A cup of passion Episode 6


Jake sat on the bed with clothes strewn on the floor.All the shirts he had on his mind to wear had faded out.He took his needle and thread to amend his trouser underneath.No Electricity.Phew!.

He wore the trouser he amended and a faded green striped shirt.He combed his hair and his beard fair enough as it was so bushy,he had his haircut once in a while.

He walked out of the compound and waited outside the gate.He checked his wristwatch,the time says 06:35pm.He looked around uneasily waiting for Angela’s arrival.

Soon had he wait,when he saw a car coming far off.That must be her,He thought.The car raced towards him and stopped before him.

”Hop in darling”Angela said.Jake opened the door and sat right beside her.Angela inspected him and saw how shabbily he dressed,Unattractive his face looked.She felt somehow but cheered up and ignited her car.

They got to Maclaurels and saw couples.A lot of cars and jeeps were much at the parking spot.Angela found difficulty to park her Toyota camry but thanks to Jake with his masculine wisdom,she saw a place to park.

Angela got down from the car and Jake’s mouth was agaped on seeing the skimpy ankara gown she wore which brought out her feminine shape perfectly.Angela took of hold of his hands pulling him behind her as she walked.She was so popular as everyone greeted her,she walked deeper in with Jake Until she came across her two lousy dreaded friends,Benita and Molly.

“Ohh..Angie babe”Molly said hugging Angela who frowned,rolled her eyeballs as she broke away.

“How are you,ladies?”Angela asked.

“Fine..Is he your driver?”Benita said haughtily looking and pointing at Jake.

“Him..ohh no…He’s my boyfriend”Angela said firmly while jake looked at her in surprise,

“Oh my..He’s soo ugly!!….hahaha” Molly said laughing sarcastically. Benita added

”He’s just like a white chimp”.They laughed again. Angela made no reply and pulled jake’s hand moving away.

Sadness weighed Jake beneath his mind down. Angela apologised severely and almost went on her knees but Jake assured her all is fine.

Soon it was time to eat at the table.Angela looked at the other guys and how cool and handsome they were,she preferred Jake but knew she had too tush him up. Money isn’t a problem..Is it?.

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They started eating Amala and Egusi soup with lots of assorted meat.Jake and Angela were the only ones who didn’t feed and kiss each other as they ate.The other couples were doing so.

“Hello..You’re Jake right?Benjamin suddenly threw a question at him.Jake was startled as all was quiet and the other couples looked at him.

“Ye..Ye..Yes sir”Jake stuttered.

“Can you tell us more about you?..We are all ears”Benjamin said and kissed Bolanle’s cheek.

“Hum.I’m Jake miles”

“300 level student of the physics department.”Jak e said.

“Which University?”Benjamin asked scornfully.

“Wesleyan methodist university”He replied.

“How old are you?”Ben asked again.

“I’m 23 years old”He replied.

They bursts into laughter.Angela looked uneasy and he tapped Jake to sit.

“Get up..”Chief Malinze roared at Jake.The guy shook and stood up.

“Your mates are reading,you’re moving with your god fathers. Partying with girls. Boy, You are wretched. Just look at your physique,you are nothing but a last finger”Chief Malinze said finally and sipped his wine.

“But what’s all this!!”Angela screamed getting up.”I have the right to choose who i want and you’re all insulting him.Woe betide you all!!”.

Jake walked out of the dinner joint. He was so sad and cleaned the tears forming in his eyes.

”Jake!!!!”.,He heard a voice shrieking behind him and he waited to see,it was Angela calling.

“Jake..i’m so sorry..i didn’t bring you here to be embarassed”Angela said tearfully.

“It’s fine”He said and started walking away.Angela ran and blocked his way.

“Is that what you’ll say?”Angela inquired.

“See..Angela..I just got over a girl’s issue..i don’t want qualms anymore..i just wanna be focused..I don’t think i would be seeing you anymore”Jake said.

“What??..You don’t mean it?”Angela said in a shaky voice,tears welled up in her eyes.

“i’m sorry angela..all the best”Jake said and walked.

“No..Jake..wait!!”Angela shouted as tears flowed freely from her face. “Jake..I want you to know you’ve created a vacuum in my heart which no one can fill.I love you,Jake”Angela said and firmed her lips together.

Jake hesitated for few seconds but simply walked away shaking his head in sadness. Angela looked at him as he was going and knew she was in love,hot passionate love.She’s d–n ready to give what it takes to have Jake in her palm.She broke down in tears once more. . .

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To be continued.