, the black cloud paused, i saw on the blackboard the word “ABA” in capital letter, then the black cloud started changing to something else like a human being coming down, i didnt see the face but i know that the person is a lady, then as if she knew something was watching her she turn and face me and swiped her hand on my face, then i woke up sweating and breathing heavily.

Mercy: whats thats? “she said as she saw me breathing heavily, she pause what she was doing and join me on the bed.

Me: a dream.

Mercy: and i guess its a bad one.

Me: i dont know, nothing bad happen i just saw cloud with three colours.

Mercy: what colours?

Me: white, black and red.

Mercy: cloud only have two colours white and black.

Me: so how about the red.

Mercy: its a message which i cant decifer for now i will have to pray over it.

Me: okay dear ” i relaxed on the bed again thinking about the dream”

Mercy: am going out to buy something, i will be back soon.

Me: okay buy plantain chips for me oh.

Mercy: you don come with your plantain chips again, i nor know whether you be small pikin oh.

Me: so na only small pikin they eat am?

Mercy: yes na.

Me: na u sabi so far you buy am for me.

Mercy: okay but na if i see am oh.

Me: if you nor buy am no come this house oh.

Mercy: hahahaha, then get ready to drive me out.

She open the door and walkout while i remininsce about the dream, i was thinking about the girl who i dont even know, she covered her face with something when she turn around to look at me, that’s why i dont know who she is, hmmm so many things on my mind, i think its a mistake coming back to Aba again to continue my school, first of all na accident, then this dream again, hmmm i just hope and pray that am not in for another horror drama oh because this time no Mercy to help me oh, after next week now i will be on my own or maybe not, i still have Blessing and Others, oh yeah let me even call Blessing to see if she’s back or still in Portharcourt, she be Enugu girl but reside in Portharcourt. I took my phone and dial her number, she pick at once as if she’s expecting my call.

Blessing: hello.

Me: sweetheart.

Blessing: thunder fire your mouth.

Me. : oh