A Man’s Destiny Season 1 Episode 13


RICHARD AND PEMISIRE walked into the hospital and headed to Christiana’s ward after they’ve greeted the nurses on duty. “Hey Bestie!” Richard walked in, smiling.
“Bro, good morning. Good morning to you.” She greeted the two of them.
“Yeah, good morning. How are you?” Pemisire asked her.
“I’m good, and you?” She asked while Richard stood smiling at them.
“Same here, dear.”
“To cut the long story short, this is Christiana, my sister i told you about.” Richard introduced.
“I don’t need the introduction any longer, I know her already.” Pemi grinned.
“And you, this is the unknown. She has failed to tell me what her name is, and said I should call her the unknown.” He laughed.
“With time, she will tell me her name.” Christiana grinned.
“I pray so.” Richard continued laughing. “Have you seen Doctor Kate this morning?” He asked her.
“No. It’s early now.” She replied.
“That’s true, but we can’t tell, she might be on the night duty but I know if she was, she’d have checked on you.”
“So, Mrs Unknown, we have to wait for the Doctor to know what the next step is.” Richard smiled at Pemisire.
Pemisire nodded.
Lawrence stepped into the balcony with his men, with a strange look on his face as he spoke to them. “Don’t you think it’s high time we called this lady?” He asked them.
“I have been wondering too, we ought to have finalized all that to know what the next step would be.” One of the two guys replied.
“That’s cool then. We have to call her right now.” He said as he brought out the diary and flipped some pages open, showing his men where Helen’s mobile number was. “Now, go and get across to her and feed me back.”
“Yes boss.” They echoed and walked away.
“This is Doctor Kate.” Richard smiled as he introduced Pemisire.
“Good day lady.” Kate smiled as she shook her.
“Yes Doctor, Good morning.” She replied.
“So, she’s gonna be my donor.” He told her.
Doctor smiled. “I pray so, and, is it your own donor or Chrisitie’s donor?”
Richard chortled. “Anyhow. And, why did you utter ‘I pray so’?” He asked.
“Blood group and other tests. Anyways, I’ll start everything today, don’t panick.”
“Thanks so much, I pray everything results into the expected result.” Pemisire prayed.
“Amen, let’s get to the business. The tests should begin, now.” She stood up with her stethoscope in her right hand. “Let’s go.” She said and led the way.
“Hey guy!” Jay said as he walked into Christiana’s ward.
“How na?” He smiled on seeing Jay and Uche.
“We dey oh, how are you? Christiana.” Uche asked.
“I’m good.” She replied smiling.
“That’s good to hear.” Jay sat down.
“We found a donor already.” He informed.
“Really? Where? Who?” Jay asked.
“One cutie, she said she’d donate.” He replied smiling.
Uche stroke his beard. “That’s good to hear but are they compatible?”
“The lady is in the laboratory, I can’t tell for now.” He replied.
“Where did you meet her? Or was she gotten by Doc. Kate?” Jay asked.
“Leave that one for now, I just met her.”
“Hmmn… what’s her name?” Uche asked.
“I don’t know, I don’t know what her name is… wait… the unknown.” He laughed.
“There’s a new problem oh.” Jay shifted forward and continued. “Mr man, you’ve been sacked.”
“Sacked? D..Director?” He stuttered.
“Yeah, just take it easy, take it easy.” Uche said.
Richard’s joy turned to sadness again, why is everything this way?”He hissed.
“Another news..” Doctor Kate entered.