A New Beginning Episode 16


Sandra and lex were already married they stayed in Uk for one year, after their weeding they went on a long vacation.
“we are finally back to Nigeria love “lex breathed in Sandra’s ear while she heaved a sigh of relief, they were both greeted my their parents..
” you guys are finally back to your father’s land ” Mrs Naomi smiled at Sandra.
Sandra was happy she was back in Nigeria, she had almost forgotten about Roy, staying a year in UK with lex had almost changed her but the feelings she had for Roy was still there, she knew she can’t love any other person the way she loved Roy but sadly she sees him as a cheat and a betrayal.
They all hopped in to their SUV zoomed off.
Roy was now a driver, he is now married to Nina with a baby boy, . He was not happy but we had no choice, he had to accept his fate or be destroyed by it. they now lived in a room and parlor self contain.
Nina on her on part was happy she finally had Roy all to herself. Roy had doubts about the child the way it happened astound him ,he never remembered having s-x with her , he only find himself unclad on her bed, But he always had a rethink anytime he thought of the pregnancy, he had known Nina for years now, he had not seen her with any other guy ,the only guy he had seen her with was Victor who had been trying to date her for years which she always rebuffed his proposal.
Roy was driving along festac, he saw someone waving at his texi, he quickly halted and alighted from it , immediately he came out from the car his eyes widen in shock.
” Sandra!” Roy exclaimed in shocked.
Sandra on her on part was surprised to see Roy, she didn’t expect she could see him this soon, immediately she saw him flashes of the good times they spent together were flooding through are mind.
“What are you doing here” Roy asked.
“My car broke down” she replied and pointed at a Toyota corolla.
” hoop in let me take you to where you are going” Roy offered politely.
“No don’t worry” she replied rejecting his offer but in a polite way.
” please hoop in Sandra, its the least I could do ” Roy beseeched while she shrugged and hooped in .
” I see you now have a texi” Sandra said .
” its not actually mine, is higher purchase ” Roy replied gloomily focusing his attention on the road.
” why did you cheat on me ” Sandra suddenly asked while Roy swallowed hard.
” I never mean to cheat on you, believe me I was surprised of how things had turned out” Roy replied.
” you got someone pregnant, and you are saying you are surprised, It’s the past now I had already forgiven you” Sandra replied dejectedly.
“See Sandra I can’t explained how it happen, I never remembered having s-x with Nina, I only find myself unclad on her bed, I went to her house to breakup with her and the next thing I saw is finding her at my side we were both naked, it still baffles me up till now” Roy explained prudently.
“You don’t need to lie Roy I had moved on ” she replied impishly. Even though she tried to fake it by playing tough but deep within she was hurt.
“I don’t have anything to gain by lying Sandra, I am not lying ” Roy replied while Sandra shrugged in resignation and faced me .
” tell me how it happened everything” Sandra said. While Roy narrated the event for her including part when she offered him drink.
” are you the only one that drank from the juice” Sandra suddenly asked facing Roy.
” yeah!” Roy replied prudently.
“You were drugged, that’s why you can’t remember the s-x you had with her , have you even tried going for a DNA test with the child” Sandra asked while Roy stared at her in disbelief.
“Nina can’t cheat on me, I had never seen her with any other guy before, she love me such much to cheat on me ” Roy replied vehemently.
” they are possibilities the child is not yours if truly you were drugged, because you would be weak and might likely not be able to perform” she explained making Roy to stared at her in awe.
Soon enough they got to her house, she quickly told him to stop outside her gate. She alighted from the car after exchanging contact with Roy. they bedded each other while Roy left to his destination
Roy went home with so many thought on his head, he believed Nina had drugged me because he remembered he started feeling dizzy immediately he drank the juice. But he didn’t believe the child might not be his, he had known Nina all his life , she loved him so much to cheat on him, he was sure about that .
” why not give it a try you got nothing to loose” something said to him, he stared at the sleepy child on bed. He went to the baby drawer he brought out the baby comb and took some of the baby hair “after all there was nothing to loose” he clouded to himself heading to the hospital for a DNA test.