A New Beginning Episode 15


The next day Roy was emancipated, he had finally removed from the pit hole they called cell.
Mr Johnson had gave him a warning to stay away from his daughter except he is willing to die.
Roy in his own part was confused why Sandra never visited him.
He remembered Nina told him that they went to plead with Sandra’s dad, Maybe she told Sandra she was pregnant for him, he thought to himself. He knew he should stop thinking about Sandra not because her father had warned him but because Nina is now pregnant for him, so he should start seeing her as his wife not his friend, but he did love Nina, Sandra is the one he love, the way Nina got pregnant for him astound him, he never remember having s-x with her, he only find himself unclad on her bed, he had knew Nina for a long time now, so he believe she would not lie to him and she showed him the result which made him believe that she was pregnant for him.
Sandra was downcast, she had finally agreed to marry lex, her dad had finally made her concede to his request, she knew she still had feelings for Roy but he got another lady pregnant, she couldn’t believe the gentle Roy was such a hypocrite.
She and lex were both sited on an eatery discussing
“Am glad you finally came back to your senses” lex said while she eyed him
“Am only doing this for my dad, because i never have a tiny feelings for you” she replied in a gruff voice.
“I don’t care if you don’t love me now, i only care that you are getting married to me because i know with time you will get to love me.” Lex smirked while Sandra gave him lethal look .
“In your dream, by the way i don’t want an extravagant wedding ” Sandra said while lex bursted into laughter.
“So you want a quite weeding”lex said sarcastically while she nodded.
“I am lex Jeffrey popularly known as Nigeria most successful young entrepreneur and you are expecting a quiet weeding from me, the whole must hear about our wedding even queen Elizabeth would come” lex bragged hysterically.
” whatever” Sandra replied impishly.
“By the way i heard you were cheating on me, so who is he” lex asker.
There was no way she would tell me because he is a violent Person that could go any length just to prove a point.
“He is not someone you know”she replied while he shrugged in resignation.
” i dont even know what’s wrong with you, i am just glade you’ve come to your senses that i am the right one for you.” Lex said.
Nina could sense Roy was not happy with the way things had turn out, he was looking dejected and disheveled like someone that was moaning his wife. She felt pity for him , her conscience was flooging her , but she had to what she had do to keep the man she love…
She went to visit Vivian who was the mastermind behind the cartestrophic.
“How have you been” Vivian asked.
“I am kind of feeling guilty for telling him he is responsible for my pregnancy.” Nina said gloomily.
“Don’t be, you did what any reasonable girl will do to keep her man” Vivian replied.
“Since the past two days Roy had been so sad, he now looks like the shadows of himself, my conscience kept hunting me seeing him like that” Nina whimpered.
” telling him the truth you will deprive yourself of so many things, no man will want to to marry a woman who is pregnant for another person, Roy will abandon you , so please erase the thought from your head” Vivian advised.
Nina saw sense in what she said telling Roy means loosing him, she made of her mind not to tell him .
To be continued