A cup of passion Episode 7


Hurrah!Jemimah is getting married to David!.Ten Kings,Ten Seasons.Where money speaketh all things are done.The marriage was arrange within three weeks.Introduction and Engagement.had been done in the traditional way. Now it remains the White Wedding which is holding at St Barnabas Anglican church.No doubt Eniola is to be the best lady with christy as one of the coffetti ladies.

Jemimah walked around her Large room.She was jittery.She didn’t know why she was.A knock on the door startled her.

“Yes..I’m coming”She said walking towards the door.She looked through the door’s camera and saw it was Eniola.She opened up to allow Eniola in.

“Wife-to be!!”Eniola teased as she entered.

“How are you darling?”Jemimah asked as she sat on the settee wearily.

“Jemi..baby what’s wrong?”Eniola asked in concern.

“Eniola…I don’t wish to continue with the wedding,i’m having this notalgic feeling”Jemimah said.

“Awwn..spit that out jor…You don’t want what?..Have you forgotten that you’re going to switzerland for your honeymoon?…Gbogbo Aye..Ore mi,cheer up joor”Eniola said and adjusted herself on the chair.

“Hmm..I hope so..So what should i offer you?”Jemimah asked standing up.

“Anything ore,i’m not in haste”Eniola replied.

“Okayss…I’m coming”Jemimah said.


Saturday came, Jemimah and David got married against all odds after exchanging i dos.The wedding was fantastic.Important dignitaries were present and those that aren’t sent representatives. After everything, Mr&Mrs Ridd flew to switzerland in David’s private jet.They were both tired after 8 to 9 hours in air,so nothing was done when they got home in Zurich,Switzerland.Jemimah woke up the following morning to the wisp of thick smoke that came to her nostrils.She coughed and looked. Whaaat!!.David was smoking marijuana in the room.

“Oko mi…what’s all these?”She asked but got no answer.She stood up to collect the drag away from him but she was greeted by a resounding slap which made her ears ring from David. She fell.

“Now..You’re my b—h..I bought you from your parents..I paid 600,000 naira as your f—–g bride price..I’m your lord,i do what i like and you obey me”David blurted out angrily.

Jemimah looked in horror.She knew she was done for.David was a hypocrite. He lured her into his den,just like a wolf would lure a Hen. She knelt before him.

”I’m sorry my husband but…”.She was cut short by David.

”Shut the f–k up!!…Now remove your panties!!!”.He stood up and loosened his belt.He lashed her with it.Jemimah wept sorrowfully.

“Baby..why are you doing this?”She asked.David made no reply but lifted and threw her on the Kingsize bed.He got on her and spread her laps violently.He positioned his manhood and her womanliness plunged deep into it.

She screamed in pain. David held her knelt,squeezing it and copulating with her violently.She wheezed,beating david as she felt herself going unconscious.Just in time,David grunted and spurted his c-m into her.He stood up leaving her sore and gasping for air.He cursed her and went out the room

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. … …

It’s been a week and Five days since Jake and Angela had misundertanding. Angela kept calling Jake’s number but he refused to pick up even though he had found himself thinking about her.Angela had wept her eyes out and became cantankerous at work. Everyone were surprised as they knew Dr Angela as a lively lady.

Jake stood before his bathroom’s mirror looking at himself.He just had a clean punk cut and his beard shaped and trimmed. He looked really handsome.He looked sad once more remembering that Jemimah had at last gotten married to David Ridd. Well,all the best,she’s no kid to get married at 100 level though 21 years of age, He thought and shrugged his shoulders.The door opened suddenly and he looked hurriedly from the bathroom.To his surprise,it became Angela.

She looked lean and disorganised.Jake came out and stood before her,staring deeply into her eyes.She blushed and looked down.She looked up into his eyes again.They hugged themselves while Angela bursts into tears.

”I’m sorry”she whispered.Jake broke the hug and planted his lips on hers,she tasted salty to jake.She was at first reluctant to return the kiss but her passion overcame it all.She returned his kiss with vigour.

”I love you”she whispered again.

”I love you too,Angie”Jake whispered back.

They were lost in their own world of love where Angels sing and Beds are full of roses. . . . .

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To be continued…