A Man’s Destiny Season 2 Episode 13


The Doctor entered into the ward, smiling at Pemisire and Richard. “How are you now?” She asked Pemisire.
“Pemisire grinned. “Better, but i have used the Diclofenac you prescribed. I think I am better this way than sleeping on the bed.” She said.
Doctor chuckled. “You still have a choice, it is this young Mister that doesn’t have a choice. I wonder why you were discharged that soon, after the operation.” She said.
Richard smiled. “I was better, I was already alright and fit to go. Who knows if it was because of my sister.” He replied.
“Sister?” Pemisire faced him.
Richard grinned. “Should I say sisters? You and your friend.” He concluded with laughter.
Pemisire hissed and laughed along as she fixed her eyes on him. she took off her eyes after a brief silence and faced the Doctor. “Doc, what is the next step? What is the next line of action?” She asked.
“You guys will be discharged soon, it is just that Mr Richard should be very careful because of his stitched wound. Recommended from me and my colleagues, he should not walk or work for a whole month. Though the wound isn’t that bad to that extent but it won’t be good to witness the pains after operation.” She said.
“So, for a whole month, I won’t be able to walk around?” Richard’s eyes widened.
“Yes. It will make everything work better for you and live a good life. It will be nice to keep stretching or sitting than walking around.”She replied.
“He will do that, don’t mind him.” Pemisire chimed in, smiling.
“Alright, thanks.” The Doctor walked out.
“I don’t know what your business is, [i]na you go lie down for me, or na you go sit for the whole month[/i].” He grinned.
“Pemisire laughed. “Anyways, just adhere because instead of you to keep on monitoring yourself, you are there, laughing at my classic phone.” She chortled.
Richard laughed. “Now, I believe! It is really classic!” He kept laughing. “I need a favour from you.” He cleared his throat and wiped his face, looking more serious than ever.
“What is it that you want from me?” Pemisire dimmed her eyes.
Richard cleared his throat again as he scratch his head. “Are you sure you will do it?” He asked, making his feeling masked.
“Alright, I am not sure because I don’t know what your request might be. Who knows if you just want to kill me.” She laughed.
“Jokes apart, I really need it from you.” He said, making the atmosphere serious.
“What..?” Pemisire drawled.
“Your kidney!” He grinned.
“Kidney?” Pemisire laughed as she clapped her hands together.
“Yes.” He continued laughing. “At least you couldn’t give my sister, give it to the brother.” He laughed.
Pemisire laughed. “I don’t think you worth discharging today, you need to be in the hospital for a while.” She laughed.
“You must give me the kidney oh!” He continued laughing.
Pemisire too was laughing. She never knew Richard was free and so friendly too, she had never tasted from his cheerfulness until then. His problems had put him under the bondage until he became vanquisher in his territory and beyond.
“I never knew you’d be discharged today.” Jay said as he came into the house with Uche.
“We Nigerians just like making things protract, I was just told to be stretching and sitting for a whole month. So, you guys will be monitoring that Kitchen for a month, wash my clothes, scrub the floor, clean the hou…”
“Oh boy! Maybe you go employ cleaners be that oh!” Uche interrupted.
“Lazy boys.” He smiled.
“Boys? We are guys!” Jay said, sitting down.
“Anyhow. The only problem is just about these police issues. I was called, needed at station tomorrow.”
“Criminal, Pemisire’s husband.” Uche teased.
Richard laughed. “Crazy guy! None of you must step that club house again, as a child of God, it is wrong!” He grinned.
“See Pastor!” Jay and Uche laughed, shaking their hands. If dem call any person make e come preach, shey na your type? You wey turn club and bar to your second house too dey preach. I no fit laugh oh!”Uche said.
“Don’t mind him. Have you forgotten so quick? Your order, Romeo.
“I am saved, that was then.” He laughed too.
“So, we will make sure we escort that man to the front of the prison before we return. Some people are just heartless!” Jay hissed.
“What are you guys saying? As if you know everything that happened. He should be killed! If not for my new life..” He hissed.
“The Pastor!” His friends teased him.
Pemisire laid on the bed. Her pains had reduced this time as she looked round the house. “Helen, the stubborn girl.” She said, smiling.
“I know you are still going to accuse me of everything. I never knew!” She smiled too.
“Anyways, we thank God, and the mobile phone you bought.” She burst into laughter.
“Naughty pikin can you now see I helped you out of the problem.” She pulled her tongue out.
“Anyhow.” Pemisire hissed.
“The hilarious thought of you drowning inside that pit..” Helen shook her head continuously as she remembered that incident.
“Anyhow. Richard just called, he said we should visit the station tomorrow.”
“Assuming we were in total shock or wounded brutally, who will have time for any station.” Helen hissed.
“Anyhow, we just have to go.” She sniffled.


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