A Man’s Destiny Season 2 Episode 15 Final


“Richard!” Pemisire sprung to her feet on seeing him. “How are you?” She asked.
“I’m fine. Congrats concerning the companies.” He shook her hand.
“All thanks to God and you, I appreciate you all!” She said, smiling. “Uche and Jay, welcome.” She moved closer to them.
[i]”Hmmn… you no see us before? No be Richard you go meet?[/i] Uche said.
Pemisire laughed. “Don’t be crossed with me, just keep shinning.” She smiled.
“Hey!” Helen waved at the guys.
They exchanged pleasantries before Pemisire stood out to address them. She spoke happily, telling them how she appreciated them. She almost started pouring out tears when Richard stood up and moved closer to her.
“It is our day of joy, we should rejoice and be glad in it.”
As he spoke, his eyes made contact with that of Jay that was winking at him. He almost burst out into laughter when he pressed his lips together and drew Pemisire closer to himself. “We thank God.” He said.
Thank you.” Pemisire smiled.
“I am using this medium to appreciate friends that are more than my family, my guards, my persons, I don’t know what else to call Jay and Uche because they are so marvellous. Since childhood till now, everytime I face trial, I see them there. Though, they almost pushed me to hell by letting me drink..” They all laughed as Richard paused for a while. “Yeah, it is the reality.” He chuckled.
“Then to the best sister, Christie was the best when she was alive. I’ll never forget a sister like you because your type is rare! I love her deeply. Also to the one who accommodated this pretty lady beside me, I thank you, Helen. I thank you for buying her that phone that made this day come to fulfilment, I am still researching on how to get a phone of such.” They all laughed again.
“And lastly, to this pretty babe beside me. I have always asked her something she has never given to me, please help me beg her.” He smiled.
“What?” Helen asked.
“Her kidney of course.” He made them laugh again by his jokes. “Alright, I have something I want to officially ask.” He cleared his throat and glimpsed at his friends.
Jay winked at him again. “Alright.” He cleared his throat. “I have never seen a lady as strong as she is. She is full of life, rich in glamour! She brought me out of the dark to the light of the day and she will forever be more than a sister. I.. hmmn…” he stared at his friends for a while before dipping his hand into his pocket.
“I am officially asking Pemisire to marry me.” He let out at last.
Helen flew happily, Pemisire’s eyes widened as she saw the ring with Richard. Her mouth was opened as she kept her gaze on him, unblinking. Jay and Uche and tapping each other on their seat, laughing.
Pemisire breathed heavily. “I.. em.. Richard.” She started stammering until she burst into laughter. “I’ll marry you.” She said.
“Oh no!” Jay jumped up. “Oya na, let’s go there!” He said as he moved closer to them.
Uche kept laughing in his seat.
“This is serious!” Helen said as Pemisire and Richard hugged each other.
I am wowed! The look on Doctor Kate’s face was a very challenging and unpredictable one. It made me think if Christie would live. Though, she died but can never die in our hearts. I love how everything has turned to be. I love it now that Richard is now the CEO of Mart Foods and I am also privileged to be a Director. I never knew things would work out this way, he is the unquestionable God, I see!
If I say I have seen something like this before, it’s a big lie! My friend cried, was bloodstained, was deserted, threatened but still lived above them all. Thank God for the phone I bought for her, who knows if I would be dead by now? Thank God for the wooden platform in the uncompleted building, Pemisire might have fallen inside that pit! I am… I just don’t know what to say, I am speechless!
From the start, I clouted the mirror. I sustained injuries, I questioned God, became an overall drunkard, I almost killed people when I had my accident, I felt it was the end when Christie died, I never knew all happened because God knew and knows my future. I am sure he sent Pemisire to me, she came in and acted the meaning of her name, calling me into everlasting joy. I, who was nothing, turned out to be a multi billionaire, the controller of many men and states, seeing Senators, Governors and even Presidents. I became the one people watch on television set because I have been lifted. If Christie didn’t die, it means I’d have been somewhere, in total madness. I am now at peace with everyone, even my parents. From Bartender to the Unknown, to Pemisire and lastly to my wife!
I’m now the subject of thanksgiving! I said it, a man’s destiny can never be changed, it can be made to halt for a while but can never be tampered with. I knew God had planned everything, if not, I would have died too. So many cases of death! I passed through tribulations but now the happiest!
Love is our true destiny. We do not find
the meaning of life by ourselves alone, we find it with another.
Thomas Merton
I was inspired that until I started work on it, I wasn’t myself. Once I am inspired that way, I do see it as if God wants to let people know something unknown to them. Don’t blame God for someone’s death, be strong and rejoice because you don’t know what might have happened if the person didn’t die! Many times, it might be when something disastrous would happen to someone that God would take the person away from the world to secure him or her but ppl wouldn’t know!
This is my own theory:
Destiny is like a clock, each person has his or her own. Some people might set theirs, thirty minutes before or after but there is a universal one which everyone has separately. It can never be changed, it may be altered! When it is time for you to shine, no man on earth can stop it!


  1. whaooh…what a great story; am.so blessed. More grace to function. Remain blessed in Him..SHALOM!

  2. God bless the writer of A MAN’S DESTINY,….meaningful, neat and impacting. I love this.

  3. D story is really a mans destiny so not good to question GOD he knows y u re in dah situation and as for d writer i fink i wud marry him

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